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What happens to Hillary?

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posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 05:48 AM
Ive already voted for Trump, but, never really thought the Oligarchy would let him win. The Wiki and FBI investigations, have changed all that, and like it or not, Trump wins. So, what happens to Hillary? Will they let her live? When does she become a liability? She knows way toooooo much. Will "they" let her go to trial? And risk that kind of exposure? Will she fake her death and follow her money to Qatar where she can not be extradited? If I were her double, I would go into hiding. lol

Obviously Hillary was the Oligarchies first choice, but how will they pull the strings to distract us from all this?

What does the death throws of a dying Government look like? How far will they go to stay in power? or cover up their corruption? Lets not forget 9/11 and how far they went to cover up and create a war to distract us. How far will they go? We are a breath away from war with Russia. So the answer scares me. There are some really big names in the wiki leak files, including Obama, but if the Clintons die, will the investigation go away? If we are at war, Trump goes away.

How do you see this going down? What is your prediction? We have until Jan, should we go pick out our cave and prepare for war? Russia is preparing her people for war.

I think If Hillary doesnt win, she has less than 6 months to live. We all know she has some health issues, so it wouldnt be hard to say she died of natural causes. But, I dont see the boys on the 7th floor letting her go to trial. With Plan A (Hillary winning) out of reach, what is Plan B? Will they escalate this insane war to stay in power? Will she step down and let Kaine run as POTUS? Nah, that is absurd.

I just dont see her going to jail. And I dont see a peaceful transition of Govt when Trump wins.

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 06:17 AM
Well I think there is a possibility at least of things working out. consider the fact that the Republicans that ran did so because they thought he didn't have a chance and were trying to cover their political a$$e$. When he wins they will become complacent for the same reason. As for the Democrats after this fiasco they will become complacent also for fear of being outed.(if they can get the Clinton's outed no one is immune) Just my take.

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 06:20 AM
a reply to: misskat1

It's a hard one to predict. Everytime you think youve got a handle on what's about to happen BAM! something completely different does.

This email scandal is too big now. It was managable when the MSM was the only narrative being presented but despite the warnings that "Wikileaks is illegal to view" more and more people are doing their research. And for the first time in a long time many people are using their brains and deciding what they think for themselves despite the MSM propaganda.

She can't make this go away. She cannot be made POTUS because this will continue to dog her. I think shes hell bent on the Presidency and wont fall on her sword to give her VP a shot for the dems.

I think she may be conveniently assasinated.... it's the only way for this to tie up cleanly for TPTB and everyone that she has mutual dirt on

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 06:40 AM
This hasn't changed a thing. The investigation went on all during the primaries and she still won.
She will still win ten days from now.

These emails won't be any different than the ones they've ready looked at and they may actually be ones they've already looked at.
Pundits are saying it won't matter.
Hillary's pretty confident.

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 06:52 AM
a reply to: misskat1

There are some problems with treating this as simply as to ask what the worst case scenario would be from this point onward, and the reason I say that, is because there are two main parties who stand to benefit, or lose out, depending on which way things go.

The first of these interested parties, is of course the American people. Starved of truth, deprived of justice for a great many years, and having had their taxes used to pay for improprieties and violence the world over, most of which they were not consulted on or made aware of the nature of, these individuals have a vested interest in ensuring that any person who is investigated for high level corruption, leave alone Hilary bloody Clinton, remains alive long enough to name every person who she may have conspired with, to describe every plot with which she had involvement, to outline every invisible system under oath that these too might be bought to light and vivisected for the public good.

The second of these interested parties, is basically everyone else. The seventh floor group, the COG, the Shadow Government as they are known, the people benefiting from the operation of the Clinton Foundation, both from within it, and without (the clients essentially), as well as the people who have failed to notice the corruption that may have occurred, despite it being their job to do so, and essentially every devious schemer who likes governments to be controlled by corporations rather than by the collective will of the people. These groups would rather see their own guts pulled out onto a massive spool, and run through an old school film projector, than have a damned thing about how one of their number goes about her business, bought to light in public. Most notably, the clients would hate to be shown up as being willing to purchase any kind of favour, especially in the climate they are in today. Many of them, particularly foreign power blocs, would look very bad in front of their support base, if they were seen to be involved in some dirty dealings with US officialdom. Other, entirely private groups, like corporate interests for example, would be equally appalled to be revealed in any kind of scandal, especially if they have significant shares in their company, currently in American hands. Patriots do not take kindly to being messed around by their governments representatives, but they also hate to get stiffed by the corporations. The backlash could cost them dearly.

Then you have the 7th Floor Group/COG/Shadow Government... I think the worst case scenario for them would be for any information that makes people question the legitimacy of their electoral processes, to come to light. Unfortunately, all the information that is coming out now, about Hilary, and every damned word that Trump has ever said in his life, makes reasonable people question that process, if it can push these two scumbags out front for the voters to squabble over. The reason I say that, is that if people question the process, they will be increasingly unwilling to participate in it, to an unprecedented degree. Now, that might not show this time around, but given time to calm down between now and the next election process, people are going to have a cold analysis ready, one which says "It does not matter who I vote for, because these people are puppets, avatars for powers that I neither know the precise shape and name of, nor the true intentions of. How can I choose, when I know nothing about the real players?".

If they do that, it is very possible that their confusion and concern will be reflected by a near to nil turn out, or a deliberately winless end result. At this point the electoral college might choose a winner, but what if there are mass walkouts, protests, total cease of all normal function of government? And what if despite those walkouts, protests and targeted prevention of normal operation, no failure or stoppage of operations actually results?...people will be BLATANTLY aware that there is something in government, operating without oversight, or the PERMISSION of the people, to ensure continuity...

Its one thing to understand that a body of their sort exists, but quite another to be shown that their existence means your power is non-existent, even when you move as a single, pissed off unit. It would be the worst thing for them to have to expose themselves by their actions, during a period of total shutdown as a result of the masses refusing to play the game.

The peoples interests, and the interests of those in power, are different.
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posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 07:01 AM
I was listening to Sean Hannity the other day and he thought that if Hillery wins the election, she'll be too busy fighting all the charges to to the job for at least the first year. IMO, at the very least (hopefully), everything she does will be under a microscope for her entire term if elected.

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 07:30 AM

originally posted by: misskat1
and like it or not, Trump wins.

No, he will lose and then have a huge hissy fit, claiming the election was rigged.

Will "they" let her go to trial?

Trial for what exactly?

We all know she has some health issues,

No, just a lot of ignorant people have claimed that.

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 08:05 AM
a reply to: TrueBrit

Weird scenes inside the gold mine, for sure.

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 09:06 AM

originally posted by: Sillyolme
This hasn't changed a thing. The investigation went on all during the primaries and she still won.

Lol the primaries she won fair and square right?

Pass the kool-aid.

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 10:56 AM
a reply to: misskat1 seems like everyone has gone a little crazy.

Why are people assuming Trump is going to win now? Re-opening an investigation doesn't mean a reversal of the decision made. All it means is they found new information that they want to officially include in the investigation be thorough.

I don't think I've ever seen Trump supporters so giddy.

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 03:36 PM
If she doesn`t win that will be the end of the Clinton dynasty,they will just fade away. The Clinton foundation will also fade away.
she won`t have anymore influence in government circles and she is too old to be elected in 2020 even if she did run for president again.
her pay to play,money for influence scheme will end very quickly,nobody will donate money to the Clinton foundation without the promise of buying influence and Hillary won`t have anymore influence.
Hillary running for president is the desperate last gasp of the dying Clinton dynasty in American politics and American political corruption.

posted on Oct, 29 2016 @ 03:45 PM
a reply to: MichiganSwampBuck

just for the first year? The leaks and accusations won`t stop just because she gets elected.she will spend her entire 4 years deflecting and defending herself against more leaks. she lied to congress! congress isn`t going to just forgive and forget after the election,no matter who can`t lie to congress and then expect them to work with you and cooperate with you when you become president.
A Hillary administration will be 4 years of nothing being accomplished and 4 years of investigations and inquiries,in short it will be 4 years of a lame duck government.4 years of drifting at sea with no one at the helm.

appointing Hillary as president is the easy part,gaining control of both houses of congress, so that Hillary can actually accomplish something is the hard part and may be an insurmountable problem for the democrats.

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