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Russian-Iranian Cooperation to Bring Peace, Stability to Middle East – Iran's FM

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posted on Oct, 28 2016 @ 10:03 AM

"A very close link between Russia and Iran was established and this close link will bring peace and stability to the region, to our countries and will lead to security in general.  We also want to point out how crucial it is to maintain cooperation in the humanitarian track between the countries and in Syria," Zarif said.

I predicted Russia/China/Iran versus NATO/Europe weeks ago.

Beijing's "Pivot to the Middle East": China Joins Russia in Syria, Shaping New "Anti-Terrorist Alliance" Against Washington?

I've read speculation that the rest of BRICS would side with Russia and China. My feeling is that this is going to come down to the superpowers, and the lesser countries will hardly be a factor.

WW3 would be evil against evil. I would find it hard to root for either side.
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posted on Oct, 28 2016 @ 01:41 PM

originally posted by: Profusion
WW3 would be evil against evil. I would find it hard to root for either side.

Correct because evil Baal (Baalzebub) is Yahweh for pro Israel allies and Allah for anti Israel allies.

Both sides is simply a blood sacrifice (cannon fodder) for Marduk.

posted on Oct, 28 2016 @ 02:33 PM
a reply to: Profusion

I will spell you out it, what is the point here:

Russia wants to establish a connection from Syria to the Iran borders to Pakistan and Afganistan. They want to flank Turkey and Greece and Nato through these means, and assure their sovereign control over the "belt".

Next - check their move to Suez canal, and Adana / Bab El Mandeb. This will disable US and allies ability to operate around Saudi Arabia, and will expose it to Russian direct influence.

Iran dominates Persian gulf with its massive missile batteries along the coast. Russia control on the other side of Arabian peninsula will isolate Saudis and Emirates, and subject on Iranian/Russian concession to even trade!

US cannot do much if anything at all, without risking major war, if not acting decisesively on Egypt, Suez and Bab el Mandheb. US needs to allow and to provide massive military support to Israel to totally eradict Hezbollah out of Golan and south of Lebanon. Israel need to take decisive actions on Sinai and remove Russian presence from there. US needs to move together with Saudis and cut Iraq in half. They need to establish Kurdistan as the cut-off region, with massive military presence deterring Iran AND Turkey, and assure their independency.

Or, it will be hell all over the place.

posted on Oct, 28 2016 @ 06:10 PM
do you think that the intended aggressive posturing of the US and NATO forces along the Russian Border is a Good Idea.
is it just me or is the USA calling russias recent moves aggressive just again hypocritical given the USA backed out of Peace Talks with russia and have now decided stemming from the warsaw summit that setting up a `deterrent force` is somehow not aggressive and moves the world closer to peace.
It is the USA that has made an Aggressive Move and to walk away from peace talks obviously shows no genuine interest in seeking stability in the geopolitical sphere aswell as a clear signal that peace or deescalation of violence is in no way on the USA agenda.
somehow they scared europe nations NATO into joining them 40000, strong. how can this just fly.
we are days away from catastrophy never before seen by mankind and the USA are yet again inciting war, only this time the Communist Superpowers are not going to come out of it undefeated and the USA has now placed millions of EU citizens in the firing line.
how could NATO be so stupid as to believe a word that comes out of the democracy preaching war machine that is the USA. the USA is more dangerous and lethal in their execution than a pyschotic North Korean intention.
if i was in a long standing grudge match with someone and the option of mediation come up which i accepted to move towards peace and to put my hand out and shake on the matter to put it to rest and the other party refused to shake my hand and instead walked away choosing to keep the grudge alive and turned down that opportunity, i personally would be insulted and see that as a choice to keep bad blood between two parties and would interpret that as aggression that would pose a risk to my ongoing safety, given when attempting to make up, the aggressor refusing to and than accusing me of being the aggressive party.
this is what has happened between the USA and Russia essentially. the bully is accussing the gentle giant of being the one that started it, whgen that is truly not the case.

could it all really be that the ruling elite, are starting depopulation on the next level and this is their most viable option to speed up the process.

I am ashamed to live on this planet right now.
would a global protest involving 10s of millions have the power to stop this catastrophy or is it already too late, the people are too far broken down and have literally become complacent abuse victims petrefied with fear, or lack the intelligence and health to resist and uprise.

posted on Nov, 3 2016 @ 04:01 AM

originally posted by: Profusion
I predicted Russia/China/Iran versus NATO/Europe weeks ago.

I don't. This is a fantasy.

In the politics of the Middle East and the wider Muslim world it's Sunni versus Shia. Has been for hundreds of years. In forging links with Iran, Russia is limiting their regional influence to countries that are Shia. The Shia footprint is Iran and parts of Iraq. Syria is a dysfunctional dictatorship, so anything goes.

China is agnostic as far as the Middle East goes, so long as they get access to oil and their economy is not adversely impacted. Currently, with oil prices being so low they are probably very happy.

There is a danger people are over-egging Russia's (a) influence (b) capability and (c) ability to make friends to ape Soviet times.

The BRICS would not back Russia in any military endeavour, so even thinking that way is fantasy.

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