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Was UFO Investigator Max Spiers Silenced by Aliens?

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posted on Nov, 2 2016 @ 11:42 PM

originally posted by: Astyanax
British UFO investigator Max Spiers has died in Poland. On the sofa of a woman he hardly knew. After spewing ‘black vomit’.

Not long before, he texted his mother (so she says) telling her to investigate if anything happens to him. ‘Your boy’s in trouble,’ he wrote.

Max Spiers: UK refuses to investigate 'suspicious' death of British conspiracy theorist

Some of his associates are saying he was taken out by dimension-hopping aliens.


Back in better days, this would have been all over ATS; it wouldn’t have needed a kibitzer like me to bring it up.

But these days it’s all Trump, Trump, Trump round here, like Nellie the Elephant. All the new threads are in the political forums.

Well, for the few UFO aficionados still interested in something other than the US presidential circus, here’s something to discuss.

Why would some aliens want to kill this man

btw I'm sick of the Trump talk too, its like an addiction.

This is a nice diversion

Anyway, These aliens who you say may have silenced this guy...why

posted on Nov, 5 2016 @ 10:01 PM
a reply to: Willtell

I have no idea why. Perhaps he had stumbled upon something exciting that he himself had not yet realized the significance of. Or maybe they didn't like the way his love handles looked in his too-tight shirt.

Which brings us to another urgent question: why do conspiracy theorists have poor fashion sense?

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