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Letter for Mr Smith - part 2 The Main -

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posted on Oct, 27 2016 @ 02:56 AM
[ Mr smith = like the Mr smith from the matrix , Mr Main = like Anthony Hopkins in west-world room=dark well lit room ]

Letter for Mr Smith part 1


(Mr Smith): You know Mr Main I don't respond very well if people start to pull on my strings...

(The Main): ... and still... here you are Mr Smith.

(Mr Smith): Indeed !

(The Main): Poor Mr Smith , doesn't know which pill swallow... doesn't he ?

(Mr Smith): You weren't completely honest with me Mr Main. I don't like dishonest people dear Mr Main and I certainly want a dishonest person to become my boss.

(The Main): So just follow the rules dear Mr Smith. Forget about the letter have some fun some sex and Die of boredom like the rest of the controllers.

(Mr Smith): People that talk about rules are very dangerous people my father used to say.

(The Main): your father was a wise man.

(The Main): Tell me do you like dangerous Mr Smith ?

(Mr Smith): Hyperborea...


(The Main): I consider that a yes , Applause for you. You've been investigating haven't you?

(The Main): Oh I really start to like you Dear young Mr Smith.

(Mr Smith,agitated): 58 Billion death , Genocide !, an entire sentient species !!. Sir You're a monster nothing more !!!

(The Main,voice calm): ...And yet here you are

(Mr Smith): Just the Truth nothing more.... Convince me that you're worth it.

(The Main): Oh dear Mr smith I'm worth it. But the truth has to be deserved.... I admit Hyperborea was an mistake that shouldn't be made.

(Mr Smith): The truth...Just tell me why...

(The Main): Mistakes dear Mr Smith... We have made a lot of mistakes.

(Mr Smith,loud voice): don't you mean You made a lot of mistakes... Sir ! (finger pointing).
(Mr Smith,loud voice ): Don't blame it on the minor controllers , YOU were the main controller and YOU made a lot of mistakes.

(The Main,soft voice): OK OK , Indeed I made a lot of mistakes. I tried to create Heaven and ended up with Hell , it was Hubris at it's finest !

(Mr Smith): ....

(The Main): You know what the opposite of love is dear Mr Smith ?
(Mr Smith): ....

(The Main,crescendo voice): It's isn't hate it is Too much love. I loved too much ! If you want to condemn me condemn me for too much love and not for Genocide. Yes yes I killed 58biljon beautiful people but the source of my demise the one and only real source Mr Smith was ... too much love!!


(The Main,emotional):It was a beautiful Soul pure as our precious aether. I was obsessed with it. I started it to follow into it's myriad of incarnations. As the Eons went by I saw how the Hyperboreans those beautiful people that I had created started colonize the 5 th planet of sol ,Tia-mat
Eons later they even colonized the 3th planet now known as Earth. Their empire grew. Beautiful people that had no hate in their hearth. Yes I was responsible for they extinction by making the greatest mistake a Controller could make... Do you know what that is Mr Smith ?

(Mr Smith): ....

(The Main,soft-voice): I Entered The simulation.

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posted on Oct, 27 2016 @ 02:56 AM
(Mr Smith,logical): I can hardly call that a mistake sir. We're allowed to enter at will I... (interrupted by The Main)

(The Main,crescendo voice): no no No , You don't understand ENTERED the simulation. I became part of it with all my being.... and that my dear friend is the greatest mistake a controller can ever make.

(The Main,emotional): You know Mr Smith I really loved that soul... Obsessed I tracked it and I stalked as if I was a Dijnn with a grudge. Then one day it happened, reincarnated in the body of a beautiful Nordic woman. The code in the device dictated that she would be raped. A lesson for her soul.

(The Main,emotional): But I couldn't let it happen.. so I Entered the simulation. I ENTERED the simulation. Selfish I denied her that lesson. By that act I destroyed her Karma. She fell in love with me her hero... I didn't know it at that time but this was the beginning of the end.

(The Main,fast speech): Do you know how I called myself Mr Smith. well don't answer that it's rhetorical...

(The Main,loud): Veles...

(The Main): I was the first God in the Simulation. A God of love but still young and inexperienced. With love and without any reason I started to protect my precious Hyperboreans without seeing the consequences and as a result of this nothing in the Simulation could touch them , not even the Dijnn. Oh dear Mr Smith I destroyed so much Karma in those days but my people were happy living in bliss protected by their almighty God : Veles the Good.

(Mr Smith): I don't understand ? Why did the Big Guy not intervene.

(The Main): Dear naive Mr Smith you might think he invented everything but that certainly isn't the case. The whole concept of one god came from me.

(Mr Smith): He approved ?

(The Main,calm voice): The Big Guy approved it very very much. In fact he even urged me to create my own little pantheon. And So I did I eventually became the creator of the first Slavic Gods.

(The Main,calm voice): But you know what the irony is Mr Smith ? We were to find out that there is no Heaven without a Hell. Oh yeah Karma is such a funny thing it always comes back to bite you in the ass.

(Mr Smith):What happened ?

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posted on Oct, 27 2016 @ 02:56 AM
(The Main,calm voice-emotional): Eventually the souls of the Hyperboreans started to deteriorate. As a result the hyperboreans became more aggressive with every new incarnation. You know Mr smith Karma was a very new concept in those days. We simply didn't know how it would affect the Simulation if we broke the Karma chain. The whole point of the simulation is that identities in it have free will. Only now we know that interfering with free will create a cascade of effects that will eventually break the Simulation. The Big Guy and I found it out the hard way. Yes He made mistakes too !

(The Main,almost crying): It wasn't my fault alone ,believe me

(The Main): Eventually the hyperboreans became divided into 2 groups that started to fight. Sol 4 now better known as Mars attacked sol 5 the old Tia-mat. Tia-mat was completely destroyed , lost forever. Mars lost it's atmosphere and with it all it's oceans due to some superwapon. They actually tried to cut that beautiful planet in half....

(The Main,almost crying): Believe me I begged the Architect on my both my knees to recreate the planets but he simply wouldn't do it.

(The Main,): From that time on Earth was the only planet in the solar-system that had sentient live. I became furious ! I was like a father that wanted to punish his children. I had no love in my being and did a horrible thing...

(Mr Smith,calm voice): So what did you do sir...

(The Main): I gave them a simple choice : Fight again and be destroyed or live in peace and be loved. To strengthen my argument I created the second moon in orbit of Earth , the morning star. Every hyperborean on earth could see that moon and as long as it was in orbit there was peace.

(Mr Smith): So Earth had 2 moons ?

(The Main): Indeed , it was the proverbial sword of Damocles. I would crash it on earth if a war broke out. Poor Hyperboreans living in fear for many centuries.

(Mr Smith): I vaguely remember that there is a book somewhere in Russia that talks about that moon....

(The Main): The book of Veles dear Mr Smith. My book , the first bible if you like. If you find it I urge you to read it...

(The Main): Oh Karma.. so good and so damn bad. with the passing of the Simulation time the souls of the Hyperboreans became even more deteriorated. They couldn't stand peace.

posted on Oct, 27 2016 @ 02:56 AM
(The Main,dramatic): Oh children what have thy done ! Oh children what have I done !! War came like a thief in the night. And I had to act. At first I hesitated but the Big Guy urged me to proceed. You know he can be very persuasive ... Eventually I crashed the little moon on Earth. It came down in an area that's now the Black sea. A nuclear winter followed. The few hyperboreans that survived the holocaust fled underground. They made underground cities. Yes I am that monster !

(The Main,dramatic): But the Big Guy demanded even more. He ordered me to unleash the Dijnn on those poor souls. So I uncapped the Dijnn and gave them the power to posses at will.

(The Main,dramatic): He (The Big Guy) wanted a clean slate , reset the simulation so to speak. My loved one died as many others did in the process.

(The Main,crying): no karma and even no reincarnation left. Blinded by the loss of my loved one I hated the Big Guy for a very long time.

(Mr Smith): ...

(The Main): You know how you write Veles in Cyrillic ?

(Mr Smith): ...

(The Main): The answer is 'Beles' and in a later stadium people made 'Beel' out of it....

(Mr Smith): Baal ? You mean you were …

(The Main): Yes I am, the one and only.

(Mr Smith): You're the fallen one ?

posted on Oct, 27 2016 @ 02:57 AM
(The Main): Now you know what kind of monster I am Mr Smith. The Morning star wasn't a star at all it was a little Moon. My little Moon, and yes my big sword of Damocles which I used to crush this beautiful species.

(Mr Smith): And the Big Guy ?

(The Main): He blamed it all on me , and he was right. I destroyed karma I invented the moon and I followed His orders. I was the source of all evil....

(The Main): I became degraded to clerk in the system and the Big Guy took over.

(The Main): The angry God , the Bible the Jews Abraham,Babylon Jesus and all that stuff it's all work done by the Big Guy that much is true. He started over again with a new species based on my work... the humans.

(Mr Smith): So karma wasn't restored but completely destroyed I assume. No hyperboreans left in the Simulation ?

(The Main): Well not completely there are still some Hyperboreans in the Simulation right now. Antarctica , you know mars was a pretty cold planet and they still love the cold.
(Mr Smith): Funny Now you mention Antarctica sir... There were a lot of problems in the 2nd world war concerning Antarctica. Am I right to assume that Hyperboreans have played a part in this.

(The Main): You're right to assume. But the situation is more complex than that. Basically we had the idea to interbreed a small group of humans with some hyperboreans. Not to enhance the humans but to enhance the hyperboreans. We wanted to create a more uncapped race like the experiment we did in Spain with the Rhesus factor...
(Mr Smith): And did it succeed ?

(The Main): Not at all. Dijnn intervened. You know they don't want humans to become more spiritual. They like their power and don't want to share it with anyone.

(The Main): And so they started to delude people. At first a poor little German girl that thought it had contact with Aldebaran. Then a cascade of events again orchestrated by our friends the D jinn. Put a mad German painter that was dabbling into the occult into the mix... And the result is... Well dear Mr Smith... Holocaust.

(Mr Smith): and now at simulation time 2016 we have havoc..

posted on Oct, 27 2016 @ 02:57 AM
(The Main): Indeed , there are so many bugs in the Simulation that the Device can't handle it for much longer. I need your help dear Mr smith. I need your help NOW !

(Mr Smith): Why me ?

(The Main): It's just a feeling. In all these eons I learned to trust my feeling when it comes to new Controllers.

(Mr Smith): Let's for a moment assume I would join your little band of marry men.. result ?

(The Main,agitated): ah.. no,no,no,no,no there are no results. It's a leap of faith you either follow with all your hearth or you DON'T follow at all.

(Mr Smith,agitated): Give me facts Mr Main facts ! What do you expect me to do ? FACTS.

(The Main): Very well dear Mr Smith. The Facts are that the current simulation is collapsing and I want you to be the hero that prevents that.

(Mr Smith): Hero ? Changing the simulation ? what are you talking about ? I'm just a minor controller nothing more I simply don't have that kind of influence..

(The Main): Oh no ... I think you don't understand I don't want you to change the Simulation or the Device. I want you to change the controllers.

(Mr Smith):A spy ?

(The Main,Smiling deviously): I would prefer you would call it Social hacking at an advanced degree.

(Mr Smith,lightly nodding,somewhat smiling): ...


(The Main,commanding loud): I want you to sign-up for the ClownEvent group. Investigate the events and report back to me. Nothing more nothing less. Our conversation is over now you're free to leave Mr smith. Have a nice day!

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