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RELEASE: The Podesta Emails Part 19

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posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 09:48 AM
a reply to: jadedANDcynical

Interesting...there are a few pages of questions and answers. It references it being her and Sanders 6th debate in there...can anyone match the transcript to an actual debate?

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 09:54 AM
a reply to: the2ofusr1

I love it I have been thinking this the whole time that the people suggesting it was russia were the same ones that brought us WMD. Instead of addressing who leaked the emails address whats in them!

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 10:03 AM

originally posted by: jadedANDcynical
a reply to: introvert

You're welcome to tune in to a different station if you don't like what's on.

This is still a (relatively) free country and mandatory viewing has not been implemented.

For any who are interested, here's some behind the scenes talk

"Just need a third party spoiler and we'll be all set!" —Robby Mook


Here is one about debate prep, check the attachment:

Hillary possibly received debate questions early.


These are the questions and answers for the Feb 11 debate....busted.

Search Albright in both then search for HRC "200" answer...plain to see it was handed to her.

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 10:08 AM
The Clintons have a connection to the Power Rangers:

On Sun, Feb 22, 2015 at 1:14 PM, Hartina Flournoy wrote: >>> Our understanding is tha POLITICO is working on a number of articles that touch upon the foundation. A number of the questions also touch upon State. There appears to be particular interest in Haim Saban. Below are 3 such questions. >>> >>> >>>> It has been reported that the State Department rejected a consultancy the president proposed with Saban Capital Group. Is that so? Or was there never a formal objection from State to that arrangement? Did it go forward? >>>> >>>> >>>> Who paid the expenses associated with President Clinton’s travel to Israel in December 2009 to speak at the Saban Forum? >>>> The travel expenses were paid for by Haim Saban. >>>> >>>> It appears that the ethics agreement the Clintons set in place in 2009, in intent and/or practice, resulted in a lower standard for conflicts of interest or appearances of such with respect to the foundation as opposed to private business arrangements with President Clinton. In other words, some donors were acceptable to donate to the foundation but not to enter into business arrangements with President Clinton. What’s the rationale for that distinction?

Email ID# 32232
Haim Saban

In September 2004, Hillary Clinton described Saban as a very good friend, supporter and adviser: "I am grateful for his commitment to Israel, to a just and lasting peace in the Middle East and to my foundation's work, particularly on reconciliation issues."[5] In May 2007, Haim publicly declared his support for Clinton in 2008 presidential election.[26] In June 2007, Saban and Steven Spielberg co-hosted a Hillary Clinton fundraiser at the house of Peter Chernin, the President of News Corporation.[32] According to the Los Angeles Times,[32] the fundraiser brought in over $850,000.

In March 2008, Saban was among a group of major Jewish donors to sign a letter to Democratic Party house leader Nancy Pelosi warning her to "keep out of the Democratic presidential primaries."[33] The donors, who "were strong supporters of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential campaign", "were incensed by a March 16 interview in which Pelosi said that party 'superdelegates' should heed the will of the majority in selecting a candidate."[33] The letter to Pelosi stated the donors "have been strong supporters of the DCCC" and implied, according to The Jewish Telegraphic Agency,[33] that Pelosi could lose their financial support in important upcoming congressional elections.

On May 19, 2008, it was reported that Haim Saban had "offered $1 million to the Young Democrats of America during a phone conversation in which he also pressed for the organization's two uncommitted superdelegates to endorse Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for president."[34] Saban has also made donations to members of the Republican Party including a 2003 contribution to George W. Bush's 2004 re-election campaign.[5] Saban supports Hillary Clinton for President of the United States in the 2016 election.

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posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 10:17 AM
16 Benghazi emails DELETED !

emails 32007

*OFF RECORD, if pressed on whether we are essentially admitting the >> possibility that she deleted some emails:* >>

One, she would have been under no obligation to preserve them since >> Blumenthal wasn't a government employee. >> >> Two, there is nothing in any of these emails that is remotely new or >> interesting. Indeed, none of these 16 emails are qualtitatively >> different than the dozens of others that Hillary already produced to the >> State Department. So it is completely ridiculous to suggest that there >> might have been any nefarious basis for her to want to delete any of Sid's >> correspondence. >>

A little bit of lying going on

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 10:24 AM
a reply to: Vasa Croe

OMG! Hillary cheats with NO SHAME. She has no soul or conscience. Pray that Americans will realize who Hillary really is, before November 8th.

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 10:28 AM
a reply to: Denoli

emails 32007

Doesn't come up as a good number for me.

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 10:31 AM
a reply to: Vasa Croe

Great work Vasa!

Of course, the spinmasters will say that this is nothing or normal and otherwise ignore the mounting tidal wave of evidence. Any and all excuses on the table including, but not limited to, "they all do it, it's fake, la la la la 'first woman president,' oh look another Trump accusation, ad nauseum."

I think we may be circling the drain.


a reply to: butcherguy


It's there.

On Jun 24, 2015, at 2:32 PM, Nick Merrill > wrote: > > Just spoke to State a little more about this. A few updates.

This is the same chain that MME and I were discussing that mentions 16 emails being deleted and then all of a sudden all the news stories are talking about, "15 emails deleted."

This was focused on in one of the earlier release threads.
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posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 10:45 AM
a reply to: jadedANDcynical
Ok, I remember that one.
I just tried it and it came up just fine.
The first two times it gave me an error response.

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 11:29 AM
Excellent work J&C on all of these leaky Podesta Clinton
email threads! Thank you!

This could be from yesterday...more proof of collusion
and interference with the DOJ.

John Podesta had dinner with top DOJ official....

The day after Hillary Clinton testified in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi last October, John Podesta, the Democrat’s campaign chairman, met for dinner with a small group of well-connected friends, including Peter Kadzik, a top official at the Justice Department.

The dinner arrangement, revealed in hacked Podesta emails ...

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