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The Shed 12

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posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 01:31 PM
a reply to: SyxPak
I just remembered to change my signature linky
You are two sheds behind....change the thread # to 1143390 and it should fix it

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 01:32 PM
a reply to: gimmefootball400

Hey Gimme! Nice pix and video as always!!
Good to see that Ya found the New Shed!! I have the advantage of being able to see it from the air! It has a huge cloud that shimmers all around it!!

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 01:33 PM
a reply to: Martin75

Oh WOW Thanx Jess!! Two behind? I thought I had it tagged to the last shed!?!?!? Oh well, that what I get for thinking!! LMAO!!!

EDIT: Gotter fixed now!! Again Jess, Thank You!!

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posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 02:16 PM
So I got up this morning and saw that my coffee cup was on the counter (I'd had it in the sink last night) and a note was under it. I read the note and saw it was a thank you note for helping out in the kitchen. I was pleasantly surprised. That was a good start for the day. My friend and her son have an arrangement. She does the dishes and stuff one month and her son does the restrooms. Well, she hasn't had to do the dishes since I got here. They're done before she gets home from work lol.

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 02:17 PM
a reply to: SyxPak
I saw that on my facebook feed and thought "Now who does that remind me of?" I thought it would be perfect for you.

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 02:23 PM
a reply to: Skid Mark

LOL! Thanks for thinking of Me, once again. You are too kind... However kindness does have it's rewards, like the note You received! Feels good don't it?

Keep on being YOU My Friend!

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 02:43 PM
Good morning everyone, and good morning new Shed! I bring forth a writing that I've been trying to write for a couple of weeks now but kept stumbling across road blocks, so it's a bit bare, but, it's there!

a reply to: kaelci on page 137 of the Shed 11

The Last Itty Bitty Bit
Smiling humourlessly, she waved a hand towards the creepy tower before them and asked Darien the question she already knew the answer to.

"Are we going to go have a looksie?"

"Young Miss! We quite simply have no choice, do lead onward!"

The chill that swarmed through her veins caused her to shudder involuntarily as she returned her gaze to that most imposing structure. She squeezed Darien's hand once more, the depth of her anxiety barely budging as he returned her squeeze, and together they moved toward the stairs that would lead them up the daunting mountain...

Today’s Itty Bitty Bit!
Kaelci and Darien made their way up the winding mountain stairs, each step Kaelci took seemed to take enormous effort as slowly they left the dark and dreary nothingness behind and approached the imposing structure that loomed menacingly overhead.

Whilst Kaelci struggled onward toward the tower, Darien appeared to move with a nearly unnatural ease and grace as they advanced, almost as though he knew exactly where they were and had been there before. Her suspicions grew but she cast them aside; all thoughts dissipating as she focussed on each stumbling step that she took, the despairing aura of the ominous tower enshrouding them as they approached.

Minutes turned into hours as they climbed ‘round and ‘round the mountain, seemingly no closer to the tower itself no matter how many steps they took, when at last they turned another bend and were faced with a bright and glaring red light! Finally, they faced the entrance; a gaping maw that shone a bizarre combination of both brilliance and gloom, the redness flickering eerily behind its own glare.

Kaelci’s ears pricked up as Darien thoughtfully spoke, his soft words mumbled as though he were speaking to himself.

“’tis strange that the fires still burn…”

“I thought that you seemed awfully nonchalant! You’ve been here before haven’t you!?”

“…Yes, young miss. Many centuries ago when this particular parcel of land was still joined with the realm and not shunted into its own strange oblivion.”

Tapping her foot impatiently, a movement barely workable with the weight of the structure’s aura bearing down upon her, she motioned toward the flickering entrance and demanded more information from the Magister at her side.

“Do continue, Darien. Why are we here?”

Darien only offered his typical smile, though Kaelci was certain she could see a faint sadness hidden within the movement, before he responded in his unusually quiet tones.

“Dear Kaelci, this structure is but a remnant of a battle long gone and it’s indeed unfortunate that these terrible energies remain. I know not why we’re here, nor even how we managed to stumble into this realm that harbours an unwanted past, but we’re here now and traversing the maze within may be the only means of returning to the Accasian lands.”

A faint melody began to drift out from the structure’s entrance, entirely ethereal in nature, the gentle peals of the song contrasting drastically with the ominous building they had no choice but to enter.

Kaelci sighed half-heartedly and began to make her way towards the looming doorway, Darien close behind her, the ghostly red fires that enveloped the inner halls reflected bright upon her pale skin and appeared to transform the blackened threads of her magical robes into a strange maroon.

They stepped their last steps upon the pathway that led toward them toward their goal, and just as they were about to take their first steps into the tower, a harsh laugh began to flow about them, a grating laugh… and yet somehow sweet… dripped in silver… a sharp pain pierced Kaelci’s heart as she recognised from just whom that laugh had come.

Sita was inside.

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 02:58 PM
a reply to: kaelci

SITA?!??!!? Oh Crap! I Love this Kaelci! Very well written, as are ALL Your tales!

It's great to see That You found the New Shed!! Oh, be sure to go a page back, for some other Tales!!

EDIT: I comment on Your Story, "Life goes on". Another fabulous writing!!

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posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 03:07 PM
hello another place...i so like the stories you all put here..sorry but i dont write so syx writes for em in his stories..the a good way to get out of so far great stories..i hope to be here more then i was in the other ones...but i might be a ghost at times..and just pop in and say BOO...haha...had to say that since its almost halloween er...i will be heading to my sister in a little bit like 4...she is going to show me some pictures she i might have to take my camera so i can take pictures if i dont have them she is making us dinner..stuff shells not sure what that is but i will be trying it..hope its good...have a great day all..i might be back later if its not to late...take care all


posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 03:07 PM
a reply to: SyxPak

I saw them!!
I always read back through the pages when I wake up in the morning, and I saw Gordi's creepy campfire story at the end of the last Shed too, which was wonderful!

And thank you for telling me, haha! I never would have noticed, I'm terrible! I'm glad you liked it!

I'm just going to place some delectables down as I run off for the morning, perhaps the scent of these fine goods lingering in the air will entice the mistress of ferrets. I kind of envision it cartoon-style... the scent of the doughnuts lingers upon the breeze and reaches her and she breathes in deeply and begins to float in the air, following the cinnamon scent, until at last she lands at the table and devours that which is waiting. ❤

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 03:12 PM
yes! Perfect bit for halloween!

So Sita has also found the red tower! Uh oh!!!!
I wonder what the ancient battle was about and the red glow. Was that a ghostly reminant of the battle. I bet two powerful mages went at it and am left wondering what secrets the tower holds.

All i know is somethings afoot if the Spider Queen has returned!😮
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posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 03:14 PM
a reply to: Martin75

hello..i am glad you know how i was feeling..when i wrote that back at the shed 11..i will so go any where syx wants to..he wont get rid of me that easy..but he dont want to get rid of me any ways...he just hates my other person inside me...she is a very mean i am trying my best to keep her out of my head...but who knows when she will pop back in..i think my parents told her to leave me alone as this was going on when i seen the lady i talk to with my troubles..she asked me if i see her and i said yes and my parents as well..i told her i see my parents around this time of the year..but this girl named sarah now she comes out when ever...and syx so so hates her and she is so trying to break us up..not sure why either...and i dont even know any one named sarah...i am very mentally and unstable..well i hope you have a great day...

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 03:15 PM
a reply to: SyxPak

Here you go, SyxPak! I'm still posting it...

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 03:20 PM
a reply to: PrairieShepherd

Ok then I'll look for it later. Have to attend to some real life matters now...

I just posted a short poem. For those interested, go HERE. Thanx in advance for anyone reading it...

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 03:23 PM
As I prepare to fly off into the late afternoon sky,
I will be thinking of ALL of You.
Just please remember this My Friends,
Don't do anything That I wouldn't do!!

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posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 03:26 PM
I was going to make personal replies to everyone, but I got so behind since I opened the new shed.
I just loved all the comments, stories and pics! I haven't written in my own story line since page 186 of shed 11. I don't know when I'll get back to it, but soon I hope. I did make two threads for a couple of poems/poetic verse or whatever you call it, so I have had some inspiration.

I hope everyone is settling in nicely and that more people decide to join us. I want to repeat that there is no special invitation to be a member of the shed and all are welcome. I would also like to say that our doors remain open for any missing members who we love and miss dearly.

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posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 03:28 PM
a reply to: ccbears

Hey Hun?! One day we will be rid of Sarah.. One day. And it may not be that far away, for it to happen.... I will remain by Your side through it all. You know this already so...

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 03:30 PM
Awww Syx, that is so sweet! CC, hang in there and continue seeing the lady you talk to. I can only imagine how difficult this must be, but push ahead my little warrior, you are stronger than you know! HUGS!

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 03:43 PM
I was wondering where you guys went all of a sudden!

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posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 03:46 PM
Goodmorrowmorn Sheddiganites! It's a new dawn for a new shed!

One of my pets decided to bring refreshments to the new shed.

And the Knome Survey Crew showed up to measure things out, they still seem lost.

I have been at 11 still catching up (at least on stories) good stuff Martin & Gordi!

Thanks for the recipe link CK.

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