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The Shed 12

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posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 09:12 AM
Hugs back at you

a reply to: Martin75
I work second shift. And thanks for asking.
My Christmas stuff and winter clothes need to get out so that is on the agenda. And, shame on me, Christmas cards.
Have a fabulous day.

posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 09:23 AM
hey guys, just a quick pop in to say hello to all of you and wish you a good day! Drummer, I just had an idea, I'll send you a U2U tomorrow. And has anybody seen Sepherd?

posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 09:53 AM

I decided when I ventured out for my morning walk, that I wouldn't just walk around the block.
Instead I decided to take a walk to The Shed.
Now it's easy to get there as my character "Errollorre."
But going there as my real human self is a much longer trip.
First you have to walk to and through "The Land of No Time."
This I did, but it took a long time to get there.
The original Shed used to be there, before it moved to Accasia so getting to the end of this land is a long journey.
Here I am this morning just beyond where the old Shed used to be on a road towards the Great Sea and the Island of Accasia.

It's pretty cold there at this time of year.
I didn't see any mythical creatures on my walk.
No Unicorns, Centaurs or Dragons.
They must have migrated to the Shedlands for the winter.

I did see a lone pterodactyl that I captured on camera.

(The only green part of the forest.)

Don't let this image fool you.
It's not flying it's falling.
I guess it ventured out of it's nest thinking it was warm in the sunlight.
It's cold wings couldn't flap very well and it crashed to the ground.
Flying lizards, a bad idea in cold weather.

The road through the Land of No Time is extremely long if one decides to go by foot, and not imagination.
But I admit along the way I began to daydream, and that sped up the journey quite a bit.
Finally as I neared the end of the forest near the coast I approached the cabin of the Wizard Carl.
I was hoping he could cast a spell or show me a portal or find me a boat,
somehow get me across the sea to the Isle of Accasia.
But his cabin was all boarded up.
He must have been over at Accasia.
So I was stuck. With no way to physically get there.

(I see The Wizard has an electric meter hooked up to his cabin.
You have to pay the electric bill even in an imaginary world!)

I left him a note saying "Hello and sorry I missed you." and also a small bottle of wine.
Then I headed back home.
My mind really began to wander so the trip back was pretty quick.
It's hard to personally visit imaginary worlds.
But I may try again someday.

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posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 10:44 AM
a reply to: Archonic

Hey there!! Glad You found Your way here! Grab a seat and hang a while. As long as You want actually!!
Explore inside here and You will be amazed! Rooms galore, hallways of no end, and choose any room You want and it will be exactly as Your mind can create it!!

Good mornin and hello to everyone else too!

Abby I see the cookies had the effect I knew they would on You! They are quite delicious and the surprise they give is well worth the time it takes to eat them isn't it?!
Your Fractaling swirl image is awesome!!

Loving all the other images here lately too!!

Of course I had to find a Fractal Dragon to post!

posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 10:48 AM
a reply to: Errollorre

Good mornin Erroll! I love Your journey tale and images! Lizards can fly in the cold.
They just have to get warmed up first!
That pterodactyl must have been a young one.
And dumb. Kids anyways, right?! LOL!!

See after a warm up, Flying for US is no problem!!

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posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 11:02 AM
a reply to: WalkInSilence

Hi WIS! Your Tiger image is amazing!! I love it!!!

posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 12:11 PM
CC ShapeShifts into an Electric Pegasus, and arrives for the upcoming battle...

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posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 12:20 PM
Story side piece...

Others arrive in droves after hearing in Their minds the call to arms! Evil will Never dwell within the Realm of The Shed. There are too many here with good Hearts for that to happen.

When the Mist arrived through the split open sky, most were unaware of it's presence. It did not take long however for word to get out, through spoken means, and telepathy.

Hopefully by now, everyone in the land of goodness knows it is here, and the intententions of it. All sentient beings are coming from the call for help.

Creatures not seen before are beginning to show up.

Trees have uprooted and are making their way here now. Fallen branches have grown limbs and are crawling to The Shed to offer their help.

Large rock creatures are arriving as well. Massive in size, they are going to be a very good addition to the forces of Good here!

posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 01:17 PM
As soon as These Dragons finish Their skirmish, They will arrive at The Shed to help Us!

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posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 01:21 PM
Good day Sheddites far and wide!

Jess, so glad you were able to sleep well for a change! Sleep doesn't come easy for me either. Hope you are having a good day at work!

Wis, love your animal image! Hope that you are having a good day Hun. HUGS! I take out my Autumn/Winter clothes in October. I always dress in layers in case I get too warm in places where they crank the heat.

Hello John! No, I haven't see Shepard! It's been a long time since we've seen Pheonix and others too.

Tom, what a wonderful journey and pics to see when I got here! Loved that!!!
Thank you!

Syx, I'll have to get a story entry in today. Sorry for the delay. Writer's block and all. Always happy to see an entry from you and things are getting exciting as we approach our battle!!! What'd you do to CC, lock her in her room? Tell her to say hello or something. Sheesh!

Ok, I need coffee. More coffee!

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posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 01:21 PM
Just because...

posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 01:22 PM
a reply to: Night Star

LOL Night! No I didn't lock Her in Her room! Yet anyways!!LMAO!!!

posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 01:25 PM
The Mystics begin to gather, to create spells of goodness, to aid Us...

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posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 01:28 PM
All creatures large and small come for Our aid...

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posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 01:32 PM
WOW Syx, your images are awesome!!!!!!!!!

How are you today?

posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 01:33 PM
Some are seen heading for a Portal, to come to The Shed...

posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 01:35 PM
a reply to: Night Star

I'm just fantastic Thank You! Heading for my Doc appt soon though. Meds refilled!! YES!!! LMAO!!!

How YA doin there Little one?
YAh the images I keep finding and they go with what is to come here, mostly. Im gonna keep droppin them in here, unless that would be board hoggin. I don't want that to seem what I am doing...

I'm here getting the images. There some Great pieces there!!!
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posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 01:48 PM
a reply to: Night Star
Hey guys!!! Sorry a Hi and Fly, it's almost time to head home! Woohoo!

posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 01:48 PM
a reply to: SyxPak

I know if I go to that link, I'll get lost in there and never come back. I want to check out the new threads and get caught up on threads I'm subscribed to and in here. Later I must get some Christmas gifts wrapped and do some cooking and whatever.

I love all your images and everyone else's. What is a shed without dragons anyway?

posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 01:49 PM
a reply to: Martin75

Hahaha! Cute gif! Yes Jess, come home!

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