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Help Protect Our Country?

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posted on Jan, 24 2005 @ 04:10 PM
I don't know if anyone else out there in this vast internet world have recieved this email but I found it to be rather disturbing, in my view I see it more as... "Join us in Judging People and ruining their lives"

The email

From : You Can Be A Cop
Sent : Friday, January 21, 2005 3:40 PM
To: *
Subject : Homeland Security is Everyone's Job

and goes on to say....

Help Protect Our Country!
Homeland Security is Creating more Jobs...
Get Educated and Take Advantage (Their Education and Their Advantage keep in mind)
(Then it says)
Begin your career as...
Airport Security
Crime Scene Investigator
Criminal Investagation
Criminal Justice Admin.
Forensics Analyst
Homeland Security (Sound like Fatherland Security to anyone?)
Juvenile Justice
Law and Evidence
Law Enforcement
Police Officer
Private Investigator
Private Security
Probation and Parole
and More! (LoL nice commerical Touch)
(then it says)
Apply Online Now (it has a picture of a male and female police officer smiling as well)

(also says underneath)

29% Increase (With a picture of 3 badges starting from small, medium to large for those too stupid to understand 29% Increase means bigger)
and says under that
The U.S. Department of Labor Predicted that by 2010 there will be more than a 29% Increase in the demand for criminal justice professionals

than it says whom the advertisement was from ..

Now my problem with this whole thing is well .. ummm... how did Homeland security or the government or whoever get my email address, second why is the US government using spam companies to further their idealogies and spread their propaganda now it becomes more apparent what has actually happened, spam is not spam, spam are maps, they watch you, use your interests as weaknesses and monitor what your doing, in essence creating MAPS right to the problem individuals, they collect statistics and gauge support and measure favoritism calculating the proper moments and using the proper symbols and tools to create the best result. We need to spot the CONSISTANCES with other dictators and rulers, these things always happen the same way, there is nothing new under the sun, it is always a variance of something else.. you can only work with what your given, so these people take the old and make it new, they consume the dead and make them living, not literally but scriptures and other texts. Symbols are everywhere, many of the nazi facist symbols have found their home in america... like the nazi mace, and the eagle as well as the fascii (Hatchet Head tied amongst faggots [tiny sticks])
We as humans have a loyal duty to ourselves to follow our own path and much like Didymus Jude Thomas search for physical proofs instead of someone elses word. We need to be careful in whom we follow, remember the blind can no longer lead the blind.
Spam is against the law in most places... yet low and behold I recieve some smut email from Homeland Security... I hope more of us catch onto this blatant attack on the weak minded people in our midst, their main objective is to turn our dumb into their strong... so we have to educate our dumb before they do.

posted on Jan, 25 2005 @ 03:00 PM
I was also just wondering if anyone noticed the pharmacudical (sp?) companies are also using this spam as a means of selling their drugs especially erectile disfunction pills and other more or less unnecessary drugs (meaning drugs that humans can still live without).... Granted morals are just something we came up with through common-sense... where did they go? why are we geared towards money? if there were 2 scenarios infront of us I predict I can read most peoples reaction.
Taking a bullet for someone[saving their life] (even a stranger) or finding a suitcase full of money... most people would choose the money.


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