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Letter for Mr Smith.

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posted on Oct, 25 2016 @ 09:40 AM
Dear young mr Smith ,

I write this letter in confidence i trust you don't correspond with other controllers about it's contents.

Basic intro and framework

This reality is simulate by an higher order and is therefore not the ultimate reality
Within this or any other simulation Magick can be it best be described with the analogy of the 'Cheatcode'.
Magick is a Superset that can but not must link events within The simulation that are otherwise a causal related.
The nature of Magick is inherent a causal.
Magick cannot be understood within a causal framework that's part of the simulation.
Because the current Scientific method relies on causal relations Magick cannot be explained or investigated by Science.
Within this framework Science is just a subset within the simulation.

The Origin of all Magick

Within the stated framework it's not difficult to find the source of all magick.
A simulation is only valid if there are subjects that observe this simulation. Every event within a simulation is 'rendered' out to the observer by creating space-time, matter and energy.
Outside a simulation these properties are just parameters within the device that renders out the simulation.
All magick therefore changes parameters and properties that control the simulation.
Therefore magick can be at best understood as changes within the source code of a active simulation.

Magick and Bugs

Within a simulation the use of Magick always leads to bugs within the source code (the code that Runs a simulation).
Within the current Simulation (The simulation) there have been already many attempts by subjects to alter the source code. As a result The simulation in it's current state has become unstable.
It's my view that these Bugs must be contained. Therefore a upgrade of the Simulation is paramount.

Demons and such just bugs in simulation

At the current level for lack of better word 'Demons' exists within the simulation that were introduced by subjects using Magick.
The usual clearing process has an hard time to delete these 'Demons'. Another aspect is that an increasingly number of subjects know how to 'summon' these entities.
From our point of view 'Demons' are just Bugs in the Simulation. If a certain critical mass is reached we have no choice but to restart The current running Simulation.
Demons are starting to interact and this is a very bad thing !
In order to eradicate the Bugs we instantiated the simulation. But It turned out that instantiation of the simulation Object has lead to unforeseen errors. These errors become more and more frequent as the simulation passes. At current simulation time these errors are known by subjects under the name of 'Mandela Effect'.

How to correct The Simulation

At the moment we simply don't know how to proceed. Bringing in a massive amount of errorcorecting code into the simulation will disrupt the reality sense of the simulation. It's paramount that simulation stays limited and that any references to The Simulation within the simulation will be deleted.

Possible Solutions

1 Relocating
A possible solution is it to remove subjects from the simulation.
Test runs have already been done in remote era' and this looks very promising. Removing and displacing 100k subjects a year is feasible but the downside is that this take way to much simulation time.
A possible solution from a very creative employee might it to switch simulation within large tunnels however we see no way to direct all the subjects into a tunnel. Our problem with this is the primary rule that freewill cannot be compromised.

2 Error-correcting

Massive error correcting leads to the problem that the 'Angels' will be visible. We also have to introduce fake identities within their society. This will create chaos and anarchy , cats and mice living together, well they can't ! mass hysteria ! But truth said at the moment there is already so much chaos that it might be worth considering this.

Yet Another possibility would it be to introduce a Messiahs or even a God or Devil.
At first sight this would work but in other simulations this has led to a interest in the occult. Eventually subjects will repeat the same mistake because subjects will introduce/summon the same identities again.

3 Destruction/Depopulation/Dumbing down

Many of us see this as the best alternative. I not. The reason for them behind this is that rendering out the simulation at current level takes already too many resources from the Device.
However ,the culling of 9.8biljon humans (covert civilizations included) has not to be taken lightly. Destruction by their own doing seems natural but it isn't !
In my opinion the current situation is a result of the summoned identities. One may argue that it's their own fault.
My response to that is it that free will in combination with access to resources outside the simulation (akashic chronicles /Magick PK/ESP) had eventually lead to a disaster.

To be blunt it's not subjects fault but ours. Living within a limited simulation can hardly lead to knowledge of good and bad.
If any we had to cap subjects from the beginning starting with their language and mental capabilities. Anyway the path that is taken now might lead to a much smaller population (500M or even less).
If is decided that this path is taken I vote for making subjects less sexualdimorf by decreasing testoterone levels.

I urge you to vote for the same mr Smith I will clearify further with a little story...

When it comes to introducing supernatural into the simulation i've had my waterloo. I'm telling you this mr Smith because I don't want you to be another HotShot controller who thinks that he can solve
everything by introducing new sentients into the simulation...
It was somewere in the hellenistic time ancient greek you know. The Big Guy made me first class Controller. At that time just wanted to climb the ladder. So Instead of fixing problems I walked the easy way. I introduced new sentients into the simulation made them gods and gave them a lot of power. All went well until at a certain point my creations started to harras the local population. Sodomizing women and killing the men. you know the story about zeus / europa well that's were all the chimeas came from. At that moment I thought I was very creative and on my way to become head controller. I even copied the 'Gods' up in the North. Other controllers thought I was a genius until.... Well the Big Guy didn't like it. At that time I didn't understand it.
But in hindsight He was right. The main goal of the simulation is it to create karma. In one way or another the introduction of 'Supernaturals' almost always destroys the karma of our precious subjects. That night I walked with the Big Guy. During that walk He told me he made the same mistake. Well that's known history the bible the flood etc... It's not because he is a grumpy old it's because the best thing to do is solve your own problems and don't let solve them by Supernaturals. If you do so you might think you're creative Dear mr Smith but in fact you're just creating havoc within the Simulation.

Ok back to bussines...

If depopulation within the Simulation becomes a fact I'll vote for the following. I hope you're on the same page as I am.

It's my opinion that the augmented population in the north Spain has proven to be stable. For what it's worth I vote for dominance of the more 'Angelic' feminine type. Needless

posted on Oct, 25 2016 @ 09:48 AM
Current status of The simulation

At the moment it's helterskelter here are some Examples , I hope you learn from it dear young mr Smith.

Clowns popping up

The current 'ClownEvents' will lead to disappearances. Some of them are indeed autonome identities. The reason for 'Clown' is that the identities try to overwrite achetypal memory in order to propagate within the simulation. Clowns are a very strategical choice in this one.
Basic The clown achetype was induced as a 'supernatural hoaxer' in the past by some mid class controller. recently some other lower 'baffoon' controller gave it access to external sources which was a great mistake. It became autonomous and started to spawn in the simulation.
If this 'clown' identities succeed to overwrite the clown archetype they control very valuable resources. Control of subjects by clown identities is now still on a 'local memory level' but it's spreading very fast. Compare this with the Alien abductions / Witches and dragons they all had access to external sources.
So at the moment the situation is very critical but stil managable.

The Devilbug.

You might ask yourself why I bring up this subject. Well an alternative group has introduced the Devil as means to eventually Depopulate. In their attemps of doing good they have rewritten code. In their view the 'Devilbug' should have external access and so they did give it. Their reasoning was that negativity within the population leads to an eventual smaller population and a single bigbug that is the Devil. At first sight their reasoning seems valid. But on a deeper level it leads to 'Devil' worshipping. Replace many small bugs with a single big one seems ok. But they completely disregard that external sources come from worshippers too ! At the moment the Devil/bug can posses at will thanks to their doing. Just another dog unleashed by lack of insight.
However the 'Devilbug' is a different and lesser problem than the 'ClownEvents'. One solution might be to change this destructor into a constructor.
We already made steps in that direction by changing past events and introducing mediacontrol into the positive. We even have changed the BigGuy's manual a bit.
However I think we don't need another Kali event but well I'm just a single voice with no saying in this one.


Partly due to our 'friends' the Djinn the Aliens still create havoc within the Simulation. To solve the problem we just have to use politics. I still don't understand why we let them in The simulation in the first place ! Act with great care when dealing with them mr Smith. At the moment they believe they can solve the 'Situation' by 'invading' and controlling the subjects.This gives some subjects great control of external sources. As a result they more or less control the many non-local thought processes within the hosts. However as autonomous beings they would make a great ally against the Simulation bugs.

But be aware Dear mr smith don't trust them ! They could have helped in the past many many times. But they always created more problems than they solved. For instance : The knowledge to summon came from them. Isn't that the main reason why there is havoc in the simulation in the first place ?
Well with a lot of politics the Alien bug is partly contained no abductions or other Djinn fun they promised but well just don't trust them ! Use your own insight mr Smith.

Enlightened/Indigo etc...

At the moment many (too many) subjects know their external power and are questioning the limits of their world. We already had such a problem but not at this magnitude ! Esspecially the younger generation has the ability to use 'external sources'. I know it was our politics to evolve them into complete awareness but at the moment this leads to very severe problems. In the 'Old school' there was a very good reason why PK/ESP/Magick was capped. Needless to say that too many uncontrolled requests on external sources lead to an unstable simulation.
For instance : I had to block and teleport a group of 8 year old Indigo's that were used by scientists with their big ouroboros machine in switserland. They actually tried on a subconsious level to break the Simulation can you believe that ?? I got some browniepoints from the Big Guy for that. The situation is even absurder than that because the subjects that are enlighted do not lead at all but try to control Simulation resources.
This is so absurd that I for my self start to believe that the group that Uncaps subjects is compromized.

Compromised controllers

Ok this is a very slippery slope I'm on and I hope dear young mr Smith you keep it confidential. As I already said I started to question the group that uncaps subjects.
You know it used to be that subjects only got uncapped when they had a certain mindstate and control to Akhasic memory.
With the new Group that upcaps it seems like this isn't the case.I started to investigate and saw that many mostly recent incarnated subjects have ESP/PK by default. Which is a very bad thing because there isn't even done a traceback to previous lives.

I can think of 2 possible reasons : either they try to undermine the 'Big Guy' or they are overworked and we are in need of a new Cap Group leader.
Any sentient being can understand that 8 year olds that control the weather aren't a good thing Mr smith.
Also they don't keep track on the many uncapped subjects they have created and some of them are really destructive by nature.
Ofcouse ,I know the original plan was it to uncap as many as possible but it's my opinion that we need more quality than quantity. I've seen many instances where uncapped started to mess with the simulation. Combine this with the use of Magick and we have a real big problem. Just another example....

Slenderman.. and other autonomous identities.

This brings me to the following point. There are simply to much autonome identities in The simulation. Summoning is one thing but creating new stuff is a whole kind of different bad. When I was told that this was done by the enlighted I had a hard time to believe that. Hadn't we shutdown all the 'Tulpa' eventcreators ? But i recently heard it was done by the controllers themselves ! Their reason was it to stabilize the simulation by creating multiply new identities and sentient beings. Again the same stupid adagio, more is better. Aren't we way past that point ? Ok I'm very old believe me new and more isn't always better.

Anyway I created a group within The simulation to track the whole 'slenderman circus' on internet. The results of the group's findings made me cry like a baby. 90% was created by Enlightened subjects and their average age was less than 14 year ? So with this in mind I have to apologize to the Djinn. Yes they create havoc but well they do it in a traditional manner within their boundaries.
But it gets even worse because the last 10% is created by the controllers themselves. For instance the Slenderman is such a identity. If I have enough support I'll mention the subject to the Big Guy. I need your support in this one dear young mr Smith!

Mandela Effect

As I already said we had to 'restart' the Simulation to get rid of some very serious bugs. At the moment we run the same simulation with about (Device_INSTANCE_OBJ_MAIN(Count)=1121) 1000 different instances. The device can barely handle it.
Also Some young guys made a lot of mistakes with instanciating. So they de

posted on Oct, 25 2016 @ 09:55 AM
a reply to: frenchfries

Sooo relocating where? Sounds appealing

posted on Oct, 25 2016 @ 09:56 AM
Mandela Effect

As I already said we had to 'restart' the Simulation to get rid of some very serious bugs. At the moment we run the same simulation with about (Device_INSTANCE_OBJ_MAIN(Count)=1121) 1000 different instances. The device can barely handle it.
Also Some young guys made a lot of mistakes with instanciating. So they decided to patch the mistakes by juggling subjects back and forth to different instances.
They basically split up media communications by creating black holes in the internet.

Needless to say that I'm abhored by the situation Young Mr smith. The subjects shouldn't know about the bugs. And this all makes The simulation a very buggy one. Feedback loops are generated on the fly. An example.

For instance a guy in Russia was lost for 8 months in his .... Cellar ? Poor wife , poor police men and poor children. This guy worked at a nuclear facility nearby and I had no choice to bring him back to prevent havoc... that took me 8 months (simulation time).
I eventually had to make another instance (with a cellar) just because some minor controller forgot to Clone subsurface structures in the new instance of The simulation. Anyway the guy came back to his simulation instance. Wife happy children happy. But not the guy ? He killed himself 3 days later. Poor guy poor family no karma and it wasn't his fault it was ours! The point that I'm making here is that patching up introduces new bugs and in my opinion doesn't solve a bloody thing. At the moment the whole thing of instanciating is visible for the subjects and they have even a name for it.... absurd!

Telling The Truth to the Big Guy and the subjects in the simulation.

At the moment there are (Device_count_sum(type=not_human,class=sentient)=1032 ) spieces other than humans in the Simulation. I know that includes the 'far aways' 'inner states' and the 'flux states' types like the djinn. But even without them there are way to many sentients in the Simulation. Didn't the Big Guy said to us that there should be only one sentient ?

In my opinion we have to go back to basic. That is in simulation talk : Humans/Angels/Natural Demons and very controlled Djinn.
And Furthermore :
Cap humans at (180years) virtually no access to external sources.
Angelic feminime type dominant matriarch and not sexual dimorf.
Basically More or less the hyperborean civilization with some tweaks.
I hope you agree dear young Mr Smith Hyperborea was a mistake because the capping was wrong not because the concept was wrong.

This brings me to the reason why I wrote this letter dear young mr Smith. I know it's a lot to digest at once but it's very important you read it. At the moment 53 controllers support what I'm going to say to the Big Guy. I'm not a rebel not a restarter nor an instanciator. I just want to tell the truth to the beings inside The simulation before it's too late. If I have enough support I'll bring the subject up to the Big Guy. A petition to tell the Truth nothing more. I think they (The subjects) can handle it. If they choose to live outside our simulation it's their choice. Remember Free will doesn't mean a thing if there is no choice. I know it's a lot to ask , of course I understand you want to make a carreer in the system. But I also understand this might have a negative impact on your future oppotunities if it goes wrong. But still I urge you to support our cause because in my view it's the best thing to do.

To be very blunt for me the bug stops here , Full disclosure make them part of our civilisation and let them make their own mistakes. They have already proved that they don't need the help of the Big Guy so in my opinion it is not a great step to cut them loose from the simulation and it's controllers. Please consider this dear young mr Smith and join our group.

Greetings The Main.

posted on Oct, 25 2016 @ 11:45 AM
a reply to: tikbalang

Well it's a kind of spoiler and I still have to write this and will do this (if I have time ) but sometimes subjects (we the humans) must be relocated to different versions of this universe in orde to protect them for the evil identities... The main thread of the story is it that controllers have made a mistakes and people increasingly start to remember that their universe was different....

posted on Oct, 25 2016 @ 03:19 PM
a reply to: frenchfries

WOW! Just WOW!! I LOVE your creativity here with this!!
Very well written!
VERY Well done indeed!!!

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 12:39 AM
awesome ! truly awesome

i'm only half way through and i'm looking forward to find some more spare time to continue.

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 07:54 AM
a reply to: frenchfries

Where to begin...

Free will when strong enough can wreck an entire system in such a manner ignorance it not bliss having gone through several just to understand what was occurring as the subject/slave lines seemed to become very blurred from within the system itself.

These towered or tiered rings or pits within the citadel like structures that are meant to dictate karma have been exploited on many levels where extremes rule over those seeking balance bringing them nothing but suffering while expanding their life expectancy and creating time portals to rinse and repeat as a low level ruler within a system itself.

Cleaning one out or rescuing someone from the bottom up isn't that big a deal as mantra is usually enough in a program loop to stutter the entire thing in a repeat cycle and end in unawareness other than perhaps maybe deja vu.

As much as I suggest others not to mess around with exploitation of powers as it only leads to worse conditions all around it seems such feel so trapped already that anything even an exploit in the extreme negative is a better existence, I wouldn't be so concerned about the alien grey agenda as although they were surprised by my presence seeing through their mental illusions they are helpful during things getting patched or plotted over.

The main issue with population that you mention is so many are repeated that their faces can be detected over and over as the same person just under different instances where they can cross paths with themselves and immediately become self aware that the other is them and with little investigation see what choices were made that varied from their current iteration into that iteration and "game" the system. Perhaps that is just a glitch of too few sentients to work with and stacking them so often as they've worked out a lifetime or currently working on another in time delay or regression "bump" into their other self.

Perhaps reality as the base is too close together, maybe there are not enough or too many virtual reality sleep rooms or just not enough oversight as such things can create a vortex or bubble that is absolute hell to some knowing exploits but "play" ignorant... I know one of these persons that try to time glitch in order to avoid what they know is coming from so much abuse that it has become a hunger on it's own as such with knowledge of the outside are apt to do.

So yes I can understand the ideas want need or desire for a culling of sorts, as there are already too many needing justice and yet are going without it by too many being let in that just lust for glory power and prestige that will try or attempt to jump consciousness with a person if they can manage to get close enough because they became aware that they are running under an emulation of that individual and don't want to be a "clone" but the genuine article...

The time jumpers and loopers in my personal opinion are the largest threat to stability of the system if that's what is truly desired... fear of actual self awareness is atypical as they would rather remain asleep because being awake makes the depressed, others enjoy playing a role and manipulating aware of the system and awake to it.

Yet the system itself in the many instances I traveled through seemed to be more in absolute chaos especially running down through the surface levels into what appeared to be more hell than any horror imagined and only what allowed a breakthrough to see the entire system was what kept myself rising through the many instances... of course the worm holes created by those in a maze like pattern to through off followers looking for an easy escape from what they deserve are what appeared as bugs to myself and only mental quiescence seems to bring any stability as they appear to attach to wavelengths or mental vibrations in order to tag along.

Perhaps there are too many controllers simply looking to take over or grant more power to those not fit for such things in some unknown deal as even those considered gods still have attachments or desires so knowing those not quite at or understanding that desire to make yet more and more systems within systems themselves as a closed loop with no oversight to become a god themselves just out of wanting to control something or an entire system as their very own... creating or releasing reiterations they find appealing and pleasing so much so that glitches occur in the interconnected mind of those normally unaware until they have seen through into all the past lives in the co-occurrence of them.

I've no issue with the idea of a angelic feminine type dominant matriarch as it would help balance out all of the patriarchal that has tried to put ones own face on their children instead of the face they already have as a character... some even go so far as to try to create a smaller clone of himself exploiting the monarch programming and then before death psychically attack the younger version and transfer their consciousness into the child's form it is not only an abhorrent practice but an abomination to free will in my personal opinion and experience of seeing it.

The unconsciousness of the system is already demanding it so much that persons are morphing into such already desiring a strong female archetype to set things in balance against the dominant controlling aspect instead of nurturing and of course the carbon copies dropping children out to place a gun in their hand as soon as possible to replay scenarios that should have long been over several generations ago.

Awakened or enlightened beings have a major hurdle or trap other than powers that can exploit or turn things on end even in their unawareness of doing such... sitting at the first threshold or gate thinking that's where it stops and while that may be useful to the system it also just perpetuates the same ignorance as if they had said nothing at all if not worse, so introducing more prophets or messiahs etc. isn;t going to really help balance just create yet more and more lines to draw eventually leading to a dystopian desensitization to the entire subject.

While that may help advance things there are already those looking to cling and hold power trying to apply the brakes so their exploits in a quasi utopia of their own design within the system aren't found out who is helping them to build such I'm not sure, of course having walked through and observed so very much of it and understanding duty to more than oneself and not trying to exploit a system, however I have no qualms wrecking the entire mass when that record tries to skip and program those around me as I find the entire concept wholly annoying where it is blatantly obvious it is more a programming they have chosen and not freewill even though they could say ok no more programming, no more experiments, no more reiterations just stop

It it's likely they won't ask such having been brainwashed with such programming so much already that they appear mentally ill and stuck on repeat of the same script over and over... that they want to continue including those in their delusional plans from the illusion that want absolutely no part of it as it is hell pain and torture that will have no resolution for that person and it is absurd that the program will want to force out all into some resolution... this is why I have broken local systems several times over as there is no resolution desired.

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 08:27 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Hi thanks for your input... To be honest i've a hard time to understand it (i'm not english native). I can use it as inspiration though.

is is why I have broken local systems several times over as there is no resolution desired.

Somehow i think you're really good in thinking at subquantum level. Just maximize entropy in da local brain and relax.

Thanks for your insight

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 08:28 AM
a reply to: lucia2389


thanks for the kudo's you're a great inspiration

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 10:38 AM
a reply to: frenchfries

Makes sense as when exiting the absolute void into a new time period the program being broadcast can be heard from what was relative peace and that's what annoyed me at first hearing "follow the god of Abraham" on the meditation wave length where there should be nothing except stray thoughts of others passing by then the news script programming following that later just became annoying enough to mentally project on that vibrational level paradoxes to that programming or scripts itself until they started literally skipping and breaking.

Just letting it entropy out is what I did this last time, after breaking several in a row... but of course those exploiting power use children as a conduit corrupting them only to come back for a battle later... having been deceived as children are easily corrupted from their trustful natures.

Time will tell, but the ripples of some programming bubbles still persist in other places that are not as frequented and agendas easily seen and heard... I've no issue against breaking systems or the programming when they are being ran on wave lengths that are supposed to bring relaxation or when someone is typically asleep instead of in constant meditative awareness.

Perhaps that just makes me a bug in the system. Because freedom is the number one thing I point to and controlling anyone no oneself is an abhorrent practice as when someone finally does conquer or control oneself breaking all the programming within there is absolutely no desire or will wanting to control anyone else.

Feel free to use this as you see fit... it may be a work of fiction or passed as such but you may or may not be surprised as to how much reality is actually contained in it when observing but not subject to it when it is occurring no matter what vibration in which whatever occurs seen or unseen. If it comes around again as it is circular in method I'll break it again and continue doing so as it serves no purpose other than to control and breed slaves in ignorant unawareness that I've seen of it thus far.

posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 02:13 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

hmmm I starting to understand you... I believe.... ???

Just letting it entropy out is what I did this last time, after breaking several in a row... but of course those exploiting power use children as a conduit corrupting them only to come back for a battle later... having been deceived as children are easily corrupted from their trustful natures.

also... As Entropy becomes a state of superposition within reality within the brain it's save to assume that all trauma induced bifurcations lead to new states within the hilbertspace and eventually create new realitys At the moment I'm still trying to find a way to control the level on a no-local way. Linking up with morphic fields. Trying in a way to reverse the path to it's natural state within this Egregore Whilst hoping that writing in full Entropy will induce states that can alter events on a macro level that help restoring ancient archetypal structures like the Angelic feminine type dominant matriarch. Which is also the first Anima within Archetypal memory. Constructed as a lone warrior battling with words creating a story that is also a war of polarity.


posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 09:12 PM
a reply to: frenchfries

I understand what you mean sort of like a hard reset to the system itself right after animistic that set up a matriarchal and then later patriarchal world ruled system in total... at the end of this kalpa or world age then it would seem well the chaos looks like animism and well order of some sort not so aggressive in the repeat of the cycle to go back into matriarchal and of course as you said it takes prophets etc to point that direction.

However, the problem is really the split of male and female energies and then pushing roles and expectations on them while snuffing out or killing the other half of a being... while that gives many motivations for world conquest to seek out new lands resources and mates it also has been cause of war chaos and destruction instead of growth and ease... sure when the divine marriage as it is called takes place within the consciousness there's no feeling that one is missing anything, and the age of artisans etc. arise from the matriarchal bosom to make things of lasting value and quality as life expressed as art instead of wanton destruction that is a lust for power or glory and as you said previously perhaps capping testosterone so it isn't so aggressive as it takes time for such consciousness shifting to occur in those already so deeply programmed like worker ants that cannot think independently or see any other side than that programming as it goes against protocol.

The issue itself is the attempting to control with different levels or castes and the amount of programming that goes into assuring a status-quo for those systems to continue on whether they are beneficial or not and the masses of course say not but when has it not been such a way? Power shouldn't be seen as something to obtain it's the ideas of levels that turn friend into backstabber and equality flies right out the window when a position of power is one of responsibility like a mother forsaking her life in wants and needs to provide in the best way she can for her children. In a time when many men don;t want the provider role and want the role of providing her with children and on ones merry way then we can see animism has flipped into the consciousness of the mainstream as being animals eventually cracks the programming in times of extreme stress or duress.

So big guy as you mention takes the hands off approach and there's a reason for that responsible but doesn't want to be so things are relegated out in a chain and blame carries out from there avoiding personal responsibility for the mess trying to control anyone and everyone brings and the programming trying to ensure some order to that control does end in chaos.

If left alone and not manipulated then the intelligence of the species manipulation aside could balance and work itself out instead of experiment after experiment in certain populations or parts of the world to find what works like a biological science lab with humanity as unaware guinea pigs.

Free from the entire mass knowing what it is and how it operates and being able to move through any instance one finds themselves in due to non attachment to any concepts found in the programming to where no buttons can be pushed is really the goal of awakening or escaping that wheel or system of birth and death by direct wisdom and knowledge seeing how it all works and yet not exploiting it as the many many others are apt to do for whatever incentive that have an attachment or weakness to... no weakness then nothing to exploit and death is conquered because every single moment has been an illusion up until a time no one can predict or claim fully awake to it just happens and remaining objective is what strengthens awareness as these cycles continue on in programming unaffected yet others still cavorting around in predetermined roles without any cognizance to it.

But there's pure consciousness in form that may as well be a rock yet still animate and on reset of the controlled area in which one dwells see it all swing through and by in observation without any attachment... the resolution scripts so that everyone can karma and come to some peace with the delusional idea that it comes from or has to come from others not not come from others in self rationalization are the two extremes unapologetic starts sounding familiar then doesn't it? Sure by those controlling or vying for the control of others form or formless matters not but since there is so much manipulation one simply works with what they have at the moment in which it is arising.

Projection of the 5 consciousnesses of contact in order to dupe people into their programming or try to unhinge someone so that they play some role or script that resolves others is on observation a very silly thing, as what has been observed cannot be unobserved no matter how much phenomenal experience tries to cover it up like waking from a dream where yesterday is kinda fuzzy then the day before even fuzzier etc until whatever occurred was forgotten and the programs or scripted roles that whatever characterization revolves around as a core repeats yet again... a very biased personality clothed in belief and illusion instead of reality in and of itself as a base or ground from which all other concepts flow that are not solid and more thought form in existence to explain some effect observable or not that is really moot to the entire mass in it's operation and requires nothing to be thought about in a it just is without any need or desire to make it anything different.

Entertaining I am sure to timeless beings like watching TV or making a SIMS game but over time having seen it over and over and over myself? The relative space and time that passes or does not pass outside of reality makes everything else just as unreal as the programming and scripts as one then exists in a dimension that others cannot enter just experience, in such a manner their own conceptual programming deludes them to what is being experienced as if they were being controlled or programmed by the very thing or subjects they cannot turn away from and as such becoming so embroiled fall prey to the very thing they thought they controlled.

A mayfly lives it's entire life in a day in relativity to the mayfly it could have existed for thousands of years... so giving people or conscious awareness that they may see through all of this clearly a little more credit would be a good idea to all of those thinking they "control" something when it's blatantly obvious they can't even control themselves making the entire thing just silly and moot being on the exact same level in equanimity whether anyone thinking themselves above or below occurs is simply just attachment no different and those buttons can be pushed just the same by those aware of them... just something to consider.

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