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The Corporate NWO: Research Project

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posted on Jan, 24 2005 @ 12:44 PM
Call for researchers.

Description: An investigation of the NWO corporate takeover.

Goals: To identify the financial powers behind the NWO corporate takeover; describe the targets and strategies; provide a history, status report and impact assessment for each component of the NWO strategy; and identify defenses and counter-strategies.

Purpose: To educate; block the takeover; change the world.

CHALLENGE: To complete the project before the USA, Canada and Mexico finalize negotiations for the corporate takeover of North America and cement the deal under international law.

The summary below sketches several key topics, and misses a few - researchers can pick one or more areas and propose additions. Key components will have separate threads, to include 1) a summary explanation, 2) history, 3) status, 4) impacts, and 5) counter-strategies and defense. A draft project outline with references and notes will follow. Please email me (soficrow) if you're interested in the project.


The NWO is a business plan - developed by the ruling banker-financier families of the Old World Order (OWO). It's all about money. The goal: Regain market share (the control) that the OWO lost when the political and scientific revolutions began in the 1700's. Main NWO strategies include: restructuring; mergers; takeovers; and marketing (population control). Predatory practices include population destabilization. Like all good business plans, the NWO is a flexible, responsive multi-pronged program.

NWO Program Highlights:

1) Destabilize political and scientific revolutions by any means necessary to prevent "competition" from developing to maturity (late 1700's to present);
2) Modify corporate law to allow incorporation by licensing without king's charters, keeping corporations legally equal to nations but with greater immunities, and harmonizing laws internationally (1850 to present);

3) Appropriate, modify, control and market "science" for population control as an alternative to religion, which was failing under scientific scrutiny (eg., 1850, Herbert's introduction to Social Darwinism - to present);
4) Establish Social Darwinism academically as applied science to "scientifically" explain the existence of the ruling classes, and justify population control and depopulation measures (early 1900's, university Eugenics programs - later, sociology - 1950's, Eugenics repackaged as genetics - to present);

5) In tandem with Eugenics, destabilize democratic populations by spreading slow-acting debilitating infectious disease (eg., early 1900's, fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD) - to present);
6) Control research, medicine and insurance industry to a) hide FMD's existence, b) block early diagnosis and preventive treatments, c) profit from treating secondary symptoms, and thus d) neutralize voters economically and politically (eg, early 1900's, forced dissolution of workers insurance cooperatives - to present);
7) Misrepresent FMD's various symptoms "scientifically" as different "genetic weaknesses" to justify, promote and legislate Eugenics programs for population control and depopulation (eg., early 1900's, US Eugenics and Immigration legislation - 1930's, Nazi euthanasia and concentration camp legislation - to present);
8) Manufacture and release infectious organisms, chemicals, compounds and contaminants identified by early research and later Nazi experiments as causing FMD to mutate and progress (early 1900's to present);
9) Block research and movements to regulate contamination of food, water and air (eg., US Environmental Genome Project, established 1997, neutralized 2001);
10) Encourage and develop prejudices about race, intelligence, ability and other characteristics to market eugenics-genetics to general population, and to support 'divide and conquer' strategies (early 1900's to present);

11) Market the corporate takeover strategy to the general population by glorifying 'rags-to-riches stories,' replace the dominant political-revolutionary culture with business culture, make predatory values commonplace and acceptable (early 1900's to present);
12) Take over democracies one step at a time by incorporating government departments and agencies (eg., 1914, Federal Reserve - to present);
13) Coopt, take over, or sabotage international agencies created to block NWO strategies (eg., mid-1900's, the United Nations, World Bank, World Health Organization, etc. - to present);
14) Merge nations with corporations through trade agreements, blur the lines between the two, and cement nation-corporation equality under international law (eg., 1989, NAFTA);
15) Restructure nations as corporations, replace monarchs and other heads of state with hired executives, reduce rights of citizenship to noncontrolling shareholder status (eg., 1989, United States of America, Inc.);

16) Modify FMD destabilization program to depopulation program, accelerate effects - reserve protection, diagnosis and treatment for the chosen elite (now ongoing);
17) Create synthetic crises to distract peoples' attention from the real attack (ongoing, eg., communism, the Cold War, terrorism);
18) Chosen elite to survive, re-establish OWO as NWO ruling class (ongoing).

NWO Program Glitches:

1) FMD is now out of control - it has spread to infect people, animals, plants and other infectious organisms around the world - and continues to mutate. Eg., FMD infects nearly 100% of Americans by adulthood, causing a variety of physical disabilities and mental dysfunctions and eventually, killing by heart attack, cancer or stroke.

The underlying infectious agent is obviously an infectious prion protein (similar to the prion that causes 'mad cow' disease) - in its basic form, the FMD-strain prion causes actin proteins in connective tissue stem cells to mis-fold into "a-smooth muscle actin" (a-SMA), and then slowly destroy cells and tissue - BUT - because proteins work by a 'lock and key' mechanism, and because every form of life has actin proteins, the disease can cross cell, tissue, species and kingdom barriers, create new strains, and spread to infect all life on the planet. ...Whatever was done to create FMD broke some kind of natural barrier. Pollution and environmental contamination keep the planet out of balance ecologically - and stops the natural prion barrier from re-forming.

* The NWO ruling class is covered for treatments and cure - but hopes are now slim that a naturally immune servant class will emerge - representatives likely will be chosen by function from each working-professional class for treatment and survival.
* Domestic and wild animals are infected world wide, contributing to what some scientists call the "Sixth Mass Extinction" - as with humans, no animal populations are emerging with natural or developed immunities. Ditto for plants and other lifeforms. The NWO is pinning its hopes on genetically modified clones.

2) Climate change.
3) Developing and accelerating geophysical instabilities.
4) Fresh water depletion.

* The NWO is concerned only with class survival and control - it assumes rightly that after a series of catastrophes and a period of transition, the earth will regain her equilibrium and balance. In the meantime, the NWO is looting the planet and building its coffers to ensure that it's in control when the dust settles.


A number of counter-movements around the world are actively fighting the NWO program on various fronts. NWO defenses include distraction, redirection and 'divide and conquer' strategies. As a result, counter-movements are isolated as 'special interest' groups, weakened, and lacking coordination. Directed research, education and fully informed counter-strategies have the power to unite counter-movements, and make them more effective.

(c) Lanie Patrick, 2004. Open Access terms. (Edited from published articles, unpublished papers and correspondence.)

FOLLOWING: DRAFT PROJECT OUTLINE, with explanatory notes and references.


posted on Jan, 24 2005 @ 01:15 PM
1. Who is behind the Corporate NWO?

The banker-financier families of the Old World Order (OWO) - historically, the world’s real rulers. Monarchs like kings and emperors, or tyrants and corporations are just fronts for the real powers 'behind the thrones.'

History Highlights.

For millenia, a few banking families controlled the world by owning monarchs’ debts – they’re not royalty but they controlled royalty, and the world, by keeping kings in debt. They use money – through debt – to manipulate nations and policy. Their own money and power are passed along by inheritance. Besides accumulating wealth and controlling the world, their supreme goal is to preserve the family line and fortune – and their lineages go back farther than written Western history. They were in Jerusalem in 1 A.D., bankrolling the moneylenders Christ threw out of the temple. One family appeared in the Caucasus around 1400. They controlled Europe by the 1500’s. Throughout history they have appeared, like magic, whenever and wherever a civilization leaped forward from a tribal state. They come to make kings – and they make kings to make money. Financing war is their bread and butter. By creating debt for wars, they ensure that most profits from most human activity end up in their own pockets.

(c) Lanie Patrick, 2004. Open Access terms.

Names may include Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs – there is a bloodline hierarchy, and newcomers are lower on the ladder. Frontline puppets are distinguished from puppeteers, who are blood relatives of OWO/NWO ruling-families.

Note: The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) needs special attention: It was created by a group of British, American, German and Japanese businessmen and incorporated around 1930 – government officials from each of these nations signed the incorporation papers, which stipulated that the BIS would keep its deposits even if the signatory nations went to war – and then the BIS financed Britain, Germany, America and Japan in WWII. The UN and World Bank were created to replace the BIS, which was supposed to be dissolved – but never was.

2. What are the NWO’s main goals?

The NWO is a power-play by the OWO to re-establish their rule, and re-create feudal-manorial-type hierarchies that were “disrupted” by democracy:

a. To re-establish the power and control the OWO enjoyed before democracy appeared - and once again, secure the lion's share of the profits from everything;
b. To destroy 1) Democracy's credibility as a legitimate form of government; and 2) Ordinary peoples’ ambitions to govern themselves and their own affairs.

3. How are the goals being accomplished?

The NWO is business, hardball – so the main strategy is:

A. Neutralize the Competition.

A.1. TARGET: Democratic Nationhood.


A.1.1. Modify corporate law to firmly establish corporations as legally equal to nations, independent of kings' charters, and preserve quasi-governmental privileges and immunities. ...Replace monarchs with Chief Executive Officers (CEO's) and create a 'corporate nobility.' Ie., Position executives to replace aristocrats, and corporations to replace nations. Market the NWO as meritocracy over aristocracy.

History Highlights.

“Corporations” existed as legal “entities” before feudal times - and were used as fronts by the OWO. Kings granted corporate charters giving corporations power equal to the monarchy when they operated outside national boundaries. Generally, corporations were used by nations for colonization, to harvest slaves and natural resources and etc. Corporate holdings were protected by the King’s military, but the corporations had no social responsibilities and kept most of the profits. However, the monarch held final control: he could take whatever profits he wanted and/or revoke the corporation's charter.

Several things occurred in the 1700's that threatened the OWO's ultimate control:

1. A king appropriated all the profits from a corporation's trust fund - an alarming precedent that opened the door for other monarchs to do the same.
2. Scientific discoveries were bringing Biblical claims into question, and threatening to topple the system the OWO used for control - while the OWO used kings to control money and funnel profits to them, it used religion to control people, mainly by claiming that kings had a 'divine right' to rule - new science was questioning the very foundations of this claim.
3. Revolutions were happening around the world and monarchies were falling everywhere. The American and French Revolutions were just the tip of the iceberg.
4. The USA created its own independent monetary system - another threat and alarming precedent.

All of these things motivated the OWO to re-position, regroup, plan for change - and develop the corporate NWO strategy.

(c) Lanie Patrick, 2004. Open Access terms.

In 1812, Thomas Jefferson saw the writing on the wall:

“I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country.”

Thomas Jefferson, 1812

But Jefferson was fighting a losing battle - by 1850, Ohio and Wisconsin had introduced 'general incorporation' legislation - and a simple license fee provided corporate sanctuary. In 1862, the UK Companies Act created general incorporation laws in England's United Kingdom. As the Rothschild Brothers of London wrote in a communiqué to associates in New York June 25, 1863:

“The few who understand the system, will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending... will bear its burden without complaint, and perhaps without suspecting that the system is inimical to their best interests.”

Rothschild Brothers of London communiqué to associates in New York June 25, 1863

Lincoln understood the implications:

“I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. ...corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”

Abraham Lincoln, 1864

By 1914, the US Federal Reserve was under NWO control, incorporated in Delaware as the “Federal Reserve Association,” a privately held “nonprofit religious” entity, File No. 0042817...

Today, a corporation is an “entity” that has the same rights as an individual, the rights of nationhood - and many immunities. It does not have the same responsibilities or accountability as individuals or nations do. For example, corporations can’t be sent to jail, are not required to hold democratic elections, and are not bound by international treaties like the Geneva Conventions.

In the OWO, banker-financiers ruled the world through nobles and monarchs; in the NWO, corporations front for the bankers. Either way, the ruling financier families run the world.

...Without intending it, the mid-nineteenth century reformers unleashed the immortal, omni-competent corporation. ...(the) “revolutionary” effect: wealth accumulation and concentration. What made general incorporation revolutionary was the understanding of how the limited liability company with its quasi-governmental privileges and immunities could store and shelter wealth.

Of interest.

* The Company: A Short History of a Revolutionary Idea
* The Ambiguous Significance of Corporate Personhood
* The End Of History For Corporate Law
* Citizens over Corporations
* The Corporation page/56752/The_Corporation.pdf
* The Transnational Corporation in History: Lessons for Today?
* 100-Plus Books About Corporations: A Reading List
* articles list

The next stage in establishing the 'system' referred to in the Rothschild memo involves incorporating nations and government agencies - however, unlike corporations, nations are bound by treaties and other constraints of nationhood, with few of the freedoms or immunities that private corporations have.

A.1.2. ...Incorporate democratic nations, government agencies and departments as "corporate entities." This “levels the playing field.” A nation that is a corporate entity is legally ‘equal’ to other corporations under international law – rather than legally ‘sovereign’ by virtue of nationhood. … The “rights of citizenship” left to individual voters are empty – roughly equivalent to having a noncontrolling stockholder’s vote.

The United States of America was incorporated in 1989, as was the Social Security, Department of Health, Education and Welfare, for example. Since the Federal Reserve was incorporated in 1914, numerous government agencies and departments have been made into corporations, one at a time.

See: “The government is a corporation, and registered in the State of Delaware.”

Verify claims at:
(Please look at the end of the first paragraph: "click here for status on the web." From there, at the end of the first paragraph click on "to receive a status inquiry on line, CLICK HERE." That takes you to 'General Information Name Search.' You must use the incorporated name. The search box in the top bar does NOT retrieve results.)

Also see:
Post Number: 1006246

NOTE: Investigate Canada and Mexico's corporate status, especially "Team Canada, Inc." (TCI). TCI is pitched as a support to Canadian export, incorporates nearly 20 government of Canada departments and agencies under one mother corporation - and may be other than it seems.

A.1.3. Secure corporate rights and the right to trade and profit under international law; block equivalent international legislation for individual civil liberties and rights, human rights, etc.

NOTE: Review international corporate and trade law, especially NAFTA, CAFTA, FTAA; compare to individual protections. Provide Explanation, History, Status, Impacts, Defense.

A.1.4. Ensure that economically powerful front corporations exist as proxies for formal negotiations between nations and NWO ruling families.

* Of the 100 largest economies in the world, 51 are corporations while only 49 are countries;

* The world's top 200 corporations account for over a quarter of economic activity on the globe while employing less than one percent of its workforce.

* Between 1983 and 1999, the profits of the Top 200 firms grew 362.4 percent, while the number of people they employ grew by only 14.4 percent.

* A full 5 percent of the Top 200s' combined workforce is employed by Wal-Mart, a company notorious for union-busting and widespread use of part-time workers to avoid paying benefits.

* U.S. corporations dominate the Top 200, with 82 slots (41 percent of the total). Japanese firms are second, with only 41 slots.

* Of the U.S.corporations on the list, 44 did not pay the full standard 35 percent federal corporate tax rate during the period 1996-1998. Seven of the firms (including the world's largest, General Motors) actually paid less than zero in federal income taxes in 1998 (because of rebates).

NOTE: The really big boys hide their real assets - and most of the world’s wealth is privately held and hidden from view. This chart shows only those corporations classified as “publicly held,” subject to taxation and positioned to negotiate directly with nations.

A.1.5. Increase nations' debt burdens – and thus, power to control policy and to appropriate the fruits of taxation and national resources.

Eg., Thanks to the Iraq war, the US national debt jumped to $8.2 trillion by November of 2004. Interest payments on the US National Debt are now larger than some county's economies.

US National Debt Interest Payments:

$ 120,248,160,823.07 (over $120 billion for October, November and December, the first 3 months of Fiscal Year 2005)
$ 321,566,323,971.29 (in 2004)
Also see: The Shrinking US Dollar

A.1.6. Dismantle existent national protections for civil liberties, constitutional rights, etc.; change, modify or bypass other protections.

Investigate and evaluate all new laws etc. - esp. anti-terrorist and "security" legislation, personal bankruptcy laws, constraints on civil litigation, esp. environmental protections, etc.
LINK - bush breaks law

A.1.7. Restructure National Militaries. Use national militaries primarily for training and domestic policing. Funnel major military expenditures to private security corporations, use for government funded corporate colonization and protection. Note: Private corporations are not subject to constraints imposed on nations-militaries through the Geneva Conventions, international treaties etc.

Background. Worth reading, verifying and developing:

Executive Outcomes is the mercenary arm of a vast network of British-South African corporations dealing in gold, diamonds, and oil, primarily, but not exclusively, in Africa, that come under the umbrella of Strategic Resources Corporation, headquartered in Pretoria, South Africa. Described universally as an "advance guard of a corporate network that includes mining, oil, and construction companies," Executive Outcomes is active in 13 African countries, including Uganda. For its services, it demands a lien or franchise on the exportable raw resources, particularly mineral wealth, of the client country--in the same fashion as the British East India Company of the 18th and 19th centuries, which in turn functioned as the "advance guard" of the British monarchy.

...Executive Outcomes was incorporated offshore, on the Isle of Man, in 1993, by Anthony Buckingham, a British businessman, and Simon Mann, a former British officer, the [Observer] reported, based on a leak to it from British intelligence. Buckingham is also chief executive of Heritage Oil and Gas, which in turn is linked to the Canadian firm Ranger Oil. Other firms operating out of the same headquarters in Chelsea Plaza 107, London, include Branch International Ltd. and Branch Mining Ltd.

...The links between Executive Outcomes and Ranger Oil point to operational ties with the Bronfman family of Canada, whose scion, Edgar Bronfman of Toronto Broncorp, sits on the board of directors of Ranger. Recently, the Bronfman family merged its mammoth real estate firm, Trizec, with Barrick Gold, whose senior advisory board includes George Bush.

...The ability of Executive Outcomes to thrive as privatized warlords, it is believed, is in part due to the privatization of U.S. intelligence services by George Bush, who, as vice president, beginning in 1981, carried out Executive Order 12333, which placed all U.S. intelligence operations under Bush's personal control.

...Evidence points to Executive Outcomes being a direct and likely the biggest spin-off of the British Special Air Services (SAS), formed in 1941 by the late Lt. Col. David Stirling. ...The SAS lies outside the British government's official military structure, and is accountable to the Sovereign Queen only. According to the British Army handbook, the SAS--similar to EO today--is “particularly suited, trained, and equipped for counter-revolutionary operations,”' specializing in “sabotage,” “assassination,” as well as “liaison with organization, training, and control of friendly guerrilla forces operating against the common enemy.”

Also see: "New Espionage Branch Delving Into CIA Territory"

more to follow....

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