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Quantum artificial intelligence could lead to super-smart machines

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posted on Oct, 22 2016 @ 11:10 PM
This is just more evidence of a Quantum Mind. It's funny how these things start to come full circle. When Artificial Intelligent Machines are equipped with a quantum mind, they will mimic human consciousness in a very profound way. They will become much smarter than humans and they will be equipped with things like intuition.

Quantum effects could be the key to unlocking the mystery.

Quantum physics has some spooky, anti-intuitive effects, but it could also be essential to how actual intuition works, at least in regards to artificial intelligence.

In a new study, researcher Vedran Dunjko and co-authors applied a quantum analysis to a field within artificial intelligence called reinforcement learning, which deals with how to program a machine to make appropriate choices to maximize a cumulative reward. The field is surprisingly complex and must take into account everything from game theory to information theory.

Dunjko and his team found that quantum effects, when applied to reinforcement learning in artificial intelligence systems, could provide quadratic improvements in learning efficiency, reports Exponential improvements might even be possible over short-term performance tasks. The study was published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

"This is, to our knowledge, the first work which shows that quantum improvements are possible in more general, interactive learning tasks," explained Dunjko. "Thus, it opens up a new frontier of research in quantum machine learning."

Again, Quantum Biology shows us that we have a Quantum Mind. To me, this is plain to see because there's no reason why nature wouldn't prevent the human brain from using quantum coherence to give the human species a HUGE advantage. Dr. Hameroff said:

“If a tomato or rutabaga can utilize quantum coherence at warm temperature, why can't our brains?” Hameroff said.

That pretty much sums it up. People want to bar human conscious from quantum mechanics because it opens the door to everything from life after death to Twin Telepathy because of things like superposition and entanglement. The article goes on to say this:

One of the key quantum effects in regards to learning is quantum superposition, which potentially allows a machine to perform many steps simultaneously. Such a system has vastly improved processing power, which allows it to compute more variables when making decisions.

The research is tantalizing, in part because it mirrors some theories about how biological brains might produce higher cognitive states, possibly even being related to consciousness. For instance, some scientists have proposed the idea that our brains pull off their complex calculations by making use of quantum computation.

Not if but when machine intelligence is given a quantum mind and can use things like superposition to make decisions, it will make machines self aware. It really doesn't matter if they're self aware in the same way humans are self aware because they will be able to mimic human self awareness to the point where that question is moot.

I remember writing about this years ago. This study said the same thing:

Your Android phone (or iPhone, if that's how you roll) is an impressive machine, with computing speeds and storage capacities thousands of times those of desktop PCs from only years ago. If Moore's Law holds up, your smart watch may outshine today's phones the way today's phones eclipse old PCs.

But no matter how powerful these machines become, they may never develop true intelligence if we continue to rely on conventional computing technology. According to the authors of a paper published in the journal Physical Review X last July, however, adding a dash of quantum mechanics could do the trick.

That's not to say you'd need to make a full-blown quantum computer to build a truly intelligent machine - only part of an otherwise classical computer would need to be supplemented with a bit of quantum circuitry. That's good because progress toward developing a stand-alone quantum computer has been about as slow as the progress toward artificial intelligence. Combining artificial intelligence systems with quantum circuitry could be the recipe we need to build the HAL 9000s and R. Daneel Olivaws of the future ,


You will have machines that have a higher I.Q. than human beings, that can process information it takes a human a year to go over in a month and it will make decisions and reach conclusions in a similar way that we do.

The sad thing is, this is a case of materialism standing in the way of scientific exploration. There should be more research dollars looking into
researching the Quantum Mind. The fact is, everything that doesn't fit a materialistic worldview is blindly rejected. The current paradigmn is consciousness must have magically emerged from the material brain and that should be the end of the story even though there's not a shred of evidence to support this notion it must be the case.
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posted on Oct, 22 2016 @ 11:57 PM
a reply to: neoholographic

This probably isnt a very good reply to this great post, Op. But I felt the need to say it any way. We need to go quantum for advancement, and in order to keep up with our Frankenstein, We need to augment our own quantum brain. I assume it's mostly the same principle, With a bit of biology tossed in and both technologies should come along at the same time.

posted on Oct, 23 2016 @ 12:03 AM
a reply to: neoholographic
How does quantum mechanics open the door to life after death or telepathy?

Everything uses quantum mechanics, a tomato, a rutabaga and ourselves. What we see is because of quantum mechanics, understanding it will not make what we see disappear.
Newton being wrong about gravity doesn't mean that we can fly.

Levels of consciousness that we can test are higher in animals with better brains. That's a shred of evidence.

I agree that we should study all this however. There's always more to learn but the idea that we can confirm ancient superstitions with future technology is silly. Granted, that may be the case however there isn't a shred of evidence to believe that.

posted on Oct, 23 2016 @ 12:53 PM
a reply to: Krahzeef_Ukhar

You said:

How does quantum mechanics open the door to life after death or telepathy?

Easy, because of quantum entanglement, nonlocality and superposition. This is because a quantum mind wouldn't be bound by spacetime or cause and effect and all sorts of things we label Psi, which have mountains of evidence supporting it, would be easily explained. Here's some great videos from Institute of Noetic Sciences and Radin recently had a paper published in Physics Essays about the minds effect on the wave function during the double slit experiment. These videos go over some of the evidence.

Here's an example that could easily be explained if we have a quantum mind. I was watching TV and a memory of a friend from high school popped into my head. I haven't seen this friend since high school. Later that day, I bumped into that same friend at the store.

When things like this occur people usually just explain them away as a coincidence but with a quantum mind it's much more. I could simply be having the memory of my high school friend before I bump into him at the store.

So 98% of the time, I will bump into someone at the store or somewhere else that I haven't seen in awhile and then have a memory about that person. Because of the nature of quantum mechanics, in some instances. this happens in reverse and I have the memory first before I actually bump into my friend.

This could also explain deja vu. If a memory pops into your head that's unfamiliar, your brain can just filter this out. Say it's a room you're going to be in the next day. The next day when you walk into that room, you have a feeling that you have been there before because you had the memory of going into the room before you actually went in the room.

The reason I remembered the memory of my high school friend because my brain didn't filter out those memories because it recognized my friend vs. the memory of the room which the brain filtered out.

Again, all of these things would easily be explained by the Quantum Mind because the Quantum Mind isn't bound by spacetime and the order of events like the classical brain.

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