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Warning: Wikileaks May Have Just Been Hacked By NSA

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posted on Oct, 24 2016 @ 05:12 AM
yup, i think your right

theres evidence enough to at least think they are compromised

the tweets are not "wikileaksy" the "takes his fist and his fight to battle god" tweet about the death of macfayden
the "We have a suprise in store for Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile" never happened

seems like the hillary campaign or even the nsa have taken over the emails and selecting the less harmful ones and posting those

from the beginning wikileaks promised us major bombshells, although there were a few good ones, they didnt deliver
it went from "o goody" emails to disappointing instead of the promised worse and worse ones

anyway, my 2 cents

posted on Oct, 25 2016 @ 09:05 AM
a reply to: IAMTAT

I just wanted to note somewhere that as of this posting there is no Wikileaks PodestaEmail relase #18.

By this time of day, up to this point, every other day since the initial release, there has been a release of additional Podesta emails.

I do not know if this signifies anything or not, but I wanted to make note of it on the off chance it does.

There are lots or rumors flying regarding Assange and Wikileaks, and this election cycle has seen things generally reserved for James Bond or Dan Brown movies.


Adding that there is now a new release, thread here.

edit on 25-10-2016 by jadedANDcynical because: link to new thread added

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