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ATS front page Political hijack. A return to civil discourse and all good things ATS..?

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posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 05:48 AM
BRING BACK THE DOOM PORN!!!!!! I mean it is still better than all the politicAl rhetoric right? At least it made for a good laugh as opposed to the out right sadness that this election cycle keeps plopping in our laps.

Oh and burn the witch and dump the trump! Couldn't help but makes this politicAl every one is doing it these days.....


P.s. whoooo hoo first to page 2!
edit on 21-10-2016 by crimsongod21 because: Should be obvious

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 08:58 PM
Hello again.

You know, for much of my life and most certainly since after 9, 11, 2001 (911), I've devoted an inordinate amount of time and energy dedicated to manning the fort, holding open the gate, climbing the wall, whatever you want to call it, standing bravely like a lighthouse on the edge of the shoals of destruction.. (that works), with bulging eyes, concerned, painfully concerned even, all the while desperately trying, somehow to thread the eye in the needle if only for the sake of my own good-natured sense of humor, mirth and charm. It's serious business. Because it's not just me, but I'm sure a lot of your guys too. On the wall, like some sort of harbinger or watchman, for years and years for the sake both of my own sanity, and yours since it at some level impinges on all of us and concerns us all, to one degree or another.

That's hard work! Can you imagine the amount of energy expended? Well, you know, or many or most of you do, what I'm talking about.

I am an dire need of a break. A holiday. And by God I deserve it.

But you cannot safely and confidently climb down the wall until you know it's "safe" to do so, and carry on happily and joyfully with all the "contrast" in the world that a good soul could ever need to be truly happy, by comparison.

It' all available and it's all up in the air, because the keepers of the flame dropped the ball, and they don't even know what they are doing. We lead them by our insight and imagination, and hey if it's compelling, why not? Anything that makes sense in the midst of an insane world is surely welcome?!

So I've chosen to have faith in my fellow man, and to hold to an entirely optimistic viewpoint even in the face of great adversities, if only because it's the only reasonable position to take in the final analysis, at the end of the day, when the fat lady sings.. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! (I'll do anything to put this mess behind us all, anything).

Everything that's absurd and deserves to be made light of, including ourselves, as needed, is the beginning of wisdom and the opportunity to play and to create something together, something novel, not yesterday or even two minutes ago.

It may all seem like a hopeless task, trying to like Hercules, carry the weight of the world upon your shoulders, but, to the degree that we are able to have courage and be persistent and have faith, hope and love for one another, and take a firm stand in the face of unrighteousness, we have a share in the portion of the one who really DID carry the whole load, making our own bearable in the process, but when we take up our cross and the world cross, together, then we also have an equal share in the inheritance of the abundance of simply put, everything that's worth living for, or even as needed dying to uphold, but oh to live again and get the last laugh on the other side of the ordeal and both share it and hold it in reserve for the sake and cause of love - in Him who blazed the trail, we too may overcome the world.

But there's more.

The omegapoint of the noosphere. We have that going for us also now.

There's nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come, no matter how long we might have had to wait for it, and once the heart and mind changes shape it can never go back to its original configuration.

Language, meaning and context, are decisive.

So that's my hope and prayer, that people will take the time to really stop and recognize (re cognize) their own inherent responsibility for changing the world for good or for ill, and when we reach the magnitude of what that really means and signifies, we are simultaneously regretful or repentant for the amount of time and energy that we wasted.

It therefore becomes imperative that we engage in and enter into a type of participatory eschatology, to bring about the end of the world as we know it and have known it, with an idea and a fundamental impulse to create and to love, both ourselves and our fellow man, and together enjoy the domain of limitless possibility that we really stand in as our true condition.

That's good news!

It takes many forms, often humor, but eventually "word gets around" (all those with ears to hear let them hear lol).

The good news of the coming of the kingdom of heaven is that it's always available as a possibility, so whether we like it or not we're already involved in a "participatory eschatology" (end of the world as we know it), for good or for ill, because we are either a part of the problem or the solution, either/or, and every human interaction contains within itself the opportunity to learn or to teach.

The eschaton.

Gold help us all! Bring it! We need all the help we can get.

And we are it, already always for good or for ill yet forgiven in our repentence, oh what are we to do?

That's all I'm asking people to do, is just to STOP, and start anew. (hey that rhymed)

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 09:33 PM
..Once the election is over.

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 09:39 PM

originally posted by: AnkhMorpork
..Once the election is over.

Lol! I should have seen that coming!

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 10:01 PM
I really think they have entirely too many subforums that deviate from what conspiracy actually is in ATS. Maybe a lone, highly moderated politics forum in BTS (aka off-topic) would be sufficient, and leave one in the conspiracy section for ACTUAL CONSPIRACIES in politics.

For a site that continually bills itself as a CT site, it's tanking hard at it. There comes a point where you spread yourselves too thin and cater to too much as a forum. And take a massive quality hit as a result. This is like Reddit's "special" sibling in terms of quality anymore.

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 10:24 PM

originally posted by: angeldoll

originally posted by: AnkhMorpork
..Once the election is over.

Lol! I should have seen that coming!

Ha! Made you laugh! That's a start, so the thesis still holds.

: D

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