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Clinton: Alien Invasion, Project Firesign? and More...

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posted on Oct, 23 2016 @ 01:52 PM

originally posted by: GoShredAK
Maybe this explains the purpose of chemtrails? They could prepping the sky, possibly creating a layer that will work as a screen?

very interesting idea

posted on Oct, 23 2016 @ 01:56 PM

originally posted by: Witness2008
exception of suite 420 at the Potomac address.

See my other post. If you google the ph #, it brings up the suite 420 address in

posted on Oct, 23 2016 @ 02:31 PM
Why does this document go from a seemingly routine and ordinary study on voters and then take a left turn into Firesign and Red Dawn in the last two pages?

The FIRESIGN scenario is that of an invading extraterrestrial force of nearly incomprehensible scale (massive floating cities descending, god-sized “walkers” among the clouds with terrifying weapons, wheels of fire and eyes, etc.). This phenomena, when activated will bring electoral and social systems to a halt and, in afflicted areas, will permit a narrative wherein POTUS is able to “Call a halt” to the invasion and then “hand over the torch” to Clinton, providing a basic continuity of state.

Adding this to the recent Tom DeLong stuff about "big things are coming" and "#sekretmachines" ... it's a little weird.

posted on Oct, 23 2016 @ 04:24 PM

originally posted by: MarkOfTheV
Why does this document go from a seemingly routine and ordinary study on voters and then take a left turn into Firesign and Red Dawn in the last two pages?

Follow the logic. They want to find what will deter Trump voters from going to the polls. They survey LVs (likely voters) and find that, unlike Hillary voters, Trump voters are not easily discouraged. They escalate the severity of the possible interruptions. Trump voters are only more determined to vote, until they find one thing that seems potent enough to deter them: attack by extraterrestrials. Frankly, I was surprised that they would stay home for that one.

But now they finally have something, as crazy as it may be. They just have to make it "happen."

I don't think that it was ever taken seriously by the recipients as a recommendation, but that's hardly what scares me about this document. The fact that they could discuss things like receiving**and distributing** sshipments of a deadly virus (!), importing Muslims for the express purpose of imposing sharia intimidation, and attacking us psychologically, all to prevent a guy they don't like from being president, it is just horrifying. The part where they list a risk "Loss of property (& life)" as if life is just an afterthought.

In fact I would not be surprised if there are similar reports talking about how best to take Trump out. Because why go to all the trouble of those horror scenarios, when you can just shoot the guy?

But what I find heartening is how they know we will fight back. Law enforcement "will not roll over." The Second Amendment is working!

posted on Oct, 23 2016 @ 04:37 PM
a reply to: lindalinda

Saw that. Thanks

posted on Oct, 23 2016 @ 07:36 PM

originally posted by: nobunaga
as much as i would like to see this seem legit, its already been debunked on reddit

the symbol for the company is way off.

They've used it before. It could be they use it for certain divisions. Reddit says they redesigned their logo last year, but it takes time for people to update their graphics and stationery. A lot of people in my experience resist updating their files.

the address goes to an office building with no link to beneson.

Google the phone number. shows that address, same suite number.

we called the phone number and asked if they had an address there and was told absolutely not

this is an elaborate hoax...

firesign is firesign theatre. its a comedy group that joked around about alien invasion

Plot[edit] Everything You Know Is Wrong employs the Firesign Theatre's signature surreal playwriting. It is ostensibly produced and narrated by "Happy" Harry Cox, who runs the recording studio "Nude Age Enterprises" from his mobile home in a nudist trailer park located in the fictional town of Hellmouth, California (surrounded by the towns of Hooker and Heater). The original LP album is not divided into tracks; side one (20:45) begins with Cox introducing "another in his series of mind-breaking records" with a reverberating montage of his latest revelations: "Dogs flew spaceships!" "The Aztecs invented the vacation!" "Men and women are the same sex!" "Our forefathers took drugs!" "Your brain is not the boss! (Yes! That's right!)" "Everything you know is wrong!" He then presents his interviews of locals connected with UFO sightings; a short play alleging the founding fathers of the United States planned the American Revolution while smoking hemp; a purported wire recording of a medicine show from c. 1900; and an "official stolen Air Force training film" of the secret plan to deal with an alien uprising. On side 2 (21:15), we hear some messages recorded on Cox's telephone answering machine, Channel 6 television news reports, and a psychic "sending directly from his mind to ours." A motorcycle daredevil, a crowd of people, and the TV news crew are drawn to a large hole that contains a golden staircase and "leads to the Sun at the center of the Earth", and all descend into it. The aliens finally appear, but finding no one but Cox, leave him alone to ponder: " looks like this is the end. Or is it only the begin ...? No, it's the end." Characters[edit]


posted on Oct, 24 2016 @ 03:55 AM
its a fake guys, this BS comes from, some preppers-extreme pro Trump website that posts fictious "secret" documents and websites all the time (example : a hilarious article on the a so-called notes of a Hillary-meeting at Goldman Sachs .. )

Benenson is a real company taking interviews so some part of it in the beginning of the document may be real but as soon
as the "Recommended Salvage Options" come in view, its all made up BS.

Mind you, this is probably real, the technology exists since the 90's :
.. to project realseeming images on the sodium layer 100km above the surface. These images can cover hundreds or even thousands of square miles and can appear completely real, three dimensional, and can move.

posted on Oct, 24 2016 @ 04:35 AM
a reply to: dcipledude

Being a fake is a strong possibility.

The part that's rubbed me the wrong way is that if BSG were merely a consulting/strategy group, then they would have no legitimate access to something like "Project Firesign" (which would certainly have a TS SCI clearance level).

That said, if BSG is a C.I.A. 'front'... anything's possible.

All I know is that if, over the next few weeks, there are crazy visions in the sky, then I'll feel a bit more informed about what may be happening.

posted on Nov, 12 2016 @ 03:00 PM
the listed address on this pdf isnt fake.... just not commonly used. probably an offshoot that they want to remain appearing independent.
a quick google search of the name and address reveals this to be likely.

posted on Nov, 12 2016 @ 03:52 PM
a reply to: BlackProject

Would Pale Horse Protocol be the zombie virus..

posted on Nov, 13 2016 @ 09:28 AM
a reply to: prevenge

It -could- be, but, like any other explanation, it could also -not- be.

A pale horse would reference death, of the four horsemen.


Milton William Cooper

And I looked,
and behold a pale horse:
and his name that sat upon him was Death,
and Hell followed with him.
And power was given unto them
over the fourth part of the earth,
to kill with sword,
and with hunger,
and with the beasts
of the earth.

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