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Hillary Fixer Breaks Ranks: I Arranged Sex Trysts For Her with Men and Woman

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posted on Oct, 19 2016 @ 01:39 PM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


posted on Oct, 19 2016 @ 01:44 PM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


posted on Oct, 20 2016 @ 09:35 AM

originally posted by: BuzzyWigs
The Fury and Failure of Donald Trump

Win, lose or drop out, the Republican nominee has laid waste to the American political system. On the trail for the last gasp of the ugliest campaign in our nation's history
By Matt Taibbi

Trump's early rampage through the Republican field made literary sense.

It was classic farce. He was the lewd, unwelcome guest who horrified priggish, decent society, a theme that has mesmerized audiences for centuries, from Vanity Fair to The Government Inspector to (closer to home) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

When you let a hands-y, drunken slob loose at an aristocrats' ball, the satirical power of the story comes from the aristocrats deserving what comes next. And nothing has ever deserved a comeuppance quite like the American presidential electoral process, which had become as exclusive and cut off from the people as a tsarist shooting party.

The first symptom of a degraded aristocracy is a lack of capable candidates for the throne.

After years of indulgence, ruling families become frail, inbred and isolated, with no one but mystics, impotents and children to put forward as kings.

Think of Nikolai Romanov reading fortunes as his troops starved at the front. Weak princes lead to popular uprisings. Which brings us to this year's Republican field.

There wasn't one capable or inspiring person in the infamous "Clown Car" lineup. All 16 of the non-Trump entrants were dunces, religious zealots, wimps or tyrants, all equally out of touch with voters.

Scott Walker was a lipless sadist who in centuries past would have worn a leather jerkin and thrown dogs off the castle walls for recreation.
Marco Rubio was the young rake with debts.
eb Bush was the last offering in a fast-diminishing hereditary line.
Ted Cruz was the Zodiac Killer.

And so on.

This thread really is revolting. Some of it made me laugh, yes, but then it went down the tube. An entirely ill-conceived and maladroit example of intelligent investigation (aka DENYING IGNORANCE) sigh

Your mock shook at this thread is laughable when you follow it up with this putrid hit piece full of non facts.

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 02:09 PM

originally posted by: gmoneystunt

Hillary Clinton is a secret sex freak who paid fixers to set up illicit romps with both men AND women!

That’s the blockbuster revelation from a former Clinton family operative who is sensationally breaking ranks with his one-time bosses to speak to The National ENQUIRER in a bombshell 9-page cover story — on newsstands Wednesday.

“I arranged a meeting for Hillary and a woman in an exclusive Beverly Hills hotel,” the man, who was hired by the Clintons, via a Hollywood executive, to cover up their scandals, told The ENQUIRER.

Hillary’s former bagman finally confessed to The ENQUIRER just how he helped her to cover up her affair with married lover Vince Foster, too!

The shadowy figure — who provided PROOF of his employment for the Clintons — also revealed 12 fixes he covered-up, including:

+ How Hillary secretly plotted to a counter-attack on Bill’s mistress Monica Lewinsky — via a document buried for two decades!
+ What crooked reporters were on the take from the Clinton camp!
+ How he covered up Bill’s seedy romp with hookers!
+ Which A-list celebrity had a secret affair with Bill during his presidency!
I posted this thread because I saw the other thread on this topic was removed. Probably for violating T&C. National Enquirer do print obviously fake stories about celebrities but they occasionally have true stories. National Enquirer have broke the Ted Cruz, Monica Lewinsky and John Edwards stories in the past. This story just makes me nauseous. I am not a Hillary fan but I kinda hope this is not true. Thoughts?

I'm certainly glad someone had the courage to post this. So someone else posted this earlier and it was taken down?

I read the whole short thread and the responses were interesting.

What's really interesting is that millions & millions of people read the Enquirer.

Of course, the article is full of genuine information.

It's been well=known by the people close to the Clintons -- for decades.

The people who do NOT believe the truthfulness of the article, are either ignorant or in denial.

Hillary & Bill's marriage was a BUSINESS deal from the beginning. Hillary was Bi even before she married Bill. It seems she prefers women.

Other sources that corroborate this article can be found in a recent interview of Ginnifer Flowers (Bill's long time mistress), the Yoko Ono interview, a book by Dolly Kyle entitled "Hillary, the Other Woman," etc.

Dolly Kyle is a lawyer specializing in US Constitutional law. She has known Bill Clinton since she was eleven yrs old -- went to high school with him and was his lover for about ten years. According to Kyle, as of 1987, Bill Clinton told her he had had sex with about 2,000 different women. I wonder what the number is now.

According to Ginnifer Flowers, Bill Clinton told her that "Hillary had eaten more p---y than he had."

In any case, this isn't just about salacious curiosity.

It points out just how deep the dishonesty of the Clintons goes. Think of all the years Hillary was against Gay marriage.

More importantly, the heads of foreign states are well aware of these things. Ever wonder why they have NO RESPECT for Hillary or Obama?

Radical Islamists would happily execute her. Russians would beat her up and throw her out the window.

Wonder why the US is looked upon with disdain? WAKE UP, AMERICA.
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posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 02:16 PM

originally posted by: FlyingFox
I think there is a sex vid coming out, plus the use of the N-word.

According to an African-American chef who worked for the Clintons, Hillary used the n-word to describe a Black servant.

Bill Clinton has also been known to use the n-word.

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 02:20 PM

originally posted by: shooterbrody
a reply to: gmoneystunt

if it was trump the story would be broadcast on every device with a screen

it is hillary so no msm outlet will acknowledge it

Exactly. And the MSM has the nerve to tell the American people not to read emails released by Wikileaks because it's illegal.

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 02:24 PM

originally posted by: elementalgrove
a reply to: gmoneystunt

Fits in nicely with the description of Hillary found here...Tranceformation of America, by Cathy O'brien

"Of course, she's Byrd's," she responded, continuing the conversation as
though I were not there, "Plus, I heard Houston say something about her being
a Presidential Model, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean."
"It means she's clean," Hillary said matter-of-factly as she stood up.
I was not capable of giving thought to such things back then, but I am aware
in retrospect that all Presidential Model slaves I knew seemed to have an
immunity to social diseases. It was a well known fact in the circles I was
sexually passed around in that government level mind-controlled sex slaves were
"clean" to the degree that none of my abusers took precautions such as wearing

I'm aware of the book, "Tranceformation of America" -- I hope to God these stories are not true.
Really dark & scary stuff worthy of Nazis.

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 02:31 PM

originally posted by: whatmakesyouright
Even if true, does anyone really care that much? I mean, if sh'es into orgies and stuff, then so be it. And I'm not even a Hillary fan in the slightest.

I mean, don't you all have a little kinky side?

Not that kinky. The point people seem to be missing is that it has an effect on how the US is perceived abroad.

Foreign heads of state are well aware of these scandals. They have their own Intel networks.

It's only the majority of Americans who are clueless. They have been kept ignorant by the State Propaganda machine, our MSM.

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 02:34 PM

originally posted by: BlueShaman
I have a hard time believing Hillary had sleazy affairs. The woman puts the A in asexual!

You believe the carefully crafted public facade. Bears no resemblance to reality.

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 02:38 PM

originally posted by: gmoneystunt
a reply to: BuzzyWigs

I appreciate your thoughts grammar geek. I am glad your a perfectionist

It wouldn't be so annoying if BuzzyWigs was trying to be helpful.

But it (gender neutral) is merely trying to deflect from the content of your post.

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 02:51 PM

originally posted by: thepixelpusher
I'm guessing we'll eventually have Tim Kaine as President. If Hillary wins the skeletons in her closet will not go away. That's if her health doesn't take her out first. Her Presidency will be just as ineffectual as the bungler in the Whitehouse now. No jobs and continuous wars and continuous spending despite being bankrupt. Welcome to the Banana Republic of America, welcome to Hillarys Presidency.

Yes, you're right.

Turning the First World nations into Third World nations is INTENTIONAL.

First World nations had large, prosperous, educated middle classes. They thought they had rights. They asked questions.

So much better for the Globalist Banksters to deal with a frightened impoverished populace without options -- a populace dependent on the government for EVERYTHING.

Then the government gets to DICTATE everything.

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posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 02:58 PM

originally posted by: Deny Arrogance
Hillary has been caught with her fingers in so many pies this hardly comes as a surprise.

Her attempts to put her finger in the hole in the dike will not stem the deluge of truth coming out about her. It is already too late.

LOL Too funny.
I sincerely hope it's too late for Hillary.
And NOT too late for the American people to be saved from this sick sociopath.

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 03:02 PM

originally posted by: Snarl

originally posted by: Perjury
a reply to: FlyingFox

lol gross

So nasty.

So true.

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 03:04 PM

originally posted by: Justso
I will admit that I scan the National Enquirer online-I am a former realtor and just love gossip; be it true or false. I also believe that there is always a twinge of truth in those tabloids-just like "Men in Black."

In this case, it's more than a "twinge" of truth.

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 03:05 PM

originally posted by: hutch622
This is what Yoko Ono has to say .

Thanks for that. Worth posting again.

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 03:10 PM

originally posted by: spiritualzombie
I hope its all true -sex freak Hillary - makes me like her more.

Your wish is granted. It's true.
So you get to like Hillary Freakazoid more and more and more and more and ....

"Zombies for Hillary"
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posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 03:13 PM

originally posted by: visitedbythem
An employee from years ago whos sister was lesbian told me this. That his sister was at a party that Hillary was also attending. She said that Hillary was doing things (sexual) with other women. Thats all he told me, but, neither he nor his sister disliked Hillary, so there is no discount on that part

There are plenty of unofficial stories like this from people who have been around the Clintons.

Easy to believe, especially when there's corroboration from people who have known them intimately for years.

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 03:28 PM

originally posted by: spiritualzombie
a reply to: visitedbythem

It's so funny how Hillary engaging in consensual girl on girl action would be worse for republicans than Trump bragging about sexual assault.

That's how you know it's most likely B.S. it's tailor-made to their prejudices.

It isn't the homosexuality that's the offensive part. It's the dishonesty.

For over 40 years the Clintons have been pretending in public to be a normal, happily married heterosexual couple -- when nothing could be farther from the truth.

If Dolly Kyle is to be believed (and I do believe her) the only reason Hillary became pregnant with Chelsea was to create the illusion in public that their marriage was normal. Pesky rumors were swirling around them that needed to be quelled for their political future.

There is real doubt that Bill Clinton is the biological father of Chelsea.
Look up "Webster Hubbel" -- former mayor of Little Rock. Look at his photo next to Chelsea's.
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posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 03:28 PM
Double post.
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posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 03:37 PM

originally posted by: Drawsoho
Yoko Ono is the best proof she's a flaming les. Yoko Ono is John Lennon's
( of the Beatles) widow. What she says to be true is true and she is golden.
So she got naked in a suck fest with Hillary in the 70's. I guess Hill was
better looking then. Now it is impossible for the Hillary machine to quash
this. Impossible to deny she is a lesbian. Not good for her presidential bid
to reach the Oval Office.

Irrefutable proof.

Good find.

a reply to: hutch622

I agree Yoko Ono is a "golden" witness to this. She has NO reason to lie about this.

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