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Illuminati, NWO, Marsall Law, FEMA....????

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posted on Jan, 24 2005 @ 03:47 AM
Hi to all.

Please don't think I'm stupid, but I am unclear about a couple of things that although I didn't have a name for them, I've been feeling are getting closer. It's pretty scary.

I've heard the expression "New World Order" on and off over a period of years without giving it much thought, or really knowing what it was. I guess I thought it was something religious or something, not anything to really worry about. Now, before posting this, I have done a lot of reading (mostly here) about it. I find the whole thing fastinating and horrifying.

Losing your freedom is the worst thing in the world, and that's what it seems like there has been more and more of going on since "9/11". It just sort of creeps up slowly, almost unnoticeabley until you start reading stuff like some of the postings here, and it suddenly hits!

I also have known for quite a while about FEMA and was under the impression that it's sole purpose is to make sure that the U.S. government keeps on running under any circumstance, no matter what. That they only use about 6% of their billions for disaster relief, which I took to be really a "front".

I was also aware of "Marshall Law" and the circumstances necessary to set it in motion. Although I don't believe the lies that some Middle Eastern terrorists suddenly came here to attack us, I do believe that the only real terrorists we have to worry about come from within our own government, and are probably paid handsomely by the Bush Regime. However, since the story the media puts out to the general public, who don't seem to be able to think for themselves, in the minds of most, there are "real terrorists" with "Links to Al-CIAda"(oops, I mean Al-Qaeda). So their belief makes the condition of the threat of terrorists acceptable. And, all the other requirements are now met (in the foolish eyes of the people, through government propiganda).

So, if Bush were to call for Marshall Law, wouldn't that then enact FEMA, who's sole purpose is to keep the U.S. government running at all costs?

And if that's the case, then why or how would or could any New World Order take over? They would have to bypass FEMA, and I don't know if that's possible.

So a lot of that doesn't really make sense to me. As for the Illuminati, to be honest, I have never heard of them before reading about them in this site. "A Brotherhood". Where did they come from? Outer space? Another Dimension? And if they did, why would there be so very few of them in comparison to the human population, and why on earth would it be so very important for them the change the earth?

And if Bush is perhaps part of the New World Order, how could he get in on it if he called for Marshall Law and enacted FEMA, which would be unstoppable in keeping the U.S. government running, not merging with the rest of the world?

However, I thought almost from the moment I saw the second plane hit the WTC on the morning news on Sept. 11, that it was done by some branch of this government, probably the CIA, in order to turn the whole country into a police state, much like I believe that the OKC bombing of the Federal Building was done by the same people - maybe not physically, but had something pretty bad on Tim McVey, in order to blackmail him into doing their dirty work for them. Oklahoma has shown many signs of becoming more and more of a police state.

It is one of the first states to have implemented the new bar coded driver's licenses, using "biometrics" to have such things as face recognition and voice recognition in place, ready to enact in the near future. Who knows what is in the bar codes, and they apparently also have other information about you embedded in the license, under the normal info like, name, DOB, address, etc... however, they do have the manditory fingerprinting in place now.

Is that right there not a violation of a persons privacy? A big step right towards making Okalhoma a Police State. Destroying the WTC, is basically the same, blaming it on the Arab world, ie..Iraq, Afghanastan.... and it paved the way perfectly to come up with the Patriot Act, another violation of right to privacy, this time, for all the states - all in the name of "war on terrorism". They want only to make us feel safe. Right! I feel so much more unsafe in this world now than I ever have.

But anyway, I kind of got off track. I am really curious as to how Bush, Marshall Law, FEMA and Illuminate all add up to New World Order. Can anyone explain? Now that all of your postings have gotten me all curious?

posted on Jan, 24 2005 @ 04:21 AM
The new world order is an movement towards a one world government, not a group. The illuminati is believed to be the group in control of the movement towards a facists style one world government.

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