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Frenzied Donald Trump Fans Are Turning on the Media -- And It's Getting Scary

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posted on Oct, 15 2016 @ 06:18 PM
I observed weakness of conviction in this reporter. If this reporter thinks that this is scary, maybe they should be transferred to Aleppo to cover the Syrian Conflict? THAT would give 'em something truly "scary". Instead of looking like a wimp, the reporter could have covered the protest of the media in a light that "Maybe the media should be more "forthcoming" about the TRUTH". We need more truth in media, and this serves as an exposure to the suppression of truth in the MSM.

I will never condone any violence by any political supporter of ANY candidate! Violence IS NOT the way to wake people up, it's just a way to get people locked up. Those people would be best to go door-to-door (if they can afford the time) and print articles with truth to EDUCATE the people about the suppression and the facts. Then it just falls on the shoulders of the "educated" voters.

I am not in 100% support of any of the offerings this election cycle, but this will be an election that will go down in history as waking up the masses. I just hope that it isn't too late. If our next temp-king of the "free-world" starts WWIII, that will be something that everyone will never forget.

Side note: Why should S0r0s be in control of any companies that are tied to voting machines? That is a huge conflict of interest since he is the world's most infamous nation-wrecker profiteer! I saw the thread and if that is verified true info, it could alter the makeup of popular vote to try to sway the electoral vote in the states listed. Why doesn't the Department of Justus look into that? I'm sure some branch of gov't. COULD file charges and prosecute. S0r0s lives in China last time I checked. They should hit him from the basis of the Chinese conflict of interest. I'm sure that a link could be proven. Then the USA should SUE him and confiscate his assets (stocks, eft's, bank accounts, etc.) sentence him to extradition to the USA to serve a sentence in a military grade prison (Leavenworth military prison, etc.).

posted on Oct, 15 2016 @ 06:20 PM

originally posted by: Gryphon66

Frenzied Donald Trump Fans are Turning on the Media - HuffPo

Now, I know that some of you will be content to attempt to discredit the source (The Huffington Post) and rattle off that the scary leftist gangs are more violent than any Trump supporter ever thought about being ... but what should trouble ALL OF US ... are the emotions that are being played upon by the Trump Campaign which ARE NOT GOING AWAY when he loses in November.

The article contains first-hand accounts of media personnel who were at the rally to do their jobs, to wit, cover the campaign of DJT. They had to be escorted out by SECURITY after being threatened, spat upon, screamed at, etc. FOR DOING THEIR JOB AND HOLDING UP THE FIRST AMENDMENT!!!

Look at that lady, up above ... do you think that's going to fade away in November?

... and there are thousands like her, who are now buying into Trump's new crucified Messiah pitch.

We've got trouble friends, right here in America.

Um, have you been living in an alternate universe the last 4 years? There's a REASON why a year ago, before the world ever heard of Donald Trump, that less than 40% of the people had any trust at all in mainstream media.

So gee, finally people are fed up. What a surprise. Not. As far as 'doing their job', you must be joking. The mainstream media stopped 'doing their job' a long time ago. That's why so many people talk about how 95% of mainstream media is controlled by FIVE corporations!

I mean, geez, talk about fear mongering threads. There are REASONS why this is happening, and the MSM deserves everything that happens to it. Don't want to be insulted? Then stop insulting and lying to the populace. What a novel idea!

posted on Oct, 15 2016 @ 06:35 PM
a reply to: EvillerBob

Dear God SIR,so we never HAVE to.

posted on Oct, 15 2016 @ 08:33 PM

originally posted by: EvillerBob

originally posted by: RedMenace16
Trump can be arrested for terrorism, just how Isis tells people to do lone wolf attacks.

Hopefully the FBI dumps all these smelly Trump terrorists in fema camps.

That's what King George said about those smelly "Continental Congress" terrorists.

Same self righteous garbage as Isis terrorists, maybe we can get a two for one and kill Isis and Trump terrorists.

Same mentality, same paranoia, same as retarded and inbred.
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posted on Oct, 15 2016 @ 08:48 PM

originally posted by: Christosterone
If only the Trump supporters could be so classy as the progressive hoardes:


It is truly strange that some of the adlibs on here...sorry that was what I've jokingly called my democrat friend lately since when asked any question regarding politics/history beside the two he's real good at, who was the first president and who IS president...anything further stumps him and its my duty to hold his hand, walk him through, and fill in all the blanks. Honestly type something like"trump fail" on YouTube and you will see literally hours of maybe five hundred to a thousand trump protesters asked the most basic thing ie what arethe two partsof the legislative branch or what is it about trump don't you like and no joke 48% of the time you see a buffoon scratching its head for two minutes of silence 50% of the time its...c'mon everyone together..."HES RACIST!" 1% of the time the question is asked as the persons entourage pounds fists in hand and nod mom hmmm as if to say, "ooooh my boy here is gonna blow you away with the intelligent piece of orational art being painted in his head..." then he finally answers, "Donald f@$#&ng gay!" and deafening cheers and applause follow, and the final percent of the time you get "eff Donald Trump!"

I hate figurative language and hyperbole but, and i don't necessarily mean of those who aremt voting Trump, but of those who go protest him, I would say without exaggeration that 100% of them have absolutely no knowledge of a single thing trump has discussed nor could they tell you even one thing and cite a single detail the person the DO back has planned. It really is telling of how empty and spineless the typical simpleton idiot is nowadays but where I used to think it was just pathetic and quite disgusting (sorry but some people can't stand fat people and say they choose to be so...i look at people not who don't know all the trivial pursuit questions or Jeopardy trivia but the ones who you can't talk to about anything since you know as you look in their eyes this is the first time they have heard I dunno, the term manifest destiny, they talk about sending charity to China to help the "youth in Asia," or they can't keep their eyes from wandering for two Mississippi..those people...I think it is sickening to the stomach that knowledge means nothing to them since whaa whaa you had to sit next to a fat person on the plane? Well these people effect every single aspect of everyones lives and its akin to not pulling their own weight. And the worst of em I spit on..metaphorically loll...those who are like this yet for god knows what reason, take sides in a major debate of which they either have no vested interest or DO but haven't even taken one step to learn squat about their side or the other but sure as hell will knock your teeth out spit on you and high five one another as they walk away if you don't choose the same side they did. It is also why, when I believed in electoral processes I was critical of the law in my other nation of the two to which I belong where voting is compulsory and you face penalties for casting no ballot. There's a topic for discussion loll which type of nation has a better system, everyone votes whether they know a thing about gov or not or only those with the drive to vote get to while the more lazy must abide by what is decided even though sloth is not something the government should be able to ever so indirectly even, punish).

Back to my original point though in surprised liberals on here are calling out instigators of violence who are trump supporters...I refuse to touch msm and even I have overheard enough and walked by enough tickers to know that even the leftist media itself is reporting on how those not supporting trump are the ones losing their marbles all over.

Ah well though, I know I can finally say something and most likely a majority of those here at ITS even if just a low majority, know that sometimes life sucks sucks sucks and its simply because we can't live in a world where those without the intelligence to process all that we can are neutralized by our cloud of responsibility for our beliefs. Really in not so nice terms, its depressing sometimes to not be a simpleton and the fact so many people today are dumb as a sack of door handles really ruins some of the experience of life...yes handles....nowadays people can't even think for themselves enough to be compared to something as complex as a knob that can turn this way AND that way!

But this video really is the pits. It goes back and forth from entertaining and funny to just hopeless dread. And in closing just two observations from real life and from what is available online...1. I LOVE when that nasty you know what thinks it is appropriate in 2016 on planet earth to just reach out andvslap someone you don't know just because they don't repeat the script you are repeating for some strange reason...Cruz guarantee she hasn't the foggiest idea what she's talking about or what her candidate of vhpice stands for. And 2. Love you Mexico and Mexicans love your country food music beaches family oriented culture and total dedication to the grand parent and great grand parent generations, treating them like diamond heirlooms, the treasure of stories and knowledge they are...HOWEVER...Have yet to see even double digits when were talking about fools like this video has who are violent and for no reason even they understand,, who are NOT some American citizen ethnic Mexican person age 12-50 or so. Those? I have seen probably a thousand is consider out of line. That's the group that should be rounded up first and given just what they want. And I bet they are smacking their Mexican teacher or something by day two Cruz its 114 outside and the school refuses when they demand it install Mt dew machines and an ac system and whining about what tjeure entitled to just Cruz they were given it in America but took it way forgramted.

posted on Oct, 15 2016 @ 10:16 PM
a reply to: Christosterone

That video made me realize we do need a world war 3.

posted on Oct, 15 2016 @ 10:52 PM

originally posted by: Gryphon66
a reply to: Teikiatsu

When I make a statement about Trump that you don't like, and you can prove it's not true, let me know.

This has nothing to do with what I like or not. It has to do with truth. I am not aware of any statements by Trump where he says he wants to trash the First Amendment. I have asked you to either cite the statement, or retract it.

Again, for time number three and the final time, you're taking exception to a question.

And once again, no it isn't. I am taking exception to you burying a false statement in the question.

"Non-credible"... well, perhaps non-credible for you, apparently credible for many.

If it were credible you would have cited a source and/or quote.

Diversion from topic? The topic is the violence demonstrated in Trump rallies both threatened and actual.

Fair enough. But you went off topic when you said Trump wants to trash the First Amendment.

You are complaining about media bias toward Hillary Clinton which is laughable for anyone not in the right-wingnut bubble, that's your point of interest, not the topic.

I am? Do tell.

Perhaps you're the one that "don't want to see it" ... right back atcha.

Also known as deflection/projection from a lib when painted in a corner.

posted on Oct, 15 2016 @ 11:03 PM
a reply to: Gryphon66

Sorry to tell you Trump supports are not the ones doing this kind of crap and everyone knows it

This is classic Dem behavior please do you home work and educate yourselves on the real enemy


posted on Oct, 15 2016 @ 11:49 PM

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posted on Oct, 16 2016 @ 12:30 AM

originally posted by: tow69
a reply to: Gryphon66

Sorry to tell you Trump supports are not the ones doing this kind of crap and everyone knows it

This is classic Dem behavior please do you home work and educate yourselves on the real enemy


Oh, I'm very familiar with the "real enemy" ... and it's neither the Democrats nor the sorely misguided Trump supporters.

BUT, I am concerned that you can deny evidence right before your eyes, that is, if you bothered to read the OP.

posted on Oct, 16 2016 @ 12:36 AM
a reply to: Teikiatsu

... in rough order of your presentation ...

Yeah, sorry, you haven't captured the market on truth. Yes, you are talking about your beliefs, opinions, etc. You're apparently not aware of most of the negative garbage that Trump does and says, so I guess your answer to the question, if it had, after all, been directed at you would have been "no."

Fair enough. Everyone has an opinion, eh?

And you're mistaken about there being a "false statement" in the question. How absurd. A question is a question. You're stuck on the point, and you're desperately trying to make something out of nothing.

I don't have to cite a source for the multiple times I have heard Mr. Trump make statements that, if he followed through on them, would be the acts of an actual dictator trampling our Constitution. He has zero understanding (at least as evidenced by his statements) of the Constitution, the Separation of Powers, the concept of checks-and-balances, etc. etc. As you and the rest of the wingnut brigade are so fond of saying, that is my opinion, and you can't prove me wrong.

Nyah. (Ye gods, I'm starting to sound like one of you.)

No, I didn't "go off topic" believe it or not, you have nothing to say about whether I'm on topic or not. Indeed, I was responding to another poster in a discussion you weren't party to except in the most general sense. You chose to butt in, go off topic, and have attempted to derail the thread for your own picayune justifications.

Yes, you are, and I just did.

So, of course, you see yourself as the only valid authority here. Typical con BS. Let us know when you have something factual to bring to the table, or, at least have the decency and honesty to admit that you're merely babbling about your own obvious bias and opinion.

edit on 16-10-2016 by Gryphon66 because: Noted

posted on Oct, 16 2016 @ 12:49 AM
a reply to: nomoredemsorreps

Oh, plenty of people have faith in the mainstream media ... they just find the outlets that soothe their confirmation bias. Most Trump supporters favor Breitbart, Fox, etc.

Aside from that, most people understand that the media at large has always had two purposes: to make profit and to influence public opinion in various ways (advertising, etc.)

Anyone who has a different opinion has had their head buried in naive sand.

I guess we'll put you down as in favor of political violence.

And just for the record, Trumpette, can the BS about the press being unfair to your Beloved Leader. If he knew how to keep his hands to himself and his childish, immature mouth shut once in a while, he wouldn't be in this mess. Further, don't' make me laugh that the media, all media hasn't been covering every slobbering moment of the unending Congressional Kangaroo Court proceedings on Benghazi, emails servers, etc. And what has been the result of that?

Millions of wasted tax payer dollars and a disgusting abuse of government power.

So go sell that crap on Stormfront or wherever the credulous worshippers of the Great Trumpkin hang out.

posted on Oct, 16 2016 @ 12:55 AM
a reply to: InFriNiTee

It was multiple members of the press. They were guarded by the Secret Service until their own security (in riot gear) could get them out of the venue.

Funny that you think that the masses are "waking up." About 40% of them are intentionally bashing themselves in the head with the Trump hammer over and over until they babble like that crazy lady pictured in the OP. No, the Trump masses (and many of the Clinton masses) are merely descending into a morass of post-fact, post-truth sea of horsepucks.

The Department of Justus? Good god.

Are you saying it's illegal for George Soros to own companies? To do business in the US? This is based on what evidence?

Nah, I had hope when I first started reading your piece, but turns out you're just another wingnut sheeple, pointing at what your masters tell you to and bleating "Baaaaaad."

posted on Oct, 16 2016 @ 12:56 AM

originally posted by: SheopleNation
a reply to: Christosterone

A bunch of mindless cowardly violent thug trash. ~$heopleNation

A fair assessment of the Trump supporters in the OP, indeed.

posted on Oct, 16 2016 @ 12:57 AM

originally posted by: Tranceopticalinclined
What bothers me more than this election, is the people going " Those Trump supporters " and " Those Clinton Supporters " when in fact they're AMERICANs wanting change from the crap we've been living through. We want freedom and functionality, what is wrong with people that you need to pick a side and treat the opposing views as " the enemy "?

Come on, we're AMERICANS wanting justice and equality for it's people.

Be the changes you seek not the problem you have grown to hate.

Excellent post. Thank you, folks like you renew my flagging faith in humanity at large.

posted on Oct, 16 2016 @ 12:58 AM

originally posted by: jlafleur02
a reply to: Gryphon66
Any journalist who claims unbiased news coverage or politician who uses there position to advance there wealth, at the loss to the public should be jailed at a minimum and death at the maximum depending on the severity of there actions.

They can affect millions of lives so easily.

Jailed and executed because you say so?

Yep, you're prime Trumpet material you are.

posted on Oct, 16 2016 @ 01:00 AM
a reply to: Gryphon66

Yes. They're a frightening bunch of thuggish knuckleheads, to be sure. I reckon they're going to be a dangerous lot after Clinton is elected; they're not going to take her victory gracefully.

And when the 2nd Amendment is finally repealed, it'll be hilarious watching them pop with anger.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

posted on Oct, 16 2016 @ 01:01 AM

originally posted by: FuggleHop
a reply to: Gryphon66

Yes. They're a frightening bunch of thuggish knuckleheads, to be sure. I reckon they're going to be a dangerous lot after Clinton is elected; they're not going to take her victory gracefully.

And when the 2nd Amendment is finally repealed, it'll be hilarious watching them pop with anger.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

I've actually accepted, over the course of the last day or so, that there is indeed more violence in our near future. I think it's inevitable at this point.

The Second Amendment is not going to be repealed. You're just teasing the animals.

posted on Oct, 16 2016 @ 01:06 AM
Oh, PS, for the general thread. A repeated attempt to derail this discussion requires information for the record:

Trump Vs. The Constitution - A Guide

Trump Has So Many Unconstitutional Ideas the ACLU is Tracking Them

Trump's Constitution - The End of the Separation of Powers

I encourage you to read one or more of these if you're interested in the topic, and do further research, form your own opinion based on the FACTS of the matter.

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posted on Oct, 16 2016 @ 02:45 AM
Good its about time the media is held accountable for the complicity in the corruption. They have proven to be mostly corporate schills and I do not feel sorry for them.

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