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Exclusive MSM Analysis Reveals: They Have Gone FULL TABLOID (Trump Tapes vs. WikiLeaks Reveals All)

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posted on Oct, 16 2016 @ 04:20 PM
Some of that "funding" for Hillary's net-sysops being put to use no doubt.a reply to: cprnicus

posted on Oct, 17 2016 @ 07:18 AM
With the election soon coming to an end I wonder what the media will do to fill the void? Sure they'll have the couple of weeks follow up on the election, but they can't milk that forever.

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 01:04 PM

originally posted by: SRPrime

originally posted by: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

originally posted by: elementalgrove
Honestly I believe that ever since the initial email scandal happened the elite had to come up with a plan, because it is not just Hillary that is being exposed, it is the whole damn cabal.

This is why I have perceived Trump as their literal Trump card to be used to guarantee that no matter what gets leaked, he will be the topic of discussion.

It sure does look like it now.

From the first moment I heard Trump was getting in I figured it had to be a Neocon plant job to ensure Raand Paul would never get any air time. SO I never even clicked on a link or anything about the election ordeal.

Then in spring time this year an old 'IIB friend' brought it to my attention that the entire media apparatus had been in full tilt smear campaign against Trump all along, like how they did Ron Paul. So this got my attention.

So upon further analysis Trump looks like he might actually be the real deal (aside from his personal indiscretions). If the MSM hadn't been smear campaigning him all along, though, I'd be hardliner against him and Hill from the get forevermore. That would be too obvious though, of course, it just seems way too incredible that they'd have the gaul to go about eating the GOP apart from the inside, while also fully exposing the Media + DNC for what they are in this process.

The real truth is the Donald is himself a Hillary supporter and said on the record that he was running for president to prove that he could lose it. This means that likely the media smear campaign against him was with his consent and that he ran as faux opposition to Hillary, as such -- choosing the next president. In other words, he never intended on winning, he was losing on purpose --this whole Grab her by the P thing is just an example of him escalating the game plan. You think he started off modest and accelerated to "I can shoot someone in the street and not lose support" and he's NOT actively trying to lose support?

The issue is -- he got WAY MORE support than they ever expected. The American public was more stupid than anticipated, so they had to step it up with a hot mic scandal, some untrue accusations of him preying on underage girls -- so on, this is all a planned escalation to turn the unexpected trump supporter crowd into Trump doubters, as has been the plan from the onset. The actual votes don't matter, but the vibe does. Nobody is going to question why Hillary won come next month, and that's all that matters.

Way back in the day Trump said he'd only run for president if he knew he could win -- now he's actually running for president, and he's doing it on the pretense of losing on purpose, on the record... It's quite clear trump is NOT the real deal, but he was being used as a tool to keep the circus going as the presidency was just being handed off, they had to create a TV narrative that could explain how she won.

It's really simple, The Donald has been a red herring from the onset, oh and by the by -- I called this back in 2008, that Hillary automatically wins in 2016. I called it here on ATS before I was put on timeout by ATS mods for posting in the 9/11 forums when they were on the lock down. My old account had thousands of posts and tens upon tens of thousands of stars -- I've been around ATS for a really long time, and the weather here back in 2008 was a lot more credible too.

Hills camp did start the birther thing, Trump took it as his because, it's not surprise if Trump says/does something stupid, it's a better look for TPTB. Trump ran the birther thing into the ground as a fake scandal so when he released [fake or not] his Birth Certificate, he'd be a shoe in -- because his biggest scandal and all the venom and shade thrown at Obama during his campaign turned out to be "fake" in the narrative. So he defacto became the best candidate.

What am I saying? That Trump helped persuade the public opinion towards Obama during his election cycle. Obama was the pick before the elections started -- all Trump did was ensure the public opinion wouldn't doubt the outcome -- the same as now.

So he's done this 2 elections in a row now -- I mean seriously... ask yourself what relevance Trump had in 2008 and in 2012 to the political system? None. He had absolutely no reason to even get TV time talking about it -- but alas, he had it, didn't he?

Trump/Obama/Clinton are all friends in real life -- and they are working together staging a show on behalf of TPTB to keep the show going while they just enact their master plan.

Trump's campaign manager went to work for CNN for christ sakes. It doesn't get anymore obvious that he's never been a real candidate -- it also doesn't get more obvious that Hill's is the chosen president and was chosen before Obama was even inaugurated.

Hill's scandal was real, that stuff got hacked wasn't supposed to, but the Trump stuff was all canned and pre-ready to go to cover up what ever got dug out of Hill during her run up. Hence all the media coverage on the Trump Tapes and zilch on wikileaks.

There is no integrity left, voting doesn't matter, you don't matter, the entire system is tyranny. When propaganda became legalized through congress/senate, that should have been the wake up call. Hello fourth Reich.

There are people here who share your opinion that Trump is a plant. I do NOT agree. A plant is in on the game.

According to Megyn Kelly, Hillary chose to run against Trump -- presumably because he would be the least prepared and the easiest to defeat.

The GOP Primary Debates were rigged with phony polls showing Trump winning each GOP debate (he did NOT).

Soros was funding Kasich to stay in to take votes away from Cruz. As soon as Cruz dropped out, so did Kasich.

So Trump became the GOP candidate and the DNC considered him to be a "useful idiot."

Where things started to unravel for Hillary, is that Trump started an actual grassroots movement.

Trump has learned a lot during this race and has really grown as a candidate.

He now genuinely despises Hillary and knows that a President Hillary will destroy the US at home & abroad.

Trump is now in this race for real. The MSM polls are fake. I have NO faith in them -- they're meant to demoralize the Trump supporters so they don't even bother to come out to vote.

If the Trump supporters and anti-Hillary forces stay the course and vote, Trump has a chance of winning by a landslide.

The Dems plan to steal the election, and they can do this if the election is close.

If Trump wins by a landslide, it will be harder for the Dems to steal the election.

It's really, really important that the Trump supporters VOTE.

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