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The Two Paths of Destruction.

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posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 05:59 PM
What truly separates this presidential elections from all the others, why is this year so special?

Is it because these candidates were already household names?

Maybe it's the revelations of how criminal politicians really are, which is only possible due to the advent of technology.

There are big changes coming, no matter which celebrity actor president is in charge. America is a capitalist system, who has denied its' own nature and forsaken the economic busts for the 'eternal' boom of fascism.

America is in true despair, her people aching for a savior, millions going to such great lengths as lying to themselves imparting their own values upon their Chosen One. There is only sorrow and disappointment for placing faith in man.

People yearn to be apart of something bigger than themselves, true change starts from within, our collective consciousness has manifested these monsters we call our presidential candidates. They reflect the most basic and destructive of human ideals such as greed, corruption, deception, and violence.

There is a common theme in Hollywood entertainment propaganda and the bastions of Right-wing propaganda. That theme is of an apocalyptic change, the end of the world as we know it. Is it really just fear being sold to the masses? We have been sold fear for a very long time, we have become numb to it, no longer the normal response of increased productivity and obedience.

How is it that America, One Nation of One People, can be so divided? With the gentle guidance of our media, we highlight our superficial differences, but our commonalities are what matter.

Where is it we are the same? What about our political saviors?

The two sure seem to be diametrically opposed, but only if we are examining the superficial, like those characteristics are the ones that define us.

Some people who see beyond this illusion, they are baffled at how a person would be fooled into believing a lie. We are comfortable, if the illusion is shattered, so go many who have built their world around an illusion. It is, in the end, the most basic principals of humankind, and that is survival.

Who's survival?

The problem with maintaining an illusion, is that sometimes the desired changes take a little longer to implement.

The number one thing, that in either candidacy, will be a passage a cyber-security bill. Reading through older versions, which were too unpopular in the Court of Public Opinion at the time, curiously contained wording that could be interpreted as: censoring any websites that contained unfavorable, or politically incorrect opinions.

The Right likes to point out the ridiculous, and in extreme cases dangerous, political correctness movement.

I remember the Bush years. If you are not with us, you are against us. There are no words to say, that what brings us together as Americans, is hypocrisy.

These Wikileaks coming out is the ultimate joke on America. What put Wikileaks on the map? Was it not the information dump on the wars in the Middle East? How Wikileaks was lifted and praised by the left for bringing Truth to Light. Oh how times have changed, back then the Right wanted Assange's head served on a platter for what was done.

America will see totalitarian control over the internet, no matter who we get.

There was a passage of a new bill, that most all Americans cheered, and that was the ability to sue Saudi Arabia.

What does that really mean. The qualities that bring Americans together in this age, are less than savor-able. Will Saudi Arabia stand trial in an American court? Or a World Court?

The American People celebrate their own demise. What happens, when the World Court deems America, and rightfully so, a threat to World Peace and Mother Earth. Whichever side loses this year's election, will be so humiliated and degraded by the political 'victor', they will move lock-step with whatever decision a World Government makes.

Some may consider border security as the defining line between the two. It isn't. There will not be some big gigantic wall, it will either be open borders or waiting a little longer for open borders. I've had conversations with some undocumented workers, they aren't worried about Trump.

World war is coming, it is an inevitability. What have we heard the candidates talking about?

Hillary Clinton wants 'no-fly' safe zones, and Mike Pence wants 'no-fly' safe zones. Both directly leading to a war with Russia. Except Donald doesn't want 'no-fly' zones, he just wants to send in enough military forces to secure the oil pipeline to Europe. The thing is, Russia also wants the oil pipeline to Europe, and at the heart is the main reason for the heating tensions.

This Great War will be over who rules the world, in entirety. The technological advancement from another Great War, will guarantee absolute control over every human on the planet.

Nations are a thing of the past, an outdated system of social control, and a war between superpowers will be The Proof. It will be glorious, the first war fought in space, and the devastation on the ground will be biblical.

Americans used to be rugged and independent, now America is soft and weak, fattened for the wolves. An individualistic society like ours, will never accept waiving our national sovereignty to a Global Government.

From what I've heard of the health care crisis, is from Trump saying 'Repeal, and then Replace' and Hillary 'We need to improve and add to it'. Yes, Repeal and Replace it with Single Payer, or improve and add to create Single Payer. Very different indeed.

There are only two choices for America.

We choose Hillary Clinton, and destroy ourselves from within through massive social upheaval, and the maturation of a brutal police state; all the while hurtling towards the Final Battle with the East.

We choose Donald Trump, and destroy ourselves from without, resurrecting the Holy Crusades against Islam and preparing for the Final Battle; while social upheaval causes the desired reactionary response of a fully matured totalitarian police state.

Divided We Fall. We certainly are divided, and now we fall. The only redemption, is the chance of reaching the level of technology allowing people to colonize space, getting our eggs out of one increasingly smaller basket.

Whichever side wins this presidential election, the 'irredeemable deplorables' from the Other Side will be the first to go, and You will not speak out.


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