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Are cropcircles intrinsically linked to UFO's?

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posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 10:32 AM
a reply to: Aliensun

A considered and measured response.
One with which I agree.

In my opinion, even the man-made circles carry a message, in that they have been thoughtfully designed and executed...which conveys an artistic message...could be one of symmetry or it could be one of intricacy and complexity. Either way, mysterious or man-made, they are beautiful to look at and worthy of consideration.

posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 10:35 AM

originally posted by: wmd_2008
a reply to: SirBlackKnight

Have said this before and will say it again WHY would Aliens travel many light years and think the best way to communicate with us is to bend some grass

The Voyager probes have THIS attached not a lawnmower

Like your avatar picture of the NASA THERMAL BLANKET

For the answer to your question, you will have to ask the aliens themselves.
Who knows how the alien mind will work?

posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 02:51 PM
How many of you are aware that Crop Circles have been reported for many centuries?

815 CE was the first recorded instance of possible Crop Circles. The Archbishop of Lyon warned parish priests against the possibility of pagans using seeds collected from "flattened circles" for use in fertility rites.

Many years later, in 1678, an english woodcut tell of a mowing devil burning and mowing a farmers field.

Are they tied to UFO's? Some would answer with a definitive yes, others, as above, with a definitive no.

Hoax's? Possibly, many are. All of 'em? Who knows.

I, personally, don't think they are. Crop circles are, if anything, going to be tied to many sources. I posted a thread sometime ago about this very phenomenon. Found out some fascinating history about the things.

posted on Oct, 17 2016 @ 09:17 PM
The original crop circles were just that.. circles. In out of the way farms.. and there not a lot of them. Now they are mysteriously for the most part, all situated around the same areas. UFOs really dig Wiltshire for example. And crazy intricate designs. Almost like.. a team of people living near by plan these things out and go to great lengths to outdo one another.

naaaww... gotta be ufos.

I especially loved a recent one that looked oddly like cannabis.. but folks said it was far too intricate to be manmade. And then.. the design from a cannabis paraphernalia company turned out to be the impetus. Guess some people can make complex patterns in crops.. huh, who woulda thunkit.

posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 07:53 PM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


posted on Jul, 1 2017 @ 01:44 PM
Crop circles, in my estimation, are created by a limited form of artificial intelligence, operating as the controlling software of an impregnable, and very ancient satellite, which is radar-invisible, and so wasn't discovered until the age of the space race. In fact, my guess is that it was ACTIVATED by some sort of tripwire system, set off at the moment our public space programs lifted off and exited the lower atmosphere.

This existence of this satellite is publicly denied, despite clear evidence of its discovery & continuing existence - an existence which wouldn't be possible, had the commanding humans of Earth been able to destroy it.

The satellite was very briefly publicly referenced by a French military General, during a relatively recent conference (10yrs ago?) being provided as a UFO-type symposium.. *see footnote*.

During the lecture in question, none other than Jacques Vallee was assisting the General with translation of comments which he couldn't put easily to the audience with his fairly limited English language skills. In Jacques Vallee we find a most excellent UFO/abduction researcher, possibly the best ever thus far on planet Earth - yet he is a man, who is less transparent & amiable than his general writing, and online reputation, might otherwise lead us to believe. He is now a venture capitalist, having made good money through his engineering & academic work, along with several very popular UFO books. Despite his 'heretic among heretics' stance - a hint of subterfuge pervades the mythos/persona, with occasional flickers of a hidden strand of secrecy connecting varied parts of his work/lifestyle, and this is seen clearly if you know what to look for - particularly in the autobiographies. With his skills as a technologist & academic, along with strong connections to the military via Project Blue Book (etc), he was snapped up as an asset of the French & American government/military, and has deep connections to the military-industrial complex (thus, high clearance). Back to the conference then -

The French General was asked a question by a member of the audience, regarding crop circles. As in, what causes them? Are they human or alien? The General replied, in English:

"Well of course, this is a very big secret - they are created by the orbiting mylar satellite..."

At which point Jaques Vallee immediately gestured furiously, shouting/ hissing* in French:

"Arretez Vous.!!"

= "SHUT UP..!!"
in English.

*(I don't mean in a 'reptile conspiracy' type manner - I'm just referring to that 'hissy' way of shouting under one's breath)

All references to this event have been totally scrubbed from Google, in a very careful & complete manner, with only 6 results coming back having input some combinations of terms. Multiple complex combinations of detailed search terms, based around any possible description of any aspect of this event, are coming back totally empty, or with junk results like Vallee's profile on Wikipedia. This is despite myself remembering the quote verbatim - simply because the implications were profound, totally blew my mind at the time I first read about it.

By considering this one, simple event, we can discern the following (with regards to some aspects of UFOlogical/Space anomalies research) -

1 - The French government/military is well aware of the crop circle phenomenon, and the cause of it.
2 - Jacques Vallee is well aware of the crop circle phenomenon, and the cause of it.
3 - It is 'common knowledge' among military higher-ups of the French, inferred from the off-hand presentation style.
4 - It is probably therefore 'common knowledge among US military higher-ups, due to Vallee's extensive contacts.
5 - The UK military/intelligence world are also well-aware of these facts, by default, as there's no way that the French & Americans would know, if the UK did not. 90% of crop circles occur in the UK (most in Wiltshire, near Stonehenge).
6 - Jacques Vallee possesses a security clearance higher than French military Generals, as he is clearly 'the handler' in this situation.
7 - Jacques probably shares a similarly high clearance in the USA for similar reasons (and for his patents/ knowledge arising from scientific understanding in the world of the military-industrial complex..)
8 - If the satellite is constructed with a mylar-type material shell, then that would account for why it was not discovered until the penetration of deep space by Earth's humans - because mylar is invisible to radar, and hence would not have been suspected as being up there, until we 'saw' it face to face, with multiple technological instruments specifically looking for natural satellites/ space rocks, which might otherwise be an impact risk for traveling spacecraft.
9 - It was possible, having discovered the mylar satellite, to analyse its structure, composition & technological capabilities - to some extent - without being at risk of damages to the investigating spacecraft or [Earth human-launched] satellite. We can infer this because that information has come back to Earth, and is now 'common knowledge' amongst some Earth humans.
10 - It was possible to correlate the (perhaps electromagnetic) activity of the mylar satellite, with the appearance of crop circles in the UK & elsewhere.
11 - That last point proves that there has been close monitoring of the crop circle phenomenon in the UK for many decades, and that at some level in the Allied Military-Industrial-Intelligence matrix of Earth nations, data on these (possibly pan-global) 'threats' is being shared & assessed by collaborative study groups.
12 - In fact, this inferred collaboration, almost certainly was a contributing factor in the development of varying human factions within the upper tiers of the more secret space race/space programs of various nations - split along dividing lines of interpretation & moral ethos, both with regards the 'secret satellite/crop circle' phenomenon, and certainly with regards to the abandoned/ (possibly active) non-human structures & craft witnessed on the Moon, on Mars, and n deep space (also posited on a number of other solar system bodies, such as Phobos & Iapetus). Some of the bodies themselves have been posited as being unnatural, thus artificial, demonstrating engineering feats on a near-celestial scale.

Finally, to that list we can add:

13 - It has not been possible to destroy the satellite, as this would almost certainly have been agreed pan-globally as necessary, owing to the unknown quality of the intentions of whoever built & placed it - even though crop circles are relatively benign, we don't know everything about the Universe yet, and so would be greatly tempted to destroy it in order to ward against possible future aggression, or any potential effects caused by the crop circles themselves, due to physical processes we don't yet understand.
14 - This is an ongoing covert investigation, and it will remain covert until such time as the implications can no longer be hidden. Because the satellite is going nowhere, it seems!

*** See next post ***

posted on Jul, 1 2017 @ 01:48 PM
In my opinion, the satellite & its crafted crop circles are a time-delayed, 'fire & forget' system of engagement, which was tripped into action when modern homo sapiens sapiens first lifted off into deep space. I think that whoever left it here was actually doing us a favour somehow, though we don't quite know the detailed reasons for its placements & strange action leading to the crop circle phenomenon. We haven't yet fully (publicly) understood the coded messages being crafted in our fields - but it's a public service broadcast system from deep space, across thousands of years of our time, waiting for the moment we entered the age of deep space.

It's evident from the intensive disinformation campaign that we're not supposed to know about this. 'Alien' (or ancient human) factions have visited, and left an unusual indestructible device in orbit, which is interacting with us, and our planet - seemingly benign, but deeply curious; this is a mystery to be figured out, a cryptographic time capsule. It would have been placed in orbit prior to the current age of our social development - I'm guessing at least 2000BC, around the time when 'gods' seem to have reduced or ceased their interaction with ancient humans, leaving the city states founded in their honour.

Crop circles are therefore rubbished publicly - but covertly engaged.

Crop circles themselves are mysterious, cryptic, geometrically beautiful & intensively head-scratching - they certainly seem to have some deeper meaning, but where to begin in deciphering it? I think a recent Hollywood movie may have drawn its inspiration firmly from the fields of Wiltshire..

As means of proving real-time engagement, last year saw a very specific crop circle which people immediately seized upon as evidence that the phenomenon is human-generated - the 'Mothership Glass' logo crafted as a crop circle. People immediately assumed that this was evidence of the absence of a non-human explanation - but in my personal consideration, this may have been targeted precisely at some of the covert investigators - a statement that the phenomenon is not a mindless 'divination tool' like the I Ching, the Tarot, or the Urrim & Thurrim - all of which depend on [non-participant providence/ chance] to provide 'answers' to a person's (or covert pan-global investigative committee's) questions. This is a system which is able to read the current state of the world by accessing its data streams, and thereafter to provide information based on sentient/near-sentient understanding.

Is the mylar satellite entirely engaging with us by means of artificial intelligence, or is it 'piloted' across space & time by some more familiar type of mind? I'm sure that the covert investigation team/s have some pretty interesting files to read through, in order to go about answering that question.

Finally, what might this unnatural, watcher-on-the-wall satellite have come to be known as, unofficially? Traversing the globe silently, watchfully; waiting for millennia - and then finally, speaking in riddles to the Earth humans who finally noticed its presence.

My guess is that it could be something along the lines of, "The Dark Knight".

So could this polar orbiting, mechanistic mystery have been a part of the inspiration giving rise to more than one of our most beloved modern stories?

I think the answer is probably a definitive YES. (love the Avatar btw..!!)

Oh, and it's not a NASA thermal blanket either. Anyone who says that it is, either works as part of a small section of the cover up operation; sincerely believes the lies they are being expressly told in response to ordinary questions; can't see the wood for the trees; wants to remain living under the rock of ignorance; hasn't the courage to look at the evidence; is scared of standing out & being thrown out of the club; has drunk so much Kool Aid they don't know which way is up anymore, let alone whether anything is going on up there. (etc)

posted on Jul, 1 2017 @ 02:04 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Should add that many of the crop circles have geodetic qualities; they may also have some sort of geomantic effect - personally, I believe that in some part, they are a control system for unlocking consciousness effects, but this warrants further investigation before I could comment further on that. Incidentally, this is my own unique speculation - many folk believe the glyphs have consciousness effects, but as to whether they are very specific 'keys' to anamnetic memory from former lifetimes, locked away in the deeper unconscious mind until engagement with the crop glyphs occurs - as yet it seems I'm the only one saying it. Which is kinda cool.

While we're thinking of ego-driven enthusiasm, let's make a further note:

The crop circle enthusiast scene has been saddled with & hampered by the ingress of deeply unpleasant, vile, intimidating, aggressive bullies - who between them have racked up a string of dramatic incidents, including violence, damage to private property, trespass with intent, various public order matter too, plus incitement to any of those behaviours, by persistence at winding up formerly non-clique, uninvolved or partially involved enthusiasts who have some contact with the scene. Which completely decimates the potential for the sort of dispassionate or level-headed, or even spiritual sorts of inquiry that rational, calm people want to do, based on their own personal fascination with the glyphs for whatever personal reasons.

These thugs insert themselves in (unavoidable) ways during the crop circles season, so that the outsider is either manipulated into joining a pseudo-clique, horrified to the point at which by some means they are scared off from further engagement with the scene. The perpetrators sham at collecting money for the farmers, they start long-running feuds with local enthusiasts, they deliberately agitate farmers, deliberately cause resentment for the scene from local businesses & resident, and so on. In short, they are soulless agents-provocateurs, who very clearly are there for the long haul, for the sole purpose of dissuading new enthusiasts from getting involved with the 'scene' down in Wiltshire. They have spent years crafting very divisive factions & belief systems, or modes of antisocial operation - and unfortunately, more gentle souls are often the victims of their bullying, or are swayed by their pretence at sincerity or humility, as the feuds rumble on, as the years of disruption & negative attention-seeking, the destruction of local goodwill, have persisted.

edit on JulySaturday1717CDT02America/Chicago-050010 by FlyInTheOintment because: clarification

posted on Jul, 1 2017 @ 02:43 PM
I personally do not believe in crop circles to be of Alien origin, but I also dont believe all are just hoaxes made by bored Humans.

What if its the old hiding in plain sight method, say its aliens no one will take it seriously, but use the very circles to convey messages with real value, I have no proof just an idea of mine that i might pursue further one day im sure they mean something but what and who for

posted on Jul, 1 2017 @ 02:52 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

SORRY the avatar is the NASA thermal blanket there is a post on ATS which proves that beyond any doubt.

posted on Jul, 1 2017 @ 05:36 PM
a reply to: wmd_2008


a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

This has already been thoroughly debunked in Jim Oberg's PDF HERE. Of which I seriously doubt you'll read through because fantasy is much more fun than reality.

"Deny Ignorance" is a motto this forum should stand by.

posted on Jul, 1 2017 @ 05:51 PM
Certainly there are folks who create crop circles...that is a given. I cannot but believe some are a natural aliens or people needed. Mother nature creates many awesome patterns all over this planet. It is a shame that humans hoax these circles. I believe science would learn more about the planet we live on by studying these circles more fully. No messages needed...

posted on Jul, 1 2017 @ 08:07 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment


posted on Jul, 3 2017 @ 12:20 AM

originally posted by: ParanoidCovKid
Ive seen videos of people making plain jane crop circles, but not a single video of people making the far more intricate and very detailed ones.

I'm not sure what you mean really but "very detailed ones," but there are videos of people making some fairly complex designs that stumped folks until it was revealed. Jump to the 8 minute mark in this video to see one being made:

There are crop circle making groups (some are commercial), and sure.. they want to out-do their competition. I often hear "can't believe a couple drunk guys with boards and rope could do that." When the truth is these folks are artists in their own way. The design, plan, use lasers, go out probably completely sober (or close enough), and of course, it's not bumbling drunk locals making these things. Crop circle making groups, often college kids, design and create these.

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