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A game of trick and treat

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posted on Oct, 6 2016 @ 07:38 AM
The shadowy figure stood in a room and said;" Its strange to see you play a scene with words and trickery "
In front of him was stage, painted with forests, valleys, seas, rivers even mountains, a minitature stage with brazen figures resembling humans..

" How does this work? " The shadowy figure asked the few men who stood in the room.. They all looked at each other.. " Oh sorry you left the door open, i just went in " The shadowy figure said with a smile..

" Well " One of the men said.. " The shadowy figure looked at the man with an uncanny face, resembling more animal than human like features.. Looking from top to toe.. " The voice in my head says it doesnt like you, so who are you? Im always fascinated by those he thinks should be dead, what did you do? " The man looked worried.. " I, I, I hold the door " " It says you are lying." The shadowy figure said. The shadowy came closer, looked deep down in his eyes, to see where the soul lies.. " You have no soul " The shadowy figure said with another uncanny smile..

" Please go on, tell me how this little game works. A man without soul, is already dead i can offer you something else if you do my biding"

The man opened his mouth and he told how the game began..

(post by CRYDACDC removed for a manners violation)

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