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Things that have happened to you that would turn a non-believer into a believer in an instant..

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posted on Oct, 8 2016 @ 02:56 AM
a reply to: digital01anarchy

hhmmm scary, although there really is only one thing to fear and that is fear itself, danger is real that is why we need to be wary, but we should never be fearful because that is a powerful negative attraction. of course saying this sh*t and doing it when/if the time comes is another thing altogether isn't it, but if we ever come within a life and death situation we should think do we really want to bow out in fear, i'm sticking with my beliefs on the LAO because lets be honest its a no lose theory, because concentrating on positive thoughts makes you happy by default.

posted on Dec, 25 2016 @ 05:32 AM
Instances of the paranormal; or why i believe in the existent of the paranormal.

OOBE - brief and non consequential, fell asleep on a long bus trip woke up only to find i was still dreaming staring down at my sleeping body time was still going the same.. i had to force myself back inside to wake up so i didnt miss my bus stop.

Disembodied voice - Have heard a voice as clear as if someone of flesh was standing next to me she said "He isn't ready" in a house i was the sole occupant of, on a property near no other.
side note; this voice was the most beautiful peaceful soothing sound i had ever heard.

Min Min lights - I and two friends were joy riding out in the country near one of their properties speeding along a back road when a brilliant light appeared behind us following for some time we thought it was police so sped off faster, it kept the same distance with a bluish hue.. no sirens or coloured lights which police always throw on when chasing besides we were wayyyyy out in the sticks.... after about 800 metres it just kind of disappeared? Was a strange night, got back all shaken like what

deja vu/premonitions/foresight - I was overseas with my partner and her family, we were in a park i had never been to before and there was a big square statue i told them it spins... they tried it and it indeed spun my partners mother who is a witch imo (the good kind) asked me how i knew.. the words kinda just flew out that "i had been here before"
i said "down the street on the left is a old pizza shop" we walked around the block and there was an old pizza shop sign
hanging on a building, no actual shop though but the sign looked right with the yellow border and red words, Other times its an intense feeling of having been there before or having already seen things like a news article...
or predicting what people are going to say or things happen to them.

dreams -
Strange dreams of the beginnings of the universe... the expanding.
A name whispered in the dark recesses of sleep, lilitu... that i did not know as the first wife of adam until i read into christianity.
A reoccuring dream of brown robed men chastising me and my partner, Angry but in a paternal way.

posted on Jan, 10 2017 @ 09:36 PM
From the time I could speak I talked about ghosts and "visitors" that came to see me at night. I had a habit of sleepwalking and waking up outside. Of course the adults in my life chalked it all up to an over-active imagination.

One evening, when I was 4 years old, I was playing quietly in my room while my parents entertained company. I vividly emember looking up and seeing a white face with big dark eyes watching me from across the room. I'd had glimpses of this "thing"(?) before and, odd as it sounds I was never frightened, but this time it was so unexpected that I gasped.

My parents rushed to my room after hearing pounding on the wall that "shook the entire house". They found me unconscious. I had managed to suck my own tongue back into my throat obstructing my airway. I was dying. Somehow my mother figured out what to do and dislodged my tongue without losing any fingers. An ambulance was called but I appeared to be fine.

In the end the story that everyone chose to believe was that some joker had looked through my window in a Halloween mask and scared me so badly that I choked on my tongue. The banging that alerted the others in the house was me convulsing. Even at 4 years old I knew it was ridiculous...and for once I knew that the things I'd been taking about didnt come my imagination. Something was definitely happening that was inexplicable. The experience and that truth stayed with me forever.

For whatever reason something non-malevolent was connecting with me when I wad a small child. It inadvertently put me in danger...and then it saved my life.

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posted on Jan, 12 2017 @ 01:19 PM
a reply to: Davg80

My first strange experience was when I was 3. I was coloring in my parent's bedroom, on the floor. They had this closet with an accordion like sliding door. The door on each side has a latch on it, so it can't just open on its own, but it did open on its own, slowly as I watched it. My dad had a suit hanging in the closet from a hanger, full length. It started to fill out like something was in it but I couldn't see anything. The legs of the pants started moving like it was walking, then stopped. The arm raised up, bent at the elbow and pointed the cuff of the arm right at me. Most 3-year-old children probably would have been scared to death. I wan't. I just lay on the floor...staring. It held that position for several minutes, until my mom called from the kitchen that lunch was ready. It then lowered its arm and the door slid back shut. I didn't bother telling my mom. A few weeks later, I had a premonition of my dog, Spudder, staggering down the hall way, walking over to me and biting me, going to the middle of the floor where he laid down and died right there. I told my mom about this and told her he was sick and needed to see the vet. She told me I was being silly. Not even 2 weeks later, he did exactly what I had seen, right in front of my mom. I was really upset that she didn't believe me. All she could do was look at me with this puzzled look but said nothing.

Since then, I have seen things before they happen, a lot. Awake, asleep, it doesn't matter when. Images or things like movie clips start playing in my head but I know if I'm asleep, I can tell the difference between this and just a dream. I dream in color, smell things, feel things too but in a normal dream, everything is in color. In a vision, at least for me, everything is in black and white like on a black and white t.v. The main focal point will be in color. I know at that point, what I need to be paying attention to is that person or item. The closer it gets to the time the event is going to actually happen, the more often the vision comes to me. I don't like it. I can't shut it off or slow it down.

The most recent one was of the night club in Florida. Things just kept flooding to me that made no sense at first. I kept seeing this cartoon like palm tree outside of a building but I'm looking down on it from an angle. I can't make out any street signs or anything else. That went on for a few days. Then I was looking inside of the building from some place I wasn't sure where I was at but it was eye level. People running, shots being fired, people screaming. I can smell everything mixed together. Alcohol and everything else. I knew it had to be a night club somewhere. I started to tell my friends on FB to stay away from bars and why. Some laughed at me, others who have witnessed things I do, promised they would.

About 2 weeks later, I was in such a high state of anxiety. It kept flooding me and I couldn't make it stop. I tend to clean things when I'm like that. I had my door open and was cleaning. I stopped to sit on my bed, I was crying so hard I could barely see anything. This pastor and his friend walk to my door and try to recruit me for church. That made me even more upset because neither of them even asked why I was so distraught. After he was talking and going on about his church, I just couldn't stand it any longer and let it fly. Told him everything I had been seeing and that this happens a lot to me. I was upset because all these people were going to die and I couldn't do anything about it. His friend stepped out of my door to the other side of the hall. That was my point..right there. The pastor said...people die every day and shrugged. WTF...who says that? Clearly he did not believe me which angered me even more because he could believe in an entity he couldn't see, but not even acknowledge me. I begged him to tell the people in his church to not go to bars or night clubs, because people do go to those things whether they drink or not and do so even if they are church goers. He said nothing and left. 2 weeks to the day....the nightclub massacre happened. I get on FB, crying hysterically and my messages were flooded by friends that I had warned. Even the ones who thought I was crazy were telling me they will never doubt me again.

posted on Jan, 29 2017 @ 09:45 PM
I have had a handful of what you could call "paranormal" experiences, but two of them stand out as the weirdest:

1) The 2004 Christmas Indian Tsunami - age 20, living in Oklahoma. I've never had a dream where I awoke and I sat straight up in bed, like in the movies, before. But the night (it being night here in the U.S. when it struck on the other side of the Earth) it happened I had this dream... I was walking along a sandy beach with straw-like huts along the tree-line. The shore was empty, in that the water was missing. (I live in central U.S. so I didn't know anything about tides or how oceans work, at this time.) There were a couple of yellow jeeps, like, life guard jeeps. All the people were walking out in the muddy sand where the water should have been. I walk past the yellow jeep looking out at the missing water and it suddenly hits me... If the water got pulled out it's probably going to come rushing back... So I started running towards the people and yelling at them to get away from the water... to come back. I was running and screaming frantically as others realized what I was saying and they joined trying to get the people to come back to shore. But then we saw it, the water was coming back. And then we all turned and ran. I was just reaching the tree-line and dashed inside a hut when the water crashed through and around me. That's when I woke up - shot straight up in bed, breathing heavily, the adrenaline was so much that I didn't go back to sleep and it was SUPER early in the morning in Oklahoma. When I went downstairs later that morning, my sister was at the kitchen table and I told her I had a crazy dream about a tsunami, there were palm trees, and that I woke up right when the water overtook me. A couple of hours later I was coming downstairs and into the living room. The news was on and I heard them talking about a tsunami. They then showed a tropical beach with huts and palm trees being overtaken by water. I stopped dead in my tracks and yelled out "That's my dream! That's the place!" My dad, sitting in his chair in the living room, looked up at me not knowing what I was talking about. My sister walked into the living room. I looked at her and repeated "That's my dream. The palm trees, the grass huts, I dreamed that tsunami!" My sister then nodded and told my dad, in shock, that I DID say that morning that I dreamed about a tsunami at a tropical location. I went on and explained that I didn't even know how tsunamis worked until I dreamt it. That the water was all gone and everyone was walking around checking out the empty beach before the tsunami struck. Later, after going online, I also found out that in America our life guard vehicles are red, but in India and other countries in that area they are yellow, which I did not know. Just like in my dream.

2) Age 29, living in Lakewood, Colorado. I was sitting in my one-room apartment's bedroom. My back was to the bedroom door and I was fiddling with something while sitting on the edge of my bed, facing my night table. Suddenly, a deep male voice, said very loudly (and angrily) "I am going to kill you!" right in my ear, as if his face was right behind my head. I immediately screamed out "Jason!" (my husband's name) and jumped up and turned around, thinking he was just trying to scare me, and I said his name in an angry voice too, I was pissed he would ever say such a thing. And my blood ran cold as I realized I was alone in the room AND the bedroom door was closed. Only seconds having passed, Jason ran into the room and asked if I was okay. I must have looked terrified because he immediately questioned what had happened. I just stared at him, shaking my head, and said "You're not going to believe me. But I swear to GOD a man just angrily yelled that he was going to kill me right into my ear, as if he was right behind me!" He then proceeded to check under the bed and in the closet (not many places to look in our tiny apartment) but found nothing... of course.
.... Never been able to put a good explanation to this one. Still creeps me out to this day....

posted on Jan, 29 2017 @ 10:03 PM
I guess I'll share some of my other experiences:

3) While in law school studying Elder Law - 2010, Oklahoma: I was taking a break from studying and I had just gotten into paranormal subjects due to some paranormal stuff happening to me. So I was trying to meditate and communicate with anything that would communicate back. After about 20 minutes I asked that if anything or anyone was there, who are they? Of course, no reply. So I gave up and returned to studying. I had an idea that could help me study better - I would read off my outlines into a recorder on my laptop so that I could play it back and just listen to my notes as I cleaned and did chores. So I read off my entire outline while recording it on my laptop and I save it and hit replay. I then begin putting up a large pile of laundry in my room. I can remember it like it was yesterday, I walk into my closet hanging up a suit jacket as I hear my recorded voice on my laptop get really slow and get really deep until it distorted my voice until it sounded like a male's voice and the only word it distorted before returning back to my voice was: Guardian. I slowly stepped out of my closet and back into my room, staring at my computer, near tears in my eyes. I re-wound (which, it was digital, so it's not actually "rewinding") and replayed it. It did it AGAIN. It had recorded the word "Guardian" in a distorted male's voice! I grabbed my laptop and rand downstairs (living with my parents to save money that semester) and yelled out for my mother. I didn't even care that I possibly sounded crazy, but I just admitted to my mom that I had been meditating and called out and asked who might be there and then I played her the sound clip. She was in shock! Needless to say, I really got into angels after that...

4) Shortly after the "Guardian" experience - same semester. I'm upstairs with my dog. I feed her in my bathroom so my parent's dog can't steal her food. But for some reason, my dog refuses to go into the bathroom and keeps looking up and behind me at something as I'm standing in the bathroom attempting to coax her inside. I even turn around and look all around me asking out loud, "What are you looking at? What is wrong with you?" I get tired and just pick her up and put her in the bathroom facing her food and she immediately dashes out and back into my bedroom - staring back at the spot up and behind me. So I give up, and (it's night time) turn out the lights, leaving the bathroom light in case she wants to go eat later, and I crawl into bed. My bed was against the wall opposite the bathroom, so I was facing the wall with my back to the bathroom and the bathroom light was cast across the wall I was facing. My bedroom door was closed and the door connecting the bathroom to the next room was closed. I'm just staring at the wall that's cast in light, waiting to fall asleep when I see a shadow of a person pass across the wall, as if they had just exited the bathroom and were heading towards my bedroom door. I jump and turn around, while in bed, but of course see nothing. I'm nearly frozen in fear. But then I hear my dog, she's now in the bathroom, eating. I'm just sitting up in bed thinking and I raise my hand in between the bathroom and the wall and see that the bathroom light causes it's shadow to be on the wall. So obviously something had passed between the bathroom and myself to have made that shadow appear - and now that it was no longer in the bathroom my dog was finally able to go eat her food!... Creepy.

posted on Jan, 29 2017 @ 11:38 PM
I know parts of Monterey Bay, and I have never been there before.
I can see it with Google Earth.

Long story short, I have dreams about a place I have never been, and after described to someone, they said it sounded something like Monterey Bay area. Astounded after spending an hour on Google Earth in Monterey. I know some of the streets, some scenes and some landmarks, but still cannot find an elusive feature that I know is there. Very strange as I am a fairly down-to-earth person. I am definitely going to take a trip there, when things are not so busy.
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posted on Jan, 30 2017 @ 12:19 PM
a reply to: Davg80

When I was a kid, I really needed gas but only had $3. I literally prayed at the pump (even though I didn't believe) and said, if you can help me, I will know there is a God. So I started pumping and the gas pump hit $2.37 and it stopped counting but continued to pump gas. I swear to you that actually happened. I've never told anyone about it bc who tf would believe me but it blew my mind. Honestly, it kind of freaked me out. I don't know if that's what you would call paranormal but I have no explanation for it.

posted on Jan, 30 2017 @ 07:01 PM
a reply to: Rapha

Rapha.. do you have to post it online to find out if it's 'valid' ?
Had some bizarre ones lately of otherworlds/dimensions.

Op, Like the thread, thanks!

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