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My theory on bigfoot

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posted on Nov, 12 2016 @ 04:42 AM
a reply to: SensusCommunis
Listen dude, I will have to stop responding to you. I have found other things to bother with on this site. Did you know that the whole presidential election things has happened, the whole red vs blue is in full swing again. Its pretty hillarious and sad no!

But anyways, last rounds of responses, or I may change my mind latter, however it is looking doubtful.

I suppose you don’t just see demons, apparently you also talk to them. The fact that you claim not to see logic, reason and sound science in my argument says quite a bit about you, and no, it’s not in your favor.

I seen many things and talked to many things. What of it? And your logic is just that, your logic, its not flawed it just works for you. But you should know and like I stated in my other response, though I was being obtuse, and I know people are a bit slow. So let me say it more clearer.

There has been more evidence both in stories of encounters of all kinds of people all mostly random and pics and even vids of possible Bigfoot sightings in the past years and increased with the advent of things such as cellphone carry anywhere cameras. Then there has been photo proof that molecules exist in not only that past 500 years, but at least 3 thousand years. Science itself has stated and I have written or linked it clearly from your own like that and I quote again...

"Until now, all of the drawings of molecules we’ve ever seen (or been forced to look at) were educated guesses based on the scientific information at hand. Now, due to photography at the most infinitesimal level, scientists no longer have to guess. It won’t make O-Chem any more interesting, but at least now you’ll be studying something that you’ve seen IRL"

So ya! I would say try to apply a bit of logic to that.

Minimum Viable Population. You read it earlier in my argument. Or more likely ignored it in favor or just making stuff up. It’s not directly related to Bigfoot, I made that clear. It’s comparing Bigfoot to the MVP of the closest know animals according to all descriptions of Bigfoot to determine how many there would have to be when taking into account all the alleged sightings. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that there would have to be tens, or hundreds, of thousands of breeding individuals. I have repeated it in almost every response I have made to this argument, and you don’t know what I’m talking about. I guess that shouldn’t surprise me.

So what is your point? There could be hundreds of thousands or there could be 10,000. Either way it does not matter.

If they’re that hard to miss, then why don’t we have more definitive proof? So many contradictions. What is a sighting “offshoot”? What situation would they have to be in?

Most encounters with bigfoot are from people out in the woods some pretty far some not, or in places most people ie your or me or anybody else with a modern day to day life would likely set foot any time soon. Some maybe on there yearly vacation, and even then millions more have been in sort of like places and situations and have not seen anything.

So! Basically if there out there, then there pretty good at remaining hidden, in fact its likely the ones most people run into are the ones who got high on some shrooms or broke up with there bigfoot girlfriend and are in a bit of daze. basically once in a while the dopie ones run inot some humans because they have neglected to be wary of there environment.

If they exist that is. Or it could be some sort of mass hallucinations by thousands of people all across the world whenever they hear a noise in the bush, the vids and pics being not to clear could be interpreted as anything. Maybe there all bears, right.

If you can’t prove it happened, then why are you saying it happened?

I didnt say I could prove it. I just said it would be to much of a bother and not worth the time or effort in to doing so. There is a difference you know. That comparison I made about how much fun a scientist would have arguing God or Allah with a christian or a Islamist was merely an allegory for me wasting my time bothering with any of it.

I am not here to prove anything to you. Your believe of things of that nature simply does not matter to me at all.

I have only responded to direct quotes. Please show me how I’ve tried to change the subject.

This is about Bigfoot right. The whole aliens or demons was just a side note. Not of importance.

Bottom line. The Roosevelt story is a second hand tale told by a man who’s character cannot be truly known, and even if that character were credible and reliable, he never categorically states anything that would lead us to believe that Bigfoot is absolutely involved. It’s just more possible anecdotal evidence with zero substantiation.

Well Roosevelt felt he was good at his job, and even he did not question Bauman, he merely questioned germanic race and there supposed predisposition for goblins and the like. In fact Bauman in the story recounting still does not say who or what killed his partner, he says something did, but he does not know what it was. The fact that he did not hightail it out of there the first night at camp, well that does not scream of a man or men that says there overly superstitious. It says that there not much bothered about sleeping in the middle of the woods while something screaming like a howler monkey around them.

They even shoot at it to make it go away, then went back to take a nap. Now does that say to you that there overly superstitions or maybe they to thought it was a bear and they scared it off. Time to get back to there nap. They only took up sentries after the second time there camp was ransacked and nothing of value was taken not even what food stores they may have kept there.

If Bigfoot did not kill his partner, then something else did, and its not likely by the tale that it was a bear.

And Bigfoot is a phrase which was coined many years latter after all this. So ya, a German decent trapper would likely call something like that a goblin. Just like if he were from another decent and culture he would likely call it something else. But he would not call it Bigfoot, that came what? A hundred years latter.

Yes, I’m sure the Bigoot people got together in the last hundred years or so and said, “Hey, maybe we shouldn’t kill trappers anymore.” I mean, if we’re going to make stuff up, let’s go all out.

Well going by the whole missing 411 disappearances, then ya there tactics have changed and for all you know there could have been tens of thousands in those past hundred years that came face to face with a bigfoot, you just never heard about it because nobody got back to tell the tale.

But who is keeping track eh? Much less on how many trappers died weird and bizarre deaths some odd hundreds of years ago. In fact most people would not know how there great grandfather died, much less that.

posted on Nov, 12 2016 @ 05:23 AM
a reply to: SensusCommunis

Let me put it this way. Take any place and time on the planet, your choice, and I can point in every possible direction, and say, “Bigfoot isn’t there, and never has been”, and then go on to absolutely prove it, every time. Again, take any place and time on the planet, your choice, take as long as you want, point in as many directions as you wish, and say, “Bigfoot is there, or has been”, and you will never ever be able to indisputably prove it.

Off course you cant. What the hell can you prove, can you even prove I exist?

But OK! Whatever, how about 11/12/2016 Annapurna Himalayas Nepal. Can you prove to me that there are no big foots in that vicinity withing 10,000 or so square miles, at around 10 pm or so in the whole vicinity?

Or how about this, lets keep it local the northern American continent. can you prove there are no bigfoots in the area of Garibaldi Provincial Park in Canada at around the time you read this?


Well how about this? Lets make it esier, in fact to easy. Can you prove that a bear has walked through the woods there? Should be easy right, there must be hundreds of them traversing the area day in day out. Can you prove that they did that at around dusk time? Maybe a picture or paw print, some physical samples with a time stamp would be better so I know its not some phony Photoshop or YouTube pictures and the sun must be setting in the backround or else it wont bee noon right?

Can you prove all that? Its easy right? Can you prove to me that a bear exists in what would be down right bear home central at a certain time which is also very common? Maybe you should get in your car drive down there come back with a sample of hair or even feces or at least paw print, but a selfie of yourself with one would be much more believable.

Can you prove all that? You said anywhere in the world, I am not even making you prove to me that big foots exist or that they don't exist. Surely you can prove to me bears exist in the woods at dusk or night, a picture of you with one at a certain time and place should not be to hard to do right?

I mean I want real tangible evidence here not some wiki links or any of that. Maybe you should get going right now.

Listen unless you have been there and seen it you cant prove #. Much less what happened some odd hundred or so years ago. All anybody has to go on is the story. Which I am going by and which you are not even taking into account. And for any bigfoot encounters? Ya good luck with that even if you happened to run into one by accident, in fact more so since it happened by accident.

Of course, you can always excuse yourself, like many other Bigfoot proponents who constantly make stuff up to justify their belief, by saying that it can do this or that to keep itself undetected, which is okay in an imbecilic sort of way, as long as you realize that any claims you make are worthless without scientific substantiation.

Dont know what your talking about? This is all postulation. Hence in, "if bigfoot exists" I merely want to know as much as i can about them without putting to much effort into it. Because something tells me I may need some of that info at some point in my life, but not likely any time soon.

Everything else, does not matter. In fact I would prefer it that they did not exist. Would make things so much easier. And from all I seen, well like I said earlier. There has been more evidence in the past 5 years that something may exist then there has been real tangible picture prof evidence that molecules existed the past thousand or so years. And yet they happened to have exist all along and why even in 2013 we have some picture of them to finally prove it.

The molecule sidetrack is running away and turning into its own argument. Bottom line is that humans are more intelligent and competent than you credit them for being. Their accomplishments have more than proved that they can find one of thousands of hairy giants if they wanted to. No matter how allusive the hairy giants might be.

Not if they don't know the exact nature and what constitutes the world they live in. So far from what I have seen, I would say all of human accomplishments are not only not even a drop in the bucket, but may not even have been there own to begin with.

Maybe you give to much credit, and I give to little. Either way it does not matter now does it?

You’re not fooling the readers. You’re only fooling yourself.

No your fooling yourself. I told you the treeshakers are the scardy cat ones, its been proven as a downright pattern across the globe among all animals including humans. When in fright, fight, flee, or make big noise to confuse and distract or make yourself bigger then you are to whatever spooked you.

As for energies what somebody else may be feeling. Like I said ask them, because if you ask me again. My answer will be the same.

No need. The meaning is apparent. You’re the one who seems to be struggling with it.

Is it? Well then why did you ask a complete strange about what some other complete stranger thought was "feeling there energy" Am I the one struggling with it now? Is that why I dont give a squat about it? Wow Thanks for telling me, here I did not even know what I was feeling. Definitely was not feeling the energy you were trying to convey.

But OK. You like asking questions. Well here, what do you think he meant by feeling energies of bigfoot? You could ask him what he meant, or you can postulate like I did on what he meant by it. Either way, whatever, ya know. Not like I care either way.

Its like a total struggle, oh the hardship of it all.

You know they should have a swoon or headache emoticon, that puzzled guy just does not quite convey what I trying to get across.

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posted on Nov, 12 2016 @ 11:43 AM
a reply to: galadofwarthethird

Yes, the secret is knowing when to stop.

Common sense, like your spelling and grammar, eludes you.

The next time the demons, aliens, and Bigfoot all get together to have a cup of coffee, perhaps you should join them and just be happy.

posted on Nov, 12 2016 @ 08:13 PM
a reply to: SensusCommunis
Well sorry there, I really have not time to look out for spelling and grammar. But yes, lets just say that you believe that there is no such thing as Bigfoot out there and all those supposed cases and sightings of Bigfoot are all either fake or made up for some reason.

And I believe that there may be something to all that, maybe even more then we know or can know, and maybe there should be some actual real research or search to it all. End of story.

posted on Nov, 20 2016 @ 04:46 PM
a reply to: schuyler

A lot of animals also go to enclosed areas to die. We're also talking about a likely self-aware animals in Sasquatch that knows any discovery would mean bad news for them.

posted on Mar, 24 2017 @ 07:45 PM
Would like to hear more of your thoery

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