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- The Ether -

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posted on Sep, 28 2016 @ 09:36 AM

Time replaced the old ways, long ago during the war between The Juntau sometimes referred to as 'Jackel', and, The Humans or 'EA'. There was a clash in the ether, so powerful that it split the atoms creating chaos without precedence. No one saw it coming until it was too late.

In order to save the world, the intervener came who has no name, who was and is forevermore.

Some called him 'The Watcher'. Others... God, he forever lurked in the shadows of non conformity, but his presence was ever felt by the many.
The day grew ever closer as war began to implode upon itself. For if this were to continue, all hell would break loose, and all would be destroyed.

The Juntau and Humans were forever at war. Both were very powerful in their own right, and in their own selfish arrogance felt themselves each one, to be greater. The Humans, before time began grew ever Narcissistic in their self favoritism. The Juntau... full of their own deluded self importance over others who inhabited the ether.

It was these two groups who could not... would not live in peace and self awareness. For had they tried, the ether would not have been split into near destruction. The Watcher thus created 'time' in order to save the 'all'. Thousands of years passed, before the Watcher would return.
He spent aeons in the ether repairing it from the damage the Juntau and Humans had caused.

Soon, the curtain would be rent in two and time would cease to exist once more and all would 'remember' whence they came. For they had many powers, great powers to do good or evil. In the last world they chose the latter. Pain, hurt and self destruction was all that remained of the previous reality, but now... now they had a choice. Their last chance to create that which is good rather than self destruction as they had in their distant past before time began.

This was and always has been the wish of The Watcher. To see peace within the colonies. The curtain will come down and all will be revealed to the 'all', and time will prevail no more. They call this event 'The Great Hope'. For it is but the last hope...

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posted on Sep, 28 2016 @ 10:36 AM
a reply to: awareness10

Awesome story and I love the photo!👍

posted on Sep, 28 2016 @ 11:23 AM
a reply to: Quantum12

Thank you for that

posted on Sep, 28 2016 @ 04:33 PM
withering where
to which you came
gone you are
thou art insane
said the cat
to the skunk
down yonder
in battyfang lane.
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