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As a US citizen...

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posted on Sep, 27 2016 @ 03:17 PM
I think it's obligatory for me to start by saying that I appreciate the freedoms and opportunities this country has provided me as a citizen. It isn't necessarily a fair system, we aren't all granted the same privileges or have the same resources in life. But if you work hard and persist there is really nothing you can't accomplish. There will be struggles and it won't be an easy path, but that's a choice available to us if we're willing to make it. That's what makes America great.

With that said, I can't believe we've come to this as a nation. We have become a joke and last nights debate was just one of the many punchlines. I accept my part of the blame for not always keeping properly informed or taking part in voting for our local branches of government, if I could do it differently I probably would. But now we're here, choosing if we want a slow or quick death. Our country is deciding the next leader based off of who can use the best keywords or insults at the right time. We are left choosing between the lesser of two evils instead of choosing the most qualified. I want to think I will wake up and find out this was all a really bad joke, but unfortunately I don't think it's gonna happen.

While the message sounds bleak it's helped to reinforce something positive, the future is up to us to create. It's up to the entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, artists, and educators to help our civilization and species move forward. People like Elon Musk furthering our space exploration and creating a renewable energy infrastructure or Bill Gates providing a better quality of life and education for those less fortunate. These are the people we should be watching debate about our future, not this reality TV circus we've created.

As long as those who can create real value for our nation continue to do so, all hope is not lost. Last night was more proof that we are in real trouble. That's why it's up to those educated enough to make a difference and help those around them. More than ever we need to bond together and shine a light in the darkness to guide those that truly want a better life. I know this isn't a new issue, we've been in a descent for a long time. But we can't continue to enable this kind of thing.

We have to invest in our future. We need to make sure we leave a decent world for our kids to live in so they can have the same freedoms and opportunities we did. I may be wasting my time writing this, I doubt most people even got to this part but if this resonates in at least one person then it was worth it. I can't continue to stand by and say nothing while I watch all of these injustices and absurdities take place. So please educate yourselves, question everything, work hard in your passions, and create real value in the world. Help those who are in true need whenever possible. As Gandhi wisely said "A thousand candles can be lit from the flame of one candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened".

Instead of dividing ourselves over which of these two cancers we support, we need to unite and establish real tangible solutions to the grave problems in front of us. It's obvious at this point that no one is coming to save us, so we need to save ourselves. I'll leave you with one more quote from one of the most brilliant minds of our time Albert Einstein, his words have never rung truer. "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything".

posted on Sep, 27 2016 @ 03:26 PM
a reply to: halo0verhorns

Bill Gates wtf?

posted on Sep, 27 2016 @ 03:41 PM
a reply to: halo0verhorns

I really don't see why these candidates are an embarrassment to people. ALL HUMAN BEINGS of the Earth who reside in a country whos central bank is beholden to the Bank of International Settlements are all ruled under the same Demographic. Successful or semi-successful families of wealth. The wealthy have ALWAYS, and ALWAYS will rule because civilization as we know it today is modeled the same exact way as it was when a group of people would invade a a smaller tribe, take their resources, demand submission or death.

This is the same story whether it is Eastern or Western civilizations. Modern or ancient, this is how human societal structure automatically aligns itself. Nobody should be anymore embarrassed about it than Mayan citizens, Sumerian, Chinese or Atlantean.

Accepting it is the first step to getting over ones naive idealism of what humanity should be. If your family went off to the woods on its own, and over the course of 3 generations grew and accepted new citizens only under its own terms, it would still be modeled exactly the way it is today and has been for thousands of years. Your family is the leadership, and new citizens work to produce for the community under industries your family created there while paying tribute to the leadership.

So knowing all that, the question should not be why we allow (as if anyone consciously realizes that humans will always default to this model) the wealthy to rule us. The question should be "which wealthy ruler do we agree with the most?" Well I see more to Trump than Clinton, so have that.

I think European citizens are even more hypocritical than Americans. Some of yall will sit on your high horse judging the USA and American citizens. Castigating us because wealthy corporations and the families that founded them are the true policy makers. More than half of the EU still have sitting Monarchies who represent the wealthiest families on Earth, let alone within their own borders. And yet somehow, they will naively believe "oh no, they are only a ceremonial significance, they have no real power" . So wealthy families who are owners of industry and commerce are completely innocent in Europe, but are the true rulers of America and our policy makers?? Idealistic naivety is what that is.

So do not be mad or embarrassed at the men and women who we will be voting for. Be embarrassed for actually believing humans of all nations have not already submitted by default to this model of rule since civilization was founded and continues to this day in every nation on Earth.

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