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Cherry Picked Dreams From My Dream Journal (some are disturbing)

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posted on Sep, 26 2016 @ 11:09 PM
Not sure if any of you do the same, but I write them down after I wake up, then I just look at the journal later, and I can remember in great detail, the dreams. It helps a lot to have this journal. That being said, the reason I kept this is because I have sleep apnea. Severe sleep apnea. (78 stops for 10s or longer during an hour of sleep). I can't use the machine, I sleep on my stomach. Anyway, what this means is, I rarely dream, and am almost always exhausted.

These are from a series of days that I dreamt like a madman (with some outliers as reference), constantly having dreams. The content, is interesting, there must have been something troubling me in real life (Then again my dreams are all pretty dark, when I do get them). Forgive the briefness some of these have, as when I write these down, I often use run-on sentences. I didn't change this, because I wanted to keep it as original as possible and not add anything that wasn't there through bad memory .


dad in fight with mom. I get angry, rain pours down around me, i start hurting my mom,
hear dad say "I'm not the only one that can hurt you" i kill my mom/brother/uncle.
slice throats, chop bodies. felt bad about brother but then remember like a
switch turning off my feelings and doing what had to be done. then kill
neighbor and dad, and grandma, but my neighbor/dad/and grandma were different people
then irl.


trying to get to pond. Zombies. Running from zombies, sitting on fence, hitting them off. Kept hearing something like
"Zombie takeover, it would have happened anyway (No matter what I did in the dream)". oldish town, on roofs - houses wobbling beneath me, crumbing as zombies climb them, kids getting turned too (2nd grade classroom, was what was said in dream - teacher walks fell into the 2nd grade room and turned the kids), all zombies. Running from zombies, building defenses, getting overrun, then once I was bit, it restarted with a different premise, kind of, but still need to get to pond, then zombies. I believe I was in a van at one point.

Note: The dream kept looping. If I died in the dream, it would restart, and I had to try and figure out how to save people. No matter what I did, I kept dying. Sometimes it went to # fast, sometimes longer. Sometimes as soon as it would restart, the zombies would be there, other times, it would seem like they weren't coming, then they'd come out of nowhere with a vengeance.


Dreaming of pounds of marijuana, every time I opened a different pack of it (They were wrapped in plastic)
it wasn't marijuana, just marijuana colored. At dad's house, in barn, in lake was some too in underground tunnel.

Underground tunnel, was underwater, and you had to swim through to get to the other side.


dreaming about an underground concrete maze, trying to hide a girl from people. find statue with writing on it,dates back farther than previous discoveries the discovery is found next to concrete that has broken and a giant hole that I avoided. in box next to it, zombie/skeleton rises out I smash it on head until dead, Flood in tunnel, work way to back entrance to a place, climb stairs, not enough room to breath really, i tear blockade down as much as I can, so me and kid can breathe,group of evil people make me promise not to tell about something. try and bluff. wake up.

(the hiding the girl from people is referencing me trying to hide the girl from the people I later referenced as "evil people".)

2/24/16 nap

driving trying to get to (destination) or something, cant find it, get lost, stop at a restaurant that looks more
like a home with restaurant stuff inside. Swaps to being inside a home, cutie slaps me, because she isn't
getting attention, so I tell her she is very pretty, she sits on my lap. We kiss, and stuff.

2/25/16 nap

Amusement park, people with guns/knives, they kidnap my brother, time keeps resetting as I try and kill them.
words/math written on walls of bathroom, front then around corner is math. person selling weed

on wall is a variable list

a = x

b = 1

type list

and as you turn the corner (90* corner - right angle) there is equations on that side

5x = 1

type equations.


snakes, tress. seeing my younger self falling down stairs onto head as toddler, dad started talking, saying that was
what caused a trouble, fighting began, then divorce. That it was worse than I knew.
dark room, same apt as now, but cluttered with collectables, and was completely foreign to me, one of
figurines like Donald duck, and other types, I think giraffe, when it was dark, i had a weird feeling, ran down the darkened hall.

repair person pulls wires from computer, had porn up, apologize, forget he was coming. the wires were messed up, he said
how the people before me plugged into the cable thing directly, I told him I have a wire piece, it was elsewhere.

when lights were turned on, they were like flash lights or bulbs or maybe a candle type flame, but light bulbs instead of candles

Light was as if a flashlight was being shone in from the outside.

Now that all that is posted, I'll flat out say, I've never harmed anyone, that being said... As I review this journal, which in general, I don't, I may view one or two as I add an entry, but never really much more than that. I notice now my dreams follow the same guidelines. Protecting someone who can't protect themselves, Zombies, incest/sex, puzzles, killing others, restarts (dreams that reset), bad things happening to children, (from murder, to the 'evil people'.) Now I should probably sort through all these and separate based off topic, because it may seem like that is a wide range of topics to cover, but those are the only topics I dream about. Ever.

I hadn't realized that I hadn't had a good dream in so long. I just, I never actually gave the content a second thought when writing it. I wonder why I don't have good dreams?
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posted on Sep, 26 2016 @ 11:14 PM
Do you ever correlate recurring dreams to dates they were dreamed?

When I was a teenager I started keeping a dream journal and after I had a little more than a year's worth of entries I looked back and made a really creepy observation.

On Jan 8th 2004 I had a dream that was very specific, I wrote it down. Then on Jan 8th 2005 I had the exact same dream with subtle variation, not realizing it until I went back and read the entry many weeks later.

Dream journals are cool.

posted on Sep, 26 2016 @ 11:31 PM
a reply to: ColdWisdom

There doesn't seem to be correlation, at least not definitive. They are within a month of previous years dreams, but I can't even really say that it is related. I have limited dream topics.


Incest (always with the same cousin, I have had a crush on her for 15+ years - and have been trying to kill it for 15+ years, haha).



Puzzles - trying to figure something out - most of the times, the puzzles are less "gamey" and more, if I don't figure this out, bad things will happen.

Since it is so limited, a month is too long in between dreams to consider the possibility of recurring on a seasonal basis.

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posted on Sep, 27 2016 @ 12:06 AM
I do not have dates for all unfortunately but here are a few.

When I was around 12 years old I dreamt i was riding my bike home at night from the video rental place. I had just renewed some Sega Genesis games. I noticed someone was following me and rode off the road into the woods. I dropped my bike and began to run eventually hitting an invisible wall (like in the old video games). Having nowhere to hide I kneeled down facing a tree hoping the dark would be enough to hide. I heard footsteps behind me and felt a gunshot to back of head. I did not wake up immediately.

I had reoccurring dreams of drowning throughout my childhood. I had very bad asthma. Often times I couldn't break through the surface of the water (ice) or it was just unreachable. The last time I had that dream a mermaid breathed into my lungs and I didn't drown.

At 15 I had a horrifying dream. I was in an old town. I say old because of the construction of buildings. Houses had living hair- there was a gargoyle flying around scalping the houses and it was bloody.

My good friends daughter was a demon and no one saw it but me.. that was weird..

Latest dream i was bit by not one but 3 venomous snakes in a short time while walking through the woods. No one believed me because i was unharmed, despite the marks being on my arm.

I believe in meanings to dreams, maybe not all dreams. I don't remember dreams often though, so it is significant when i do. I often do not understand the dreams I have however.

posted on Sep, 27 2016 @ 12:14 AM
a reply to: nomad4chr1st

By any chance, are you in any sort of situation right now, with 3 people?

Snakes are supposed to be warnings or something, to watch those 3.

As far as the other, from the outside looking in.

The mermaid one, and drowning, is probably actually directly related to the asthma. Inability to breath in reality, so your brain puts you under water in your dream.

The old town, you felt like the new guy on the block in whatever situation you were in. Everything seemed scary. Did you move during this time? Start a new school?

posted on Sep, 27 2016 @ 12:21 AM
a reply to: TrippyDips

I think you are right on with those. I assumed as much with the asthma. I think I was starting a new school in middle school for the old town dream. The 3 snakes was either a warning, or to show me that I am being protected. It was a few months back, but I was going through a lot of transition. I have made certain proclamations in my spiritual life that I believe are being challenged by external forces. Great insight, thanks!

posted on Sep, 27 2016 @ 12:27 AM
a reply to: TrippyDips

I have kept a dream journal for 20 plus years.

Repetitive dreams have always referred to some lesson or understanding I needed to have about myself and my life. I would have the dream 1 more time after the realization then never again.

I have also had dreams that told me about my life outcome many years before it came true.

The dreams were often symbolic like water, which always deals with emotion.

Look up the symbolism and never ever use WISHFUL THINKING to interpret. There are many interpretation but go with what resonates with you and your situation.

Also, if you are watching a lot of movies or such with these characters, it well could just be a recreation of what you have seen. At the same time the characters could represent how you perceive something or someone in your life.

Dreams are powerful. Learn from them. It took me several years of my journal to understand what they were telling me.

Best wishes

posted on Sep, 27 2016 @ 12:40 AM
a reply to: liveandlearn

Interesting. How do you distinguish between wishful thinking and possible prediction type dreams? Did you want to go into any specifics about correct premonitions?

As far as dreaming about TV characters, I don't watch TV - at least not usually. I do have netflix, and I do watch from time to time, but for the most part, I don't watch TV/movies. For it to be recurring over and over like this, I don't think it is from movies.

posted on Sep, 27 2016 @ 12:42 AM
It also couldn't hurt to read Sigmund Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams. I mean that's a given, right?

posted on Sep, 27 2016 @ 01:47 AM

originally posted by: TrippyDips
a reply to: liveandlearn

Interesting. How do you distinguish between wishful thinking and possible prediction type dreams? Did you want to go into any specifics about correct premonitions?

Wish I could give you some good answers. I had a dream about 15 years ago that I would fall off my path as well as a few after but within different scenarios. It became embedded in me an I tried to avoid it. And I have fallen off my original path.

Sometimes the dreams just before awakening are predictive for me because of the strong feeling surrounding it. I didn't know what, just that it was so...and within a week it was.

Wishful thinking is wanting to put a good twist on a dream. You have to know yourself and the situation and be very honest with yourself...not always easy.

Honestly, it was several...4-6 years of keeping my journal before things became relevant. It is like you are training your subconscious that you are paying attention.

I am sure there are others who have other understanding that will be helpful but I do encourage you to keep up the dream journal and a life journal would also be helpful.

Best wishes

posted on Sep, 27 2016 @ 08:22 AM
a reply to: liveandlearn

I am naturally skeptical, but also believe that our subconscious is very powerful, now, whether we can predict the future, I think it has happened, and will happen again. However, to myself, it almost seems like a self fulfilling prophecy. You indicate that afterwards you sort of obsessed over the dream, and then they come true.

Sort of like, if someone thought maybe they were gay, and they didn't want to be, that the more they try and fight it, the gayer they become - whereas if they had dropped it, they would not have been.

I hope that doesn't come off as asshole-ish, I really am not trying to be a dick or anything, just trying to logically explain it first.

(Back to the topic of subconscious and how powerful it is)

I think a lot of prediction in dreams, are actually our brains making sense of a series of things we picked up, but didn't notice at the time. Sometimes it's a slight smile, a look, a series of seemingly random things that your brain looks for the LCD in. What I mean is, sometimes, it's not really a prediction, but more, a possible solution to make sense of the puzzle, a puzzle we may not even be aware we are taking in at the time.

Ex: Let's say a person comes into the living room while you are watching TV, and says "Hey, I'm going to the store", you say alright, and then the person leaves. Now later on, whether in a dream, or as you replay the situation in your head, you start to notice things, like the person had wide eyes, and their voice got higher when they said this. Chances are, that person did NOT go to the store. Our brain subconsciously picks up the little details, then it tries to find the most logical way to fit those pieces together. (which can also create an illusion of prediction).

I'm not saying that that is the case for you, but is it possible that it was either a self fulfilling prophecy, or the brain connecting the dots?
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posted on Sep, 28 2016 @ 12:11 AM
a reply to: TrippyDips

You are right in that it is sometime what you recognize subconsciously yet fail to admit in life.

Other times it is so far in advance that there is no way the above can be true. It is like there was a turn in the road your were suppose to take but didn't. At that moment your life was set with no return.

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