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The Shin of Shamayim

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posted on Sep, 26 2016 @ 03:15 PM
In the Bible, the 5th word to appear, הַשָּׁמַיִם means, "the heavens".

What is the heavens? To understand Heavens, contrast it with its opposite, "the land" - הָאָרֶץ

The land, it seems, is "expressed matter". The expressed matter is precisely the atoms and particles which make up our bodies.

So what is ShaMaYiM? If you look at the word, the "heh" is to be understood as an "objectifying" factor. It it rendering the word (shamyim) as something which can be articulated and known.

Also, and more importantly, the word water - mayim - is in shamayim.

Gerald H Pollak and Mae Wan Ho - both biophysicists - argue that water - the element which makes up 70% our body's - mediates the relationships of autocatalytic loops, enzymatic reactions, and the structure and place of macro-molecular units (DNA, RNA, protein etc). That is, water is the medium which conducts electro-magnetic field relationships between the smallest units in relation to the coherency of the larger whole.

Water, in other words, is the "medium for coherent organization".

So what is the shin that precedes the water in this word "heaven"? Heaven, of course, refers to consciousness. So the shin must have something to do with thinking, or "information". Indeed,

The shin is made of 3 'sticks' - which may be thought of as "thesis, antithesis, synthesis". But even more generally and before the philosophical reflections of Hehel in the 18th century, we can see the "shin" as most obviously referring to the tripartite organization of organized matter: an "inner dynamic core", a "connection to the outside", and a built structure.

In cellular life, this is present in the form of "small metabolites" linked into a single autocatalytic loop - the TCA cycle. This "dynamic core activity" - literally at the smallest molecular scale, "acts upon" co-factor molecules. Co-factor molecules are molecules involved in transporting energy from the outside of the cell into the inner "autocatalytic core metabolism". Overtime, larger molecules emerge that hold energy and help structure more complex relations with the outside - these are "oligomers" - DNA, RNA and proteins - the main building blocks of the cell.

Notice that it is the smallest element that is least discernible. The identification and elucidation of the mechanics of these processes is outlined in the 2016 book The Origin and Nature of Life on Earth, by Harold Morowitz and Eric Smith - and so it is real, and its breakthrough understanding about the way cells operate and survive have much to tell us about our Human nature.

This is the "informational logic" of the cell. The shin in shamayim.

Given that this is an archetypal process, it should not surprise people that multicellular organism interfacing with other macroscopic multicellular structures, self-organize in the same tripartite manner, but at a "higher" emergent level.

Affect is "small" like the core metabolism, but its presence as the 'decider' within us is only unknown to the dissociative mind. Self-awareness cannot help but reveal the way the mind is "built" by its affective relations to things, and so, if it becomes enlivened by a feeling in one context, the information of that context will be "assimilated" and "absorbed" into the organisms structure. As modern day predictive-processing puts, we are:

Circles, creatures who follow the trail of their last experience. But what is the "sense of the trail" but the feelings we feel?

Just as a core metabolism "selects" the co-factors basic to the survival of its structuring, so too affects create and select actions. We term this "motivation".

Why you're motivated, however, has everything to do with the reality of your biological structure - and so, your inbuilt species specific "perceptual biases". Again, in perception, were talking about what affects the organism i.e. how its feeling dynamics are acted upon by environmental "magnitudes". So perception and action "scaffold" an inner feeling core that comes to see reality "as this". The shin of shamayim structures minds by structuring them in loops upon loops of action-perception cycles instigated by contexts where "affect" and so "meaning", keeps shifting, and will keep shifting without a metacognitive "competition" from the systems coherency detector i.e. its conscience.

Cool stuff, eh?

posted on Sep, 26 2016 @ 03:33 PM
the shin in shamayim represents fire.
the mayim part means water.
fire and water combine to make steam/air.
hence ShaMayim

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