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The Spiritual Gypsy

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posted on Jan, 22 2005 @ 03:06 PM
It seems all my life I’ve been a spiritual gypsy. I’ve moved from one belief to the other learning as much as I could before moving on to something new. Always learning and growing in the many wonderful beliefs the creator of all things has allowed for us to share. Most of the experiences have been wonderful and I am grateful for them. A few haven’t turned out as well. This little story is about one of the latter.

In the late nineties I was dating a truly lovely Wiccan who was teaching me about the Goddess and all the different aspects of her beliefs. I was in heaven. I was learning about candle majik and cleansing rituals and more things than I can put down here. I was beginning to believe I had finally found Ms. Right.

It turned out a special occasion was coming up and she and I would go into the woods and perform a ritual to celebrate. It was the month of November and the full moon would arrive on Friday the 13th. This would be my first ritual in the woods and I couldn’t wait. The whole situation was pregnant with promise.

Finally the night arrived and the two of us headed out. We drove to the forest and gathered our stuff and took off walking. We walked for a pretty good ways, Her in the lead since she was the one that knew where we were going, me following behind and already starting to get seriously concerned.

Finally we arrived at a small clearing, a fire pit was in the center and we quickly built a small fire. I remember the shadows of the flames dancing across her beautiful face and remembering seeing her lips moving but by then I wasn’t hearing a single word she was saying. I was totally preoccupied with the thoughts that I was deep in the forest, at night, and all I had for protection was a lit candle and my lucky Mr. Snowman underwear.

We weren’t in just ANY forest. We were in the Ozark National Forest and I could hear every snap, crackle and pop within a mile of where we were. I’m not joking when I say lions and tigers and bears, oh my. We have big cat game preserves in the area and once or twice they’ve escaped. I couldn’t help but wonder what they bred with before they were captured and I could see eyes staring back from every dark spot around us. If I had known the way out of there I think I would have left her softly chanting by the fire with her eyes closed.

Finally she got thru dancing around the fire with her little broom and stuff and the ritual had FINALLY come to an end. I helped her get the fire out, She insisting that it be all the way out. I frankly didn’t care if the damn thing was still smoldering. I wanted to LEAVE.

We started the walk out as we had come in, Her leading the way and me taking up the rear and shining my flashlight at every pop and squeak that came up behind us. Every now and then she would say something but I still couldn’t hear her. I was too busy pointing my flashlight at would be attackers.

Finally I realized that we were almost out of the forest, just a few more steps and we’d be free of that nightmare. That’s when she stopped. What I didn’t know is she had walked up on a huge spider web strung between two trees and in the middle was a huge spider. She was looking for the best way to get around it.

“Will you get going!” I said, trying not to let the panic show in my voice. “There’s something back there!”

“The trees creak like that when the wind blows thru them.” She replied in a perfectly calm voice.

“The trees also creak like that when they’re sneaking up behind a motherf%&ker!” I shot back but still she didn’t move.

What I then did seemed like the most logical thing in the world. I placed my hand in the center of her back and a few short, quick steps later we were out of the woods and in the clear.

Frankly, I was glad to be there. She on the other hand was screaming at the top of her lungs and beating her body like she was having some sort of seizure. I still didn’t know anything about any spider. Hell, I thought the trees had got her. I would have run for the car but it was locked and she had the keys.

….There’s really no point in getting into the ugly details of how the rest of that relationship went. Suffice it to say that my knowledge of the Goddess and the Wiccan path is still woefully lacking.

Still, I learned allot. More than anything else I learned not to go into the woods at night unless I’m heavily armed. There’s just no telling what might happen if I’m not.

Love and light,


posted on Jan, 22 2005 @ 05:34 PM
Another well written story mrwupy

posted on Jan, 26 2005 @ 08:27 PM
Delightful. Another well-crafted work of real value.


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