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I have this weird theory....

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posted on Sep, 25 2016 @ 01:08 AM
a reply to: Bedlam

Oh. You mean the intertubes?


posted on Sep, 25 2016 @ 01:12 AM

originally posted by: bigpatato
I have this weird theory....

Again this is just a theory.

It goes like this.

Each one of us is effectively like Truman on the Truman Show (movie staring Jim Carry)

We're essentially brought up in this prison city. All the people around us are either fake, andriods, actors, or holograms. They're not real.

We're taught all this stuff about how the "real world", "universe" and this fake "broader world is out there".

We're all stuck in our cities, towns or places. We're prisons here and we can't leave. Only we don't know it. And to leave has been made extremely difficult.

But you've gone on a few vacations right? Well what that is is that the fake city allows for temporary leaves (leaves of absense). When that happens a fake senario is introduced. We could be sort of venturing into a hollowdeck (VR simulator), or put into some odd drug enduced coma, etc etc, so we are able to leave the city and believe that there is a "whole world" out there.

But there is no universe, or globe. All there is is you trapped in a city like on the Truman Show.

Again it's just a weird theory, but I think it holds some weight. What do you think?

Hiya Big. The Truman movie was about more than a man surrounded by fake actors. It was a parable about the journey of a man towards enlightenment. As he awakes, the shallowness of the people and world around him begin to show.
But: say no more, for Jed McKenna will explain.

Do you feel that this fits with your theory?

posted on Sep, 25 2016 @ 08:44 AM
Perhaps every story is just a dream but who is the dreamer and then who observes the dreamer?
Maybe the dreams purpose is to give the experience of being just that what you experience in this world and eventually become ready to wake up as dreamer but then what are you when you wake up, does the dream have any changes whom i am or become after awaken?

posted on Sep, 25 2016 @ 10:17 AM
a reply to: Phage
Aaaw, still wearing you blinders, smiley? Nobody said it was "real" - so go take your meds.

posted on Sep, 25 2016 @ 10:20 AM
my view is that yes were in the truman show in a way, but its all real, not a hologram to us. i think its an insult to all species to say were all holographic.
We are not, but there is forces in us and out there that are jealous, or hateful, or seek power over us, or want to eat us. That will play on our lack of knowing and perception of ourselves to bring us down by making believe lies.

posted on Sep, 27 2016 @ 03:39 AM
a reply to: Nothin

Ya well I use to be a lot more spiritual, when I had more free time. But not I'm just trying to make ends meet. No time to be spiritual anymore. I got to eat first. All this spiritual stuff and religion is hard to say. It's all pie in the sky type of stuff. Their's most likely a God but we don't relaly know how active a role he plays in our life. The world could be a clock on a wall somewhere. Meanwhile the clock maker is on vacation. Meanwhile we're in the clock and hoping it would tick or run more smoother. Like I don't know how any has time to be spiritual unless your rich too and you have time to think or practice that stuff. I often think it's like this....You might get 1 kick at the can in life. But you might not get 2. So if you'd had 1 then count yourself fortunate. Many don't even get that.

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