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Team Trumps continued racism

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posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 10:16 PM
'Trump campaign chair in Ohio resigns after a whole lot of racially insensitive remarks.'

A Donald Trump campaign chair in Ohio who said there was “no racism” until eight years ago and that the struggles of blacks are their “own fault” resigned Thursday, just hours after her comments were published.

She will be replaced by an African-American woman — who was once an outspoken Trump critic.

The ousted campaign chair, Kathy Miller, ran her racially insensitive mouth in a video interview with The Guardian, which was published Thursday morning.

In the clip, Miller said there was no racism in America “until Obama got elected.”

“Growing up as a kid, there was no racism, believe me,” Miller, who grew up in the ‘60s, told The Guardian.

“We were just all kids going to school.”

Miller also called the Black Lives Matter movement “a stupid waste of time” and said black voter turnout is relatively low because of “the way they’ve been raised.”

Well, that was completely unsurprising.

posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 10:28 PM
a reply to: Edumakated They hate everyone. I say this as I bathe in my white priviledge with a cold glass of imported scandinavian chocolate milk counting all of my money, properties and cars.

posted on Sep, 23 2016 @ 12:00 AM
Trump has been hiding from the media for nearly two months ago now:

'Trump Ducks Media as Questions Get Tough, Election Nears.'

In the first debate of the general election Monday, Donald Trump could face the most searing media spotlight of his candidacy. But in anticipation of that moment, Trump has dodged the press corps rather than confront it.

Although Trump earlier in his campaign blitzed television news, at times even monopolizing coverage, he has recently broken with this style and blatantly avoided the media — going nearly two months without a press conference, refusing to seat the traveling press corps on his campaign jet as Hillary Clinton has done, and only sporadically agreeing to interviews.

The strategic shift comes as Trump and his aides have attempted to keep the campaign on message, rather than veering off into controversies of the candidate’s creation.

When Trump has agreed to speak to the press lately, he has favored friendly turf, often on Fox News. On Wednesday, Trump taped a town hall event with Fox News anchor Sean Hannity, who this week appeared in an ad affirming his support for Trump.

posted on Sep, 23 2016 @ 02:09 AM
a reply to: MongolianPaellaFish

Trump has been hiding from the media for nearly two months ago now

isnt this the laziest election cycle?
i understand clinton isnt exactly going out there, but while trump only talks to fox he isn't exactly getting any message out to potential voters.
even the most ardent trump fan must admit the undecided are hardly gonna tune in to hannity.

thanks to yourself and others that added the republican faux pas today, remember this was just one day.
in most countries a fringe party with such views would be ridiculed, this party is a viable winner.

i got a dentist's appointment soon so had a 24 hour panic attack, my intention with starting this thread was to trace a global news opinion on what looked like one racial outburst, which led to another, and well you get the gist.
i hope some that support the views expressed by these so called politicians realise, that this rhetoric is globally frowned upon, i'm not denigrating you, or your beliefs, but understand some find it reprehensible.

it dosent make us holier than thou for pointing it out, but why try and defend the indefensible?

being a labour man im aghast at the anti-semitic views our leader has, do i support his views or policies?
i'll defend his policies all day, his racial views however are an open goal for the opposition.
and so be it. maybe owen smith wins?

we aren't all politically correct, i'm a socialist and am horrified that your two candidates are at worst millionaires, the original socialist rousseau said we should eat the rich, and well they beheaded them.
pointing out blatant racism, might mean to you that we are social justice warriors, so be it.
a society where any colour, creed, religion or sex just get along shouldnt be a utopian vision or faust like nightmare.
remember you, yourself wanting an ethnically pure land is a form social justice in itself.

posted on Sep, 23 2016 @ 04:27 AM
wrong post, please delete

edit on 23-9-2016 by cenpuppie because: (no reason given)

posted on Sep, 23 2016 @ 04:39 AM
a reply to: MysticPearl

But that goes back to taxes raised in affluent communities go to their schools instead of a statewide pool where every school gets an equal amount

school funding is tied to property taxes. poor neighborhood, not much money for local school. rich neighborhood, much money for local schools.

That goes back to the families and households. 

no, that goes to economics. who well do those white people in destitue applichian mountains do(i think that's the right area. or any poor white areas for that matter. i bet their performance is the same as the black folks in the same economic group)? go to a suburban black neighborhood or area and they will stress education as much as their white counterparts.

Asians are notorious for putting extreme value on education, almost to a fault. They also earn more than everyone including whites.

Asian immigrants you mean. by the time they hit 3rd to 4th gen, they are 'Murican so they will stress the importance inso much as their economic standings (dont quote me on that, i spit balled it).

posted on Sep, 23 2016 @ 04:41 AM
a reply to: Byrd

I hate to be "that guy" but you do realize what you said is going to be totally lost on him.

But lets add to your scenarios, charging me more money for call loans (thanks toyota.. or was it honda) as my white counterpart is holding me back, i have to pay more money. I can go on...

posted on Sep, 23 2016 @ 08:59 AM

originally posted by: Byrd

originally posted by: Edumakated

originally posted by: Sremmos80
a reply to: Edumakated

Yes you have more personal experience than me, but you keep acting like your situation was the only one that matters.
That is false.

No, but just pointing out that racism is hardly holding anyone back. Show me where someone has been held back solely because of racism and not their own personal decision making.

I take it that you weren't in the police or fire department of a major metropolitan area.

Although I'm not Black, I had Black coworkers who filed complaints after being passed over for promotion (unqualified people were promoted while they were left in a low level position.) Since I'm NOT Black, I also heard White colleagues talking about resigning if a Black was promoted (actually, this was in an IT department... and Joe was promoted to section supervisor and there was a lot of outrage.) I heard discussion of retaliation against these Black colleagues.

This was in 1987-1990. There've been lots of lawsuits over police and fire departments not offering positions and advancement to Blacks since then (and Latinos and so forth.) Heck, just google it. It's still going on and it's real.

There are also a lot of lawsuits where standards were lowered for black applicants at police departments. It goes both ways. Again, I am not saying racism doesn't exist. This isn't a binary discussion. What I am saying is that RACISM ALONE does not hold anyone back and has a much smaller impact on people's lives than SJWs want to portray.

For the record, multiple family members of mine have served in police departments. They did so starting in early 70s when they were some of the first blacks to be on police forces, so I am very aware of the real discrimination they faced. However, we are now almost two decades into the 2000s. Some 40 years later. To even try to claim any individual discrimination faced today is even remotely closed to the overt and systematic discrimination of that period is just absurd.

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