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Listen To A Living Messiah's Teachings..

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posted on Jan, 22 2005 @ 11:41 AM
This is one Wise Man one simply can't afford to ignor..The only shame I have is that I was only introduced to His teachings a couple of years ago,through a dear friend that had the honor of being a deciple of His.
Is Death the Ultimate Orgasm? that's the question posed to the Master...
Having expirienced a very close death ,I felt that thing,sensation,and orgasm does'nt even come close,but it's the only tangable term that the masses can relate to.I can tell you there's more powerful sensation then an orgams and death is the one of the first higher levels of completness & ultimate joy one can feel.

Orgasm,I managed one driving a fast car ones,not on a cercuit but on the roads in my city.What happend was the level of JOY I had driving without any limitations,and merging with the car,extending my soul to the car's Soul,Yes maybe that might sound weird to most but it's a fact that everything has it's own spirit,and man did that car have a spirit.A week after I sold it,to somebody who basically begged for it,it DIED,He could not merge with it like I had,I still wip myself for letting go for another desire I had for a long time,a mobile home,long story...
An orgasm,in my opinion can also be achieved by deep meditation,as a matter of fact in another one of Master Osho's teachings he speeks of how the sexual orgasm came though meditation..

Quote; " Sex holds great secrets in it,and the first secret is,if you meditate you will see it,that joy comes because sex disappears.And whenever you are in that moment of joy,time also disappears,if you meditate on it the mind olso disappears.And these are the qualities of Meditation.."

I had this grave sence of duty to share this small bit of His views..This Man's GOD is My God !
IT is certainly one of the most significant things.
It determines whether a religion is authentic or pseudo.
The pseudo-religion knows nothing about death.
In fact it knows nothing about life either, hence the fear, fear of both.
It is not possible to be afraid only of death, because death is not separate from life, death is part of life.
It is not the termination of life, it is an incident in life; life continues.
Death happens many times, millions of times; it is a mere incident.
But the pseudo-religions are afraid of both.
All religions are against biology.
Biology means the science of living, life.
All religions are trying to prevent reproduction; their monks, their nuns, should not reproduce.
In a way it is a very great crime against humanity.
It is one thing that somebody has no biological urge, that his urge has moved into higher realms of creativity.
A MUST Read..
Then it is perfectly okay; he should be allowed to move that way.
A poet may not feel like reproducing children.
His poetry is enough, more than enough: he feels fulfilled.
His biology has taken a new way, but his poetry will live, will have its own life.
He has poured his life into it, just as a painter or a musician can pour his life into his music, into his dance, into his painting, and may not feel any biological urge.
But he is not against biology, his energy is simply moving in a higher dimension.
Then I say okay to it.
I Hope this has helped in understanding some of your deepest questions about Life itself and it's cycle...

posted on Jan, 23 2005 @ 07:38 PM
I don't know where this "messiah" got his info, but not all religions are against reproduction. Judaism and Christianity both are greatly for procreation. Celibacy is just a recent thing that nuns and monks and priests practice because it shows that they have control over their worldly desires. It is actually looked at by some that God takes great insult in not going forth and reproducing, because Genesis said of the beginnig that God wanted man to go forth and procreate, filling the world with his children. And if a woman could not bear children, she was to give up her servant to her husband. Any belief that science is evil comes from a misinterpretation of the story of Adam and Eve, where they took from the tree of knowledge. The reason that was a sin was because they simply disobeyed God, not because knowledge was evil. If knowledge was evil, then that would be a paradox, for knowledge to be evil one would have to know this, making the knowing this evil in itself.

posted on Jan, 24 2005 @ 01:45 AM
Osho,never said that other religions deny procriation,and being critical of other religions ethics or beliefs is not a bad thing.Let's face it afterall it's well known that Christians and Jews,scince you mention it, they hold up high the celibacy attitude but are against any form of fertility treatments to 'Aid' reproduction. ' The V Ring'??...
The Roman Catholic response to the technologically calibrated parenting of the twentieth century is well-known and compelling. Drawing on a long tradition of natural law and the nobility of marriage, this argument emphasizes the created beauty of marriage and reproduction.Yet the days of now that 'beauty' of marriage is becoming more and more of a trend,rather then a Holy sacred union.Just the other day I watched a programm where a couple had just acquired their third child from a young girl.They showed her in labour and supposidly she invited the husband of the woman who was to become mom,to view the birth.It was actually at that point that I happened to join in and see this man shakking through his legs his head pearing through the curtains while his wife cut off the ambillical cord,just after four hours the younge woman was on Her way.
I can't stand these kind of shows,that it happens is already enough..I am speacking from very possble simmilar situation,me beeing the child..I guess I can only speack for myself on such a matter,but I am glad that I was still raised by the same family,just a generation older.Maybe cause of that I can't stand seeing the word christianity,I spent almost ten years in colleges & as a child in nunneries.Oh I'm grateful for the chance of getting a good education but I had been robbed too..Of something that I shall never get over.Stop!
Often pulling laborers precisely from other neighborhoods (or other countries) to tend to the bodies of our dependent children and aging parents, a whole generation of the democratized decision-making class is climbing above the detritus of common, daily life. Observing reproductive and pediatric science through this lens, we may perceive that contraception, prenatal testing, and pediatric enhancement therapies merge with the use of nannies, BabyGap, television, and private schools to cultivate well-timed and well-planned children of a particular American promise. In an economy that systematically abhors the interruption of nascent and otherwise unproductive human life, aspiring middle-class families may very well seek to emulate these patterns of efficient reproduction and parenting in an effort to stay financially afloat. Procreation for those who can 'Afford it'..
How did second-century Christians vie with each other in seeking to produce an authoritative discourse of Christian identity? In a book by Denise Buell,she argues that many early Christians deployed the metaphors of procreation and kinship in the struggle over claims to represent the truth of Christian interpretation, practice, and doctrine. In particular, she examines the intriguing works of the influential theologian Clement of Alexandria (ca. 150-210 c.e.), for whom cultural assumptions about procreation and kinship played an important role in defining which Christians have the proper authority to teach, and which kinds of knowledge are authentic.
Metaphors of procreation and kinship can serve to make power differentials appear natural.This shows that early Christian authors recognized this and often turned to such metaphors to mark their own positions as legitimate and marginalize others as false. Attention to the functions of this language offers a way out of the trap of reconstructing the development of early Christianity along the axes of "heresy" and "orthodoxy," while not denying that early Christians employed this binary. Ultimately, Buell argues, strategic use of kinship language encouraged conformity over diversity and had a long lasting effect both on Christian thought and on the historiography of early Christianity. From 'Making Christians'
.When Osho talks about Knowledge He says that it can only be so if it enters through your own eyes and not a borrowed thing you hear from someone else.Truth is your own experience,your own vision.Even if I have seen the truth and I tell you,the moment I tell you it will become a lie for You,not a truth.For it was my vision.Knowing and Knowledge are two seprate things.
I'll have to continue this later..

As for Intelligence,He tells us that it is our birth right....till then .

posted on Jan, 24 2005 @ 02:19 AM
I will tell you a true story. one that happeed to me my husband and son. On the way home from a Doctor's apointment, me and my husband were talking about how beauiful the sky was, the colors were gorgeous. pinks, purples, blues and greens. Then I looked up and saw a board flying through the air, and said to my husband"Look at that?" I thought ...that is going to fly right into the woods, as we were on a road with nothing but trees. Then i heard a loud screech from the brakes, and I looked immeditely at my husband, and said "I think I'm hurt", and passed out. Before I passed out I heard something crunch.
I woke up in the hospital, after being in critical condition for 3 days. The 2 foot board slammed through the windshield and slammed into my left leg, at the top, and crushed my pelvic bone, my hip and I lost all feeling in the top of that leg. All my bones were crushed.
My leg is not deformed in any way, my hip is gone, but it looks normal, the weird thing is, while unconscious someone said to me, (As I at the time was frightened of blood) "You are going to be fine" and when I looked it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. He was my angel he told me and his name was Michael, he stayed and talked with me, adn I told him I missed my mother. She died when I was young. My mother then appeared and told me not to be araid that it was not my time, and she smiled and turned to leave and I cried out, "Please don't go, come back!" But she didn't.
When the surgeons came in, and thre were 5 of them the head surgeon asked me, do you believe in God? I loked at him really funny. What kind of question is that to ask I thought?
He then preceeded to come near to my bed, with the other doctors, and told me, "Young lady, that board that hit you ...for some reason missed the main artery that goes to your heart, by some strange occurence it pushed it aside, if the board had hit it, you would have bled to death within two minutes. You were dead for 4 minutes, and since then you have improved at great speed. " He asked if I remembered anything about the accident."Just seeing the board flying through the air, and felling a crushing sensation, then a light." I told him about the beautiful sky me and my husband talked about before it happened. The Doctor than said, "Miss, there was no sun on that day, it was raining out, in fact your husband was soaked when he got here." I was stunned. I had talked to my husband about the sky and the colors that were so beautifulI told him.He smiled at me, and said "Someone is looking out for you." and walked out of my room.
I asked my husband about the weather and he looked at me funny, and said"Sweetie, we didn't talk about the sky, you were gazing at the sky, and talking but I nver answered you, as I was trying to avoid the truck and the board, it was raining hard when the acident happened/" I was mystified as to what I had seen, and the man I saw called Michael who had a glow coming from him, and behind him was a stairway, where emmitted a beautiful light at the very top.
I found out later it was something called a NDE, and after that happened is when I became a believer. That day I felt peace like no other, and a calmness like no drug can make you feel. I just felt very loved and happy.

[edit on 24-1-2005 by realorritt]

posted on Jan, 25 2005 @ 04:06 PM
That is a very beautyful story,madam...
Love is all we need..

posted on Jan, 25 2005 @ 06:39 PM

Originally posted by Horus_Re
That is a very beautyful story,madam...
Love is all we need..

And pixyness of course.

And a bottle of 'Best Pixyland' cider wouldn't go amiss either

posted on Jan, 27 2005 @ 06:45 AM
Thank You , sir. Love is all we need indeed. if only the world had no hate, no violence, what a peaceful world it would be for our children to grow up in. It would be most excellent.

posted on Feb, 2 2005 @ 06:28 PM

Originally posted by realorritt
Love is all we need indeed. if only the world had no hate, no violence, what a peaceful world it would be for our children to grow up in. It would be most excellent.

...and most boring.

posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 03:54 AM
so very true lobo, so very true.

posted on Feb, 13 2005 @ 12:08 PM

Originally posted by Pisky

Originally posted by Horus_Re
That is a very beautyful story,madam...
Love is all we need..

And pixyness of course.

And a bottle of 'Best Pixyland' cider wouldn't go amiss either

Love, pixyness, and 'Best Pixyland' is all we need for heaven on earth!

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