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Cognolizer..I Met the Owner of this Website Tonight

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posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 01:02 AM

I was very interested as my uncle, that I have mentioned on this site previously, had a stroke. He was the CEO of one of the top 100 companies in thas US. I am always looking for things for him to look at.

Frion the website, cognollizer is :

After medical events such as a loss of consciousness, stroke, or injury to the head, doctors often need to measure a patient's cognitive function to identify any concerns and ensure a proper treatment plan is followed to restore the patient to health. CognoLizer is a system that both assesses a patient's cognitive function and helps medical professionals provide therapeutic treatment. Doctors are able to better understand their patients' functioning abilities, plan treatments, and generate reports that can be shown to other professionals if additional opinions are needed. Educators are able to use the online environment to provide their students with practical experience in diagnosis and treatment planning.

It says 'how does a patient use cognolizer:

To complete activities in CognoLizer, the most common interface is similar to typing. Patients use a particular finger to select a corresponding key on the keyboard. Adaptations have been created and are available for patients who need to use a touchscreen, as well as for those who need verbal instruction instead of written instruction.

That is the answer.

It has information on how it can help doctors and the educational community.

I was told it was not completely functional. I told him I would say 'it is in beta', which I find to be true. It is mainly functional.

If you have someone close to you that has had a stroke or are a healthcare professional, ou should look at this.

My uncle Harry, who I have mentioned, had a stroke. He was once half owner of Wireless Knowledge with my uncle Eric. (now Qualcomm) Harry has lost all the drive he once had. I leep looking for things to get him back on a computer. No one else seems to care.

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It's Eric I am very unhappy with. Eric ran off with all the money. Profile

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