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Thank you ATS for remarkable kindness!...i am very happy now

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posted on Oct, 2 2016 @ 09:58 PM
link kaput my fiance and me can't agree on things so we are now separated and dating other people...a fellow in my volunteer work is also having issues so we are discussing whether to join a group like finding dates...
i was all, "you can find dates in the store and buy in bulk!"
he wondered what sort of nut would compliment them and we couldn't arrive at an agreement! will the fighting and disagreeing ever stop!?
i was all. ''listen we can argue about food compliments or choose our own versions of what goes with what and then hold a competition...see who wins...!
and he was all. "what id we tie?"
and i was all.."that my friend is a core lesson for one and all to learn from...but i know i still win..because i am older then you.."
and he was all.."no not in the modern world, rule all!"
i couldn't disagree with that!
so i am working with the restaurant and still creating the meal plans...will post a full meal one day soon!
happy October dear ATS memers...!

posted on Oct, 4 2016 @ 05:14 PM
well. i have more wonderful news...a former ancestor that was a hermaphrodite judge just passed over and left me everything in their fortune..i am now the proud CEO of a major corporation and i get to over see a group of non gender specific board of directors...we specialize in environmental studies, organic farming and natural vs. GMO foods...
currently we are repurchasing mass amounts of land and opening shops on the ground floor for the purchasing of products pertaining to health and wellness..
what's funny is we are remodeling the bathrooms/latrines and putting in silver toilets...real silver folks..not a gold one like mr. Trump...a kind man that offered us some buisness training for a small % of our profits...13% off off each 10,000 dollars the company earns,,!
we already signed on the dotted line...cross your fingers for me! so yeah my accountant and me are figuring..that 1,300 every three days per our average of 10, 000 per every three days ...seems fair enough...
abput 19,000 a month for the rest of us minus US okay since our building is only three floors high! thank merciful new friends and me will be okay as that is how i see the people working with and for me..true friends!
ha ha they are now saying what a friendly boss..most kind...thanks to my anecstor and ATS for seeing me through harsh times arriving at the rainbows pot- old- gold!

oh if your curious about what charities we will be me anytime!

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