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An Urgent thread on Ethical Politics mainly for the Latino Community.

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posted on Sep, 20 2016 @ 04:27 PM
a reply to: Zeta Reticuli

Learn how to read. I've been discussing immigrants.

Trump is a racist bigot, and quoting him and his actual words is all the proof one needs.

"When MEXICO send it's people....."
"They are not sending their best"
"They are NOT sending you!"
They are not sending you!"

What don't you understand about the Mexican immigrants that MEXICO is NOT sending us?

What don't you get about Trump promising to deport Syrian immigrant refugees, that are here legally, back to war torn Syria as soon as he's elected?

What don't you get about 5 years of racist birther nonsense, meant to discredit America's first African American president?

What don't you get about mocking the disabled?

Here's Trump talking about those who protested him, outside his rally in St Louis;

"These are not good people, folks. Just so you understand. I heard this was going to happen and they said, “Mr. Trump, would you like to cancel?” I said absolutely not. These are not good people. These are not the people that made our country great. We’re going to make it great again, but these are not the people. These are the people that are destroying our country.

Ah, but Trump longs for the good old days when protesters were taken out in stretchers.

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posted on Sep, 20 2016 @ 04:31 PM
a reply to: projectvxn

With all respect,

There is a huge difference in between your attitude and mine, I am not coming here to tell people to stop to post or speak openly their own opinions, you instead have done so, just because you didn't like that somebody else refer to this subject, with a radically different point of view than yours, since you feel to be the interpreter of the mind of the Hispanic community or something similar.

The thread was opened to offer a space of discussion about an anthropological issue of cultural identification that is not of my invention, it has been already detected by serious analysts, including sociologists and educators, and I have given some references on that aspect.

You feel that for your supposedly origin you have enough authority to determine what is to be an ethical behavior being Hispanic, and you insist that the community you claim to belong to is not monolithic. It comes to my attention that, in a clear contradiction with respect to such ideas, you also feel to have the authority to say who represents a genuine Latin way of thinking and who does not!

Let me explain you here my point: There exist is a dramatic inequality in between the situation of certain sectors of the Hispanic community and others, it is not the same to try to migrate to this country legally being a Cuban or a Portorican, who have a tremendous advantage with privileges that no other groups have, than to be Mexican who has all the migration laws against, for the simple reason that the current migratory system grants visas based on the discriminatory mechanism of quotas.

It is hypocritical and even perverse to accuse the members of a nationality to violate systematically the migration laws when those regulations are Not working in a fair and uniform way with all nationalities, but created as a kind of powerful ethnic filtering. So if those regulations were not created under the principle of Justice, that in a Democracy must be blind to judge all people equally, they lack of the necessary moral aspect to be applied under the rule of Law.

Citizens of the USA does not even require visa to be admitted in Mexican Territory, there is more than a million of Americans living in that country, but here there are politicians that believe that they can arrange not only a discriminatory migration system but also the construction of a wall to prevent the entering of Mexicans to this country.

Now, I have lived in Latin American countries under democracy and I never have seen a attempt of censorship like the one you have tried to carried out here, so I am sincerely wondering where really are you coming from with such intolerant attitudes?

For what I read you also claim in a visibly manipulative way of debating that who ever does not share your opinions, even if that person is pointing to a real issue of harassment of a community, trying to stop it, is a racist.

I only can assume that to support such a claim you must feel that you are the voice of a race, isn't it?

If you would really know what are you talking about possibly you be aware that Latin or Hispanic people does not represent a race, they represent a really complex diversity of ethnic groups that share a cultural background or identity.

I am not sure if you are able to see that your position is extremely arrogant? but I also realize that your interest is not in discuss politics from an ethical perspective, it seems to me that is primarily to see it through the lens of a kind of strategy or tactic approach.

I base my opinion on the fact that you have an impressive record of threads opened to discuss almost exclusively weaponry. This leads me to think that your motivation is focused on winning conflicts of some kind, sorry but here we are interested in other aspects of reality, in particular to be able to see the anthropological or ethical aspects of Politics.

Excuse me, but that is an important misunderstanding from your side, this is not a forum of military strategy to overcome rivals, it is one for discussing what must be above Politics, ideals or principles that must prevail over partisan motivations, in that sense every body is welcome to drop their opinions to enrich the analysis of the topic, and Nobody has moral authority what so ever to silence people.


The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Sep, 20 2016 @ 06:58 PM

originally posted by: Grambler
a reply to: Zeta Reticuli
He left it out because it doesn't fit with the excuse he was trying to give HIllary.

He can't bring himself to say that people could be outraged that Hillary called them deplorable, so he tries to employ a crafty tactic in saying, She didn't say all are deplorable. So if you are offended, you are labeling yourself a racists, sexist, etc."

However, the same argument could be made to the illegals that Trump was criticizing, because he didn't say all either, he said some were good people. So now he tries to leave that part out, or claim that it was an after thought, or otherwise try to diminish it.

Thats ok though, people (such as you) see right through these shenanigans.

Exactly, nice break down good sir.

It seriously amazes me that people still try to defend her when she is knowingly the worst of the worst even the media is finally picking up on it. I mean I get it, they feel backed into a corner and feeling helpless and have turned into the most irrational people on the planet.

Let go of that ego Hillary supporters, its OK to be wrong...being misled by a psychopathic liar is not your don't have to be vindictive about it and spread rumors.

posted on Sep, 20 2016 @ 07:23 PM
a reply to: projectvxn

I find you to have very little grasp of what actually matters to American voters

Which American voters?

You gonna speak for me now?

posted on Sep, 20 2016 @ 10:48 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

I didn't say stop posting. I said stop acting like you are the voice for Hispanic people. Stop telling Hispanic people what to think.

posted on Sep, 20 2016 @ 10:57 PM
a reply to: projectvxn

Thanks for your post on here.

I find anytime someone tries to speak for an entire racial group to be offensive and racist.

I am a mutt, but definitely white. If a white Al Sharpton got up and started speaking for the white community, he would be laughed out of the room by most people. And people on the left would scream "Racists, he is trying to advance white supremacy".

You see, as a white person, people give me the credit that I could have all sorts of ideologies. I could be democrat, republican, libertarian, green party, I could be Christian, atheist, wiccan, etc.

But people of other ethnicity are not given that same dignity, especially by people on the left that think minorities are monolithic.

So for you projectvxn, I assume that based merely on how you look or sound, everyone thinks they know all about you. "Oh hes hispanic, he must vote democrat, hate Trump, and be interested only in issues that all Hispanics are into"

This is garbage. I for one try my best to treat everyone as an individual, no matter what ethnicity, gender, age, etc. I may slip up once in a while, but that is my goal.

posted on Sep, 22 2016 @ 11:53 AM
a reply to: Grambler

Sorry, but there is no way to make up the clearly harassing and repressing motivations against my right to express points of view that are not of my personal recollection or invention, but the result of serious studies of social workers and anthropologists that are concerned of the moral damage that the labeling and profiling campaign of Donald Trump is causing specially to the Hispanic and Latino Youngsters.

This is a candidate that has promised not only massive deportation but to remove citizenship to children that were born in this country! He does not show any remorse to destroy the lives of millions.

What kind of Latino is the one that reacts in a so upside down way when some body points to a huge problem that is menacing his community, but does not say nothing at all when a candidate is attacking in systematic way, practically daily in all his presentations, speeches and comments to the media against the Hispanic people?

The position of projectvxn is visibly hypocritical and also ignorant, first because I have said nothing offensive to the great Hispanic community of America and second because his is an attempt to boycott a reaction in favor of the Hispanic people against a campaign that is indeed Racist over all other considerations. The thread is calling for a resistance to a campaign that is violating all the time clear standards of political behavior in a Democracy.

Genuine Republican leaders as John McCain, Mit Romney, George W Bush, Paul Ryan and George H Bush has denounced Donald Trump in multiple occasions as campaigning against fundamental principles of the GOP.

what kind of Hispano is the one that claims that Hispanic people is a race? it is not a race at all, that is something anybody knows, but a cultural common classification of several ethnic groups, Latinos are of all colors, heights and complexions.

You are both the ones that are treating Hispanic and Latin people as monolithic, when you claim they are a race.

I am wondering if Donald Trump is paying you to come here with such a smog curtain to move the thread off topic?

Donald Trump is saying not only terrible lies against the Hispanic people but also what to do with them, as well as with Islamic Americans and African Americans, but of course he is not racist because that is the candidate you are both working for or at least the one of your symphaties.

Your posts are even more than boycotting and misinforming , they are full of cynicism, deviating the topic of discussion with a clear distraction sophism that is also trying to make mockery against who opposes Trump, accusing him to be racist!.

what you are supporting is a trick in rhetoric, but a cheap one, you underestimate the intelligence of the Latino readers.


The Angel of Lightness

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