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Mumbo finds freedom from Chumbo, letting him out of a jar

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posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 03:34 PM
After cooking for three hours, Nanny Ma and Mumbo, opened the side kitchen entryway...the field hands after working in their Tiny homes, brought quilts and things gathered from the palace gardens to place upon the ground of Nanny Ma and her best friend, Mumbo...
Chicken, kale greens and apricots with pistachio and cheese.
The queen of the aceres, Mumbos...dearest and closest friend...was ready for Mumbo to decorate her... the youngest pair of siblings already gathered the chicken feathers and shells...
a true festivity was in the mists for a proper blessing of wife and her male counterpart...
to be continued.....
the cousins were busy shelling peas...English variety

posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 04:13 PM
The royal chosen mate of Mumbos queen, Kila, was surrounded by the younger children and older uncles...they pierced his ears and painted his face and heart with white and black...kept his body covered in bright green and burgandy red...he wore no crown except a soft peach peony petal arrangement in his fuzzy hair...

The Aunts looked at him from afar where Mumbo sat with Kila... and mubo so proud of her english abilities, spoke..."he approaches you, after all you chose him...out of all the masks every male was wearing and it was the perfect shall sit with me, the kids and Nanny Ma...he must say the correct order for the real reason we have gathered... to work in our favor.."
Kila was getting excited looking at the clouds moving and smiled at her best friend...Kila was not much of a speaker and din't need to be, Mumbo could see the words on kila's face...
"no worries..knee slapin folks have clealry seen this on its way..." mumbo felt so silly when she was with her dear, Kila and the sound of lunaria was in her voice...

posted on Sep, 15 2016 @ 07:04 PM
A man, the Man was at the gates...two children seen his carraige and horse...he spoke English and all they noticed was a braclet with the devil bat pod on it... a soft rain started....

Mumbo ran into her tiny room between kitchen and pantry...told the moth, Chumbo it was time to fly away..."Chumbo..go be with your true love, it ain't me fool.." she let him out the window and all he did was go to some ole japonese maple tree...
"you found your woman, inow leave me be, dummy.."

the sky was starting to turn really grey....a striking noise in the air was not scaring Mumbo for one was Katriage, the black night taking over...."hurricane be at it once againe folks...thats my best buddy in all the lacontinuidnd sky and see...Kat...the prettiest chose me!"

"kat be looking over us calm..we deal with the man..."neverending story on its way....


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