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posted on Sep, 13 2016 @ 09:34 PM
Really debated whether to post this or not, but figured to hell with it. There is no purpose in writing if not to share with someone else. On to more cheerful things now

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------< br /> Self inflicted suffering through recollection of memories in this happy world of sunshine and rainbows. There is no pain, so sadness. The people are happy! Be happy! We love, we all loved, but we love no longer or lost our love, our loved ones to death and disease or worse to our own selves because we failed to secure eternity.

There are wars to be fought. Go fight! Go die! Go kill! Kill or be killed in the name of god, country and greed. Go there to the deserts of the world and destroy it all. Destroy the place, the people, your family and most of yourself when you say you wish to rebuild.

Find love and then relinquish it. Remember it all. Never forget the ones you lost. Permit that they shall haunt you through your waking hours and fill your sleep with horrifying dreams of loss and hope of joy.

All is futile. Life, existence, every attempt at success. Live without memory in joy! Or suffer eternally till your funeral.

All is futile. Do not resist. As futile as all is there is no loss in failure, only success in attempt.
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