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Guccifer 2.0 just drops new hacked DNC documents

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posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 06:30 AM
Check out this animated gif, from the big twitter feed:
Sweet. But the damn thing plays as a flash player there.

posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 06:40 AM
a reply to: ColaTesla

Not trying, actually doing it.

posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 06:45 AM
Does anyone know who the International Organization for Migration is? ( When they hold a secret council, it looks like a government forum. To get to the heart of their documents, you have to log in as a “member state”. They are part of the membership that are driving the refugees across the globe. Would be nice to see just who is tied to, and propelling this group.
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posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 06:49 AM
In emails from the leak... Colin Powell discussing Hillary's health a year ago...

“On HD tv she doesn’t look good,” Powell wrote. “She is working herself to death. After speaking at the UN and doing the crummy press conference she flew to SF to go do a paid gig for EBay and then went to Marc’s house to get ready for a money dinner for the Clinton Foundation. I was in Marc’s second house behind it and ducked her so we didn’t turn loose another email story by being seen together. She then flew back east the next morning. She will turn 70 her first year in office.”
Leeds replied moments later by revealing that Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), a sitting U.S. Senator, had concerns for Hillary Clinton’s health. “Sheldon Whitehouse, who is a huge Clinton supporter, said they were both giving speeches at the same event a few months back and she could barely climb the podium steps” Leeds replied.

posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 07:00 AM

originally posted by: LesMisanthrope

originally posted by: sirlancelot
Not sure if this is correct but it looks like the DNC fundraising XLS from mostly appointed ambassadors.

Geez the DNC fundraising arm was and is hard at work! Kinda a play then pay approach ain't it?

According to the Foreign Service act of 1980, 3) Contributions to political campaigns should not be a factor in the appointment of an individual as a chief of mission. Though it is dubious, and these appointments have soared under Obama, it isn't illegal, nor even new.

An article on the topic from 2007:

Ambassadors: should patronage picks matter?

Are any of those people not qualified for the Jobs the got?

Also notice all those blank spaces where fundraisers didnt get anything.
Why are some of the people that helped raise the most funds getting nothing while others near the bottom get somehting?

What I am getting at is lets dig a bit deeper before we start claim pay to play bull# without more evidence.

posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 07:09 AM
a reply to: UKTruth

You gotta post screen captures. Direct quotes without source links no good here (in general), and their hosting restricts allowing illegally obtained document sources. Quotes will get deleted. Weird.
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posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 07:12 AM
Pull up "clinton-foundation-vulnerabilities-master-doc-final.docx".

It's a 44 page DNC dossier on the Clinton Foundation. 'Single paragraph citations' start to finish from all mainstream news & official documents.

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posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 07:16 AM
a reply to: Pyle

Unlike 'byers', there might be people guided by other considerations.
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posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 07:21 AM

NOTE: No mention of the War On Drugs, which is the foundation of all of the listed policy items. Which is good for the Dem's / Obama / Hillary that they aren't targeting it outright, because that means no pressure from BLM on their backs.
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posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 07:38 AM
This is listed as one of Billary's "Assets & Income" in their tax return, which has a great many others.

Texas-China Business Council

Find it!

posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 08:06 AM
a reply to: Darkmadness

Darkmadness - how apropos a moniker- you need to peruse the wikileaks site for your own sanity's sake.

Both parties are of course corrupt, but this year the DNC has been outed as the incumbent Beast!

posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 08:11 AM
a reply to: Agit8dChop

start following this fellow MAtt Forney (no, not MAtt Foley
on twitter

posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 08:58 AM
It just keeps getting better and better, And as usual the mainstream media is strangely silent on these leaks, Heres a new one that wont go down well with the voters

Hillary on "wanting to keep the people ignorant" and not wanting them to know her relationship with wall street.

Wanting to keep the people ignorant

posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 09:02 AM
And just as we already knew, heres an email proving that the DNC controls the media, It lists a number of MSM organizations and well known "journalists" that they will be meeting to push their propaganda, Strangely they call them "hits"

MSM propaganda teams

posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 10:19 AM
This is exploding this morning, all over the mainstream news.

They all have their own spin on the headlines, but the consensus
of reporting is on Hillary not being able to climb a few steps,
how she hates Obama, and Powell never told her to use a
private server. Also, everything she does turns to "Hubris".

Now, maybe it will make it to Prime Time, that would be
such a fitting twist of fate.

posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 10:36 AM
a reply to: burntheships

Good info and results from just the first (and less important) batch of released documents. It gets better as we move to November 8th, according to Julian Assange.

posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 10:42 AM
I don't know if this email is from the 'new' batch or not but it appears pretty damning to me. I have not seen this particular one before so if OT I apologize.

I saw it on this video about the hearings yesterday where 2 out of 3 IT people working with Hillary's server pleaded the 5th instead of testifying.

Email quote from video.

"Wondering how we can sneak an email in now after the fact asking them when they told us to cut the backups and have them confirm it for our records.
Starting to think this whole thing really is covering up some shady s***...".

This whole video segment is worth watching and is pretty damning regarding the Hillary server fiasco.

posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 10:46 AM

posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 11:19 AM
the big fireworks are yet to come.
especially now that hillary may be kill.
if she is really dead huma abedeen,and her minions are going to jail in ahurry

posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 11:40 AM

originally posted by: Konduit
HUMA MOCKS BENGHAZI on the same day HRC attended the coffin ceremony for the four Americans she let die #DNCleak

And they have the gall to call us deplorable? This is insane.

Good find.
They had (and have) such a blasé attitude towards the whole thing - dead Americans and their families seem like dirt to them.
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