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Simple words

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posted on Sep, 11 2016 @ 06:17 PM
The shadowy figure eyes turned red once again, he screamed at the old man. When he became like this, the uncontrolling rage was the only thing that existed.. ;" THIS IS YOUR PEOPLE OLD MAN!!! AND YOU WILL JUST WATCH THEM DIE!!!" The old man sat quiet, he believed everything had a purpose, a belief of higher intervention. The Shadowy figure face turned into something unreal, his rage was almost taking over and his eyes peered the old man an inch away.. The old man closed his eyes and said;" I believe and so should you, if you let the beast take over.. What is left of you? "
The shadowy figure eyes in an instant turned from red to normal.. His fangs, and K9s vanished.. And the old man opened his eyes and said;" Dont fall for their simple words "

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