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Power, Intensity, Movement

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posted on Sep, 11 2016 @ 07:50 AM
I want to share an experience. It will touch the philosophical aspect of how we master and direct energy.

Yesterday I was training kai men baji quan, a sort of intensive martial arts practise, when I felt a generation of heat in my left wrist. My wrists are not fully conditioned for explosive martial training like baji, and never-mind I am careful about that factor, sometimes I got above my limits.

The thing I decided to do, was to stop my intensive yang training for few minutes and practise very slow stretching yin type qigong for my wrists, to release the heat, thus to be able to continue with the baji, without danger of further damage. This technique involves concentrating on the last three acupuncture points of the the hand terminal yin meridian, while stretching the hand(s) at around 45 angle to the spine. I tried to relax, stretched, pushed some qi, it started to relive me, pushed some more, stretched a but further... and here was the mistake I've done...

I was not fully out of that past yang energy of the baji, and my qigong was not fully yin. My wrist started to relive, however the intensity with which I used, the way too hot qi, went back to the beginning of the meridian and attacked my pericardium. No big worries, I felt it, and concentrated to fix it. It went off slowly. Yet the fact that it was attacked by heat was not the best I could do for my heart. So it will probably need like two days to fully recover if I just let it be and don't try lift heavy weights.

However, this is not about my heart, but about philosophy... and a bit of metaphysics.

Eastern thought sees the world a bit simplified than western post-Egyptian thought, and as practitioner, I have swallowed a lot of that way of thinking. In qigong theory you have few basic fundamental: power, direction(of movement) and intensity. Outside this trinity everything else is seen either as extension of its components, or obsolete and irrelevant concept, created by wine drinkers.

Thus we go to the point. The same energy that martial artist use in destructive manner, in its essence is also a healing power. Depending on its direction it can be deployed differently. The way I punch is the same way I can heal my pericardium in shorter than this two regular days waiting.

Now we got very close to the thread core. To do so I usually have to raise the intensity of my power and direct it in the proper channel. This is done by various qigong exercisers and practices. For this issue I would usually do few separate hour-length full lotus sessions to be able generate enough power for the task. It can be understood like this: I need to perform some rituals, so my concentration to be able let in my body and move the power I need. It wont work by just standing and reading interesting blacksmithing articles on the internet, like I started this morning. Or will it !?

May I drink my coffee, read my stuff and get the job for my pericardium done, would it work ?!
Depends of the level how cleanly I can generate power and direct it. And this is all about martial way of "learning".

Actually, in martial arts there is no learning, there is developing.

Power, lets say of punching does not comes from understanding what is a punch, comes from each and every try to overcome your best punch. It is a game similar to chess, you can become better, only by competing against smarter opponent. Have to raise the stakes! And as I mentioned, punching and healing are two different faces of the same card. The way you develop punching is the way you develop healing. First starts with a ritual, like stand in horse stance, carefully concentrate, generate, direct, release... do it again. Then the ritual becomes obsolete, you have developed your way of punching to the level you no more need to stand in super-grounded stance and concentrate for whole second on your action, to execute a good punch, you just do punch - no thinking or preparation. After some more training, even the punch is no punch anymore, it becomes something totally different, a new technology if you like so. A quicker, faster , more potent thing, that you cold not imagine that exist in the beginning of your training. Its just another level of motion, and you need not at all any ritualistic concentrative methods to throw a excellent punch.

So why I need my hours meditation to heal my small issue with the pericardium? This is a question I asked myself this morning! Why I could punch like whirlwind, but still need the lengthy qigong practise for developing clear flow of power for healing? Why?

Because I had not pushed myself enough in this training. I have always deliberately either, let go the injury to heal itself, or executed perfect qigong, throwing all other daily issues and focusing on the problem. Never half concentration attempts. Why?

Because its friggin' hard to do so.

Today I found this is a tactical mistake. My healing powers wont improve if I stay in my comfort zone. And martial arts is all about getting out of your comfort zone. How much power you can generate in action, no matter yin or yang depends on how much flow intensity your intention can channel. Distractions, obstacles... Its all about learning to negate them, learning how to perform without your safety cable, without your perfect ritual, thus you evolve, your movement evolves...

Physical...Mental...Emotional...The only thing in life we do is - Move.
Up The Ante!

posted on Sep, 11 2016 @ 02:04 PM
a reply to: Argentbenign

Thanks for sharing your personal experience. I enjoyed reading that.

How much power you can generate in action, no matter yin or yang depends on how much flow intensity your intention can channel.

Intention is the crux of all manifestations.

In my eyes, your entire post is stating that.

posted on Sep, 11 2016 @ 03:24 PM
a reply to: Involutionist Exactly, sir. The point of birth of all motion.

posted on Sep, 15 2016 @ 12:51 AM
a reply to: Argentbenign

thanks, A nice reminder to me that ritual is initially a practical focussing device _ the art is in
pushing and extending oneself always going further. Most imprtant to also ground/balance as you suggest

I like how you interwove the story, you make a wise teacher.

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