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San Bernadino terror report shows heroism by cops, victims - indepth analysis.

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posted on Sep, 11 2016 @ 05:53 AM
When this incident occurred we had a running commentary thread where we listened to the events unfold via online scanner traffic from the area - ATS thread - San Bernardino, Calif., fire units responding to reports of 20-victim shooting incident - by ReadLeader.

In that thread people were asking questions / speculating about law enforcement functions, radio traffic, procedures, why did they do this and not do that etc. A report has been compiled dealing with the law enforcement response that day that I think sheds some light on some of the questions ATS users asked about.

Report Highlights
* - The first 4 officers on scene were from different divisions within the police department. None were SWAT officers - There was a detective, a patrol officer, a motorcycle officer and a staff lieutenant. All 4 had received active shooter training, made entry on their own with only their side arms.

* - SWAT arrived 9 minutes later and made their entry.

* - A rookie officer interviewing witnesses made the initial discovery of one of the shooters names. He relayed the info to his father, a Sgt. in the San Bernadino Pd. A name check revealed several people with the name and officers / agencies were dispatched to all locations listed, some up to 45 minutes away.

* - A match between the shooters name and his SUV revealed an address in Redlands. A cell phone number was obtained and a ping on the cell phone showed it at that location. San Bernadino Officers responded to the location in the city of Redlands. A Redlands police sgt. was flagged down and the suspect vehicle was located, resulting in the pursuit.

* - The pursuit involved officers from the San Bernadino PD, The San Bernadino Country Sheriff's Officer, Redlands PD and CA Highway Patrol.

* - During the pursuit the officers came under fire from the moving SUV.

* - The suspects stopped on the freeway resulting in the "gun battle".

* - The initial shooting scene - the suspects fired more than 100 .223 rounds
* - The highway shooting scene - Suspects fired 81 rounds at law enforcement.
* - Law Enforcement - 440 shots were fired at both suspects, killing them, by 24 officers from various agencies.

One of the issues raised in the thread dealt with radio traffic and the apparent lack of it. As was pointed out situations like this get moved to channels other than the main frequencies. In this particular incident, while it appeared not many officers were involved -
* - In all more than 175 Law Enforcement Officers from local, state and federal agencies were involved.

CNN - San Bernadino terror report shows heroism by cops, victims

(CNN)The SWAT team was just finishing up an "active-shooter" training exercise when they got the call that a real-life massacre was taking place at a San Bernardino County government building.

The team arrived in nine minutes, but too late to make the initial entry. A San Bernardino detective, a patrol officer, a motorcycle officer, and a staff lieutenant on his lunch break had already entered the building with only handguns to rescue people they believed were still under threat by shooters armed with AR-15 assault rifles on December 2, 2015.

The non-tactical team moved in a "diamond formation" they had learned during active-shooter training; they went through the door, uncertain of what waited, after one uttered, "Okay, it is time to go."

"I felt so naked, because we didn't have cover and concealment approaching the building," the patrol officer told debriefers who studied the police response. "You know you are outgunned; it is going to be hard to beat an AR with a handgun, so I knew we needed good shot placement."

The remarks were part of the 141-page review of the police response to the shootings, which left 14 people dead and 22 wounded.
Farook, neighbor involved in abandoned 2012 plot

The report was released Friday by the Police Foundation, a non-profit that works to improve policing methods. It analyzed the response to the terrorist attack with the cooperation of local law enforcement to assist other departments in planning and training for major attacks.
The report illustrates the importance of all police officers having "active-shooter" training instead of relying on SWAT teams trained for barricaded and hostage scenarios.

It also detailed the resolute courage of specific officers and victims under fire, the almost instantaneous teamwork between different departments that brought down the terrorists and how even a rookie could help end a major terrorist attack.
Click link above for entire CNN article...

The link below is the detailed report of the incident.
***PDF LINK*** - Bringing Calm to Chaos - A critical incident review of the San Bernardino public safety response to the December 2, 2015, terrorist shooting incident at the Inland Regional Center ***PDF LINK***

I made this thread as more of a "some answers to some of the questions" that users raised during the incident. Hopefully it will give some people a better idea of police operations in incidents like this. It gives an idea of how joint commands interact with each other, prioritizing resources, determining if other calls coming in about other shootings were fake, connected to the incident, or real but unrelated.

Remember this report is a 20/20 hindsight review of the events / actions that day. While some may feel other decisions could have been made differently / better courses of action taken, the officers that day did not have all of the information contained in the report.

Anyways if you have comment's I would love to hear them. If anyone has questions just ask as im sure someone will be able to provide an answer / explanation / opinion.
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