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climbing any latters

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posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 09:00 PM
interstingly, all the latters this one climbs brings it back into the pits of sickness and despair...."the very top...where..?''
"stuck being a charity case.."
"huamns, animals...its all the same...what illnesses do you contain...?"
"hate for one...the rest is mental and a losss of appitite..everyone is too good to provide simple occupational environment...they love the good ol boys...harming defiling this thatnormal human behavior.."
"ah this is why we should leave them to their devices..?
"they hate purity here with a passion.."
"now we know...last life here, hopefully..?"
"i pray every day... will let us leave...they tried to kill"
"somehow i stayed a little sane.."
"do you wonder why i am so despised from occupational cash for good titles and solid resume?"
"they like to do things other than what we will do...that must be it..."
"so i sweep and cook in my imagination...?"
""sadly i suppose." "see Singh....."
" Watch a movie Maggie...go to sleep....don't ever trust them will not be with the humans do not want to be any of their americans no white people...stay away from them...!"
"thank you mr. singh...see you at 7-11!"

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