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crossing over into the spirit realm..just the woo ling crew

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posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 05:02 PM
all the feminine entities were on the far left...males were somewhat existing...and my dear brownie thing was trying for a discussion...
"so theres.." he thought out loud...
"oh my gosh, its OH MY GOSH!..!"
"your kidding me that's not who ever the heck from where ever...could it be?"
"its possible, lets double check.."
"your checks are bouncing every where... " he wasn't concerned yet was theer a reason to bee?
She spoke" ah the pyramid...your credit is fake...belongs to some random USA citizen...?"
"not sure... should I confess..?"
"I am so darn tired of hearing these people tell me what they had done.."
"the whole world is destroyed....?"

"yes love, just you and I so start over and blast those aweful fates...?"
"they all wanted a piece of me..."
"who wouldn't?"
"Okay so I am the finest in all the universe??" he knew this already...his mom was so smart is smart and very strong and lovely...
"well if I am next to the finest...I must be something to look at...?"
"lucky folks, the whole bundle/...?...or who is lucky.."
" you me and chrsitopher habib, Rally..." she flutterdd her lashes in my direction... so it was I the luckiest, because the most perfect and chershied in all the world sky and see was next to the female..."so there...brownie punja male habin! bibi!"
"whateer.." he just likes to be in good company far tome the fighting and arguing...about what food is best..." smile..?
"air , drink and... yes a cashew.."
"I got a candy from the tar and oil lot..." he ate it...
"we are fine... I earned 60, 000$ ruppess or something..."
"where is home wher is home!!!!"
"my area or yopurrrs?"
"any how.."
"any ways..?"
"we are out of here!.."
"later people of my best guys planet...he was here first!!"
"are you sure?'
"lets the smarties figure it out.." he thinks that is not fine he thinks it is private personal issues..."that's what I thought..."
"thanks for the compassion and kindness... we gather are chi now and wait until we are in the clouds.." she agreed and so do she and he...was ther room for argument...?
"NAW NAW..NAw.... later peeps..." the beings had spoken, clearly....
thank and good afternoon... things, shells and strings...I will miss only one girl, the new queen here to take over nanny ma's queendom...
"its worries,,thanks margrain and Christopher and words..and FUN!, till we see again....mieting...adjurned....
fluff and holy goodness,,,, oh mai!
"and then....." a voice in the distance kept up with his line...Mow?...

posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 05:16 PM
Thank you. Very interesting.

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