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first year after graduation...on my planet

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posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 02:13 PM
A neighbor looking as she did, offered to walk with me to the place of learning...
"look its a cute guy!.." she suspected I liked women...
"whatever.." I kept staring at the male figure trying to appreciate looks..."
he noticed this and found a way to I went to a place of consumption with the male...
"I sweep and run errands for cash.."
"I am not eating what your buying..."
so we ran around very quick and landed in a place of family, his supposedly...
"I asked for a pair of socks...white cotton type and we started doing something....."
he said things like I love you and a horrid laughter over took me...we did more things...the phone rang and I said answer it...
more hideuss laughter..."lets keep doing this thing that feels like whatever and you keep answering the phone.."
good thing he dates should...
he lost it and said he wants a better date...oh well I am just know good...
good thing there was never a heart to break...
then he saud he would of married me...what I could have been unhappily married! "why in heavens name did I think or care about this thing....
good thing work was in the future and so my dear frieands and me had spending cash, from working with ice cream in a building!


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