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Paranormal and Psychotic Disorders

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posted on Sep, 12 2016 @ 01:25 AM
I have a question about the main post. Are you saying that mental illness, or psychotic disorders, are the result of drug use? As in, they are only found in someone who is a current or former drug user?

posted on Sep, 12 2016 @ 08:50 AM

originally posted by: SentientCentenarian

originally posted by: suruptileous

originally posted by: SentientCentenarian
Here's his synopsis of the entire issue - the interviews with 'Dr. J' are halfway down the page. I'm not saying he's correct but it sure makes for some interesting information.

Robert Stanley archons
I thank you for the info. But I am referring strickly to evil spirits.

How would you know the difference between an evil 'spirit' and a creature of some sort that can take over a mind?

And why bother with the religious overtones? They seem unnecessary and a mental dead end. But suit yourself. You may want to listen to the Stanley material before you ignore it.

There is no difference between an evil spirit or a creature that would take over your mind, and the fact that anything that would take over your mind is indeed evil, doesn't make it religious in nature necessarily, but the truth is that everything that exists that is sentient is either good or it is evil. Nothing can hide from that, although lots do try.

posted on Sep, 27 2016 @ 08:44 AM

originally posted by: TNMockingbird
a reply to: suruptileous

I have often wondered and read some on this.

If a person is hallucinating, is it truly a hallucination because I can't see what they see? Or, is it truly an apparition that I can't see?

Does the medication cause the hallucinations to stop? Or, does it mask being able to see the apparitions?

In the case of auditory hallucinations it seems as if the victim's own brain is manifesting the thoughts that they are hearing and the thoughts that are telling them to do things or feel a certain way. But what would cause someone to create those thoughts no matter how subconsciously they are doing it?

Could there be an entity of some sort?

My rational brain says no. My frustration leads me, at times, to think there must be more to this type of psychotic episodes than biology, environment or nutrition.

I've also questioned this, if I see an apparition is it there but other people just can't see it?

As for the second question I believe the medications are just a mask. If I were to stop taking my medication I know 100% that I would get into psychosis again. Although for some people they can take the meds for just a few years and be cured.

I had auditory hallucinations once (voices) but it was like I created them myself and had the ability to turn them off. I decided to turn them off at the time because I didn't want them later down the track. I don't think many people get a choice in the matter though. But it was like I had greater access over the part of my brain that produces auditory sounds.

As for evil spirits or parasites I don't see why not, our entire body is made up of organisms and bacteria which is rampant inside and out in the world. Who's to say there isn't some kind of meta-physical or yet undiscovered non-visible parasite attacking us? I read that in shamanism when a person is in a psychotic state they have actually made a connection with a spirit but haven't integrated as a part of themselves. The shamans would teach you how to integrate it. Not sure if this is the right approach though, perhaps instead of integrating it you need to severe the connection somehow?
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posted on Sep, 27 2016 @ 11:38 AM

originally posted by: suruptileous
Wow, a parasite that can take over and control your mind? Are you guys sure that you want to go with this one? lol

Mind controlling parasites and viruses are a reality.
Toxoplasmosis, the green banded broodsac worm, the emerald cockroach wasp, and many many more.
Even the rabies virus will make animals and even humans more aggressive for higher transmission of itself through scratches and bites.
It's a foolish assumption to think we're the very top of the foodchain, and that we know all there is to know about other organisms or lifeforms, discovered, physical or otherwise.

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