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Age the deadly poison

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posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 08:17 AM
Age is a deadly poison which you took with your first breath. They say no human is immune to this poison and all will eventually succumb to its effects. It is clear though that this poison acts more quickly in some then others. Some are more resilient then others and it is clear that chronological age is less important then biological age.

It is said that all men die of ignorance, should we then equate age as the ignorance which kills all? All those who succumb to the effects of a poison die because they are ignorant of the antidote.

Many a legend is written of those who went in search of the waters of life, the ambrosia of the gods, the soma, the stone of the alchemists.

posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 09:39 AM
Many thanks for this. I love Anthony Hopkins. I'll watch 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' just to see his performance as Van Helsing.

posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 09:49 AM
a reply to: zinc12

Age is a reward, age is a gift.

Age is a badge of honor earned for every day we're on the planet

In my elderly opinion.

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