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Somebody is making real life personalities and storing them with advanced technology!

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posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 12:48 AM

Interesting POV.

But if they've got us in a box of some sort of observing technology, might they themselves not also be subject to a higher technology still and by that I'm thinking of the technology that seems to underpin the whole cosmos.

If in my experiences and encounters with one I call God are in any way valid, God loves a good joke and twist of irony.

What is bound can also be loosed, then bound again.

I think that "our liberation is God's compulsion" and that therefore the "box" is open and that we are already in eternity now.

As to the whole of it all in terms of an eventual reboot or resurrection for those who have a place in the book of life, I am reminded of a theory of the Omega Point by a guy named Tipler

I think that the universe is indeed made of information that is stored holpgraphically, but that at some point evolutionary development will meet up with the omega point at the end of time and history, as an object that's 100% informed with every possible configuration in this universe, and that we're actually evolving relative to it as a final boundary condition after which the whole of it all will be rebooted, including everything that we are as discreet variables of a supreme value, so yeah, what you've offered is fundamentally true, but it's not the aliens, unless they are just helping with the task.

I don't know - I give up! lol

posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 05:57 AM
A bit like when you reach the 'end' of a game and it starts over or in many games each time you reboot you get bonuses.

Maybe they are going for a certain 'challenge' on this run that makes things difficult for life (you know the 'human' challenge +200% aggression, +100% chaotic influence, -100% biodiversity.....) but it's worth it for that 'legendary' item for all subsequent runs

posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 06:53 PM
originally posted by: HD3DSURROUNDSOUND

HD3D: You! Who are you? You've been recorded and the powers that be can re-make you at any time they want!
This being said, they have chosen a very specific time... on a date still yet to come. You've been recorded and stored! Your personality along with every human person to ever draw breath is recorded on a detailed data-base along with your physical details on alien tech.

Explain. The Akashic Records Room? Ones single soul escapades shown as a single thread in The Tapestry Room? What are "physical details" on alien tech?

HD3D: This earth was designed to create life forms who would be different from one another so their personalities could be stored and at a later stage re-created for further study. Everything we go through in this matrix, pain, struggle, hopelessness, joy, love, etc is all part of an elaborate set of matrix's designed to mould and shape personalities.

This earth does not create life forms as is just the environment life forms live within. Individualized personalities within a soul group remain within that group no matter where they incarnate; other dimensions, timeframes because the Oversoul has an agenda to progress. I am not part of your soul group for example; so the matrix will/does not combine us at this level of conciousness.

HD3D History was created as a smoke screen to blind us from the truth. Politicians wow us on the world stage but they are just people. Hollywood stars blind us. The illuminati blind us. History seems so big and some of the characters so grand, larger than life right? But do you know the people behind the legends? Those person were only people behind the mask, just like everybody else.

History is human imagination at its best toiling away. Its not real. The only real is NOW.

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