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What are you wearing...

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posted on Sep, 8 2016 @ 05:21 PM
the very sick depleted running on empty bubble head picked up a phone..."wghatttt! vile filthy discusting male, ...I have on grannies and orthopedic foot wear, you like feet..? here have a toe, its good for you..."
"sounds tempting, I am sure we can do sompthing for it......" the vile pathetic creature tried for English...and so did the paper shuffling bitty, hag shrew...
okay, you might be able to visit, if you would recall what ever your ex, my friends name is...
he thought and got two names all mixed up..." my ma died of cancer!"
"WA Wa wa...sorry, lets go pretend to be drive and I shall tell you where to head..."
"are you a woman..?" they spoke in sink...
"very funny, this is non gender specific territory...are you a man?" she was very lousy and obnoxious...lice...
the south amercian couldn't grasp much other than he has got the money...
"I liked you wasy back when!...your the money..."
"sure, are you money.." she didn't comprehend...just repeated crap...
"I am going to pound the daylights out of you wench.." he thought macho was what chicks dig...stupid, male
she laughed and told him to get his dummy face out of her life.." go to LA, Holly wood...leave me angered all I purchased four you, its lost in ivy plants... thanks for putting me back on my feet.."
"yeah, cool you found mork I mean more...? occupational environments..?"
"several so far, now it is sabbatical,,, time, thanks.."
click end of the phone time...thank goodness!
what a looser...he thought he could win an old person at what fun is...duh...always room for improvements...
she found her new master...oh no...its HER!!!!! attempting friendliest person on face of planet is half the good stay clean, safe ect...
damn the case worker showed up the very same day...
"throw this important crap out...thanks kittens.."
then poof becks bottles were sealed in blood and brown wax...trapped again.... the moral here was to nice


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