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These are 3 reasons to why I am racist. why are you?

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posted on Sep, 13 2016 @ 10:38 AM
a reply to: gflyg

I wish I could have dated any girl other than white girls , variety is the spice of life, im still holding out for a shot at romance with a girl with sun kissed golden skin from a latino background , or a girl with amazing curly afro hair and chocolate skin that looks perfect and has an ass so fine , or an asian girl with the most beautiful eyes and cute smile and perfect long straight hair! ! all of them are of course beautiful examples of diverse female body shapes and sizes and of course they are all extremely intelligent because there is nothing more appealing than a woman who is smarter than you!

man I wish Scotland was more multi cultural back in my highschool/uni days

im like ice t in KKK bitch , I love all girls from all backgrounds, "basically if you from mars and you got a pussy I will # you" hahah
how can I be branded a racist if I wanna have babies with these women
my dna probably is a good mix , id like to find out actually

posted on Sep, 13 2016 @ 09:29 PM
a reply to: sapien82

I agree there - Too often on my side I get or hear the "you don't know...", "you have an advantage" arguments. I'm more or less saying "guys, I do understand what some of you are going through". One doesn't need to be a certain color to know how it feels to be oppressed, poor, picked on, or even profiled in the streets.


posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 04:54 AM
a reply to: fossilera

it's like they forget that there are countries in the world who are much worse off than those in the states, where was black lives matter when it comes to the poor folks in the west bank being systematically erased?

they think that racism starts and ends with America ?

where was black lives matter during the genocide in south africa
a large proportion of americans seem to think they are the only ones who matter in the war on racism

they also forget that they arent the only ones being oppressed by their governments , I know that I dont get profiled or # like that in scotland but I know im not rich or have anyone looking out for me , no one gives a flying # about us at the bottom and there are alot of poor people in Scotland .
1 in 5 kids in my city live in absolute poverty and live off foodbanks and will likely never get an education at university level thanks to the tories , and will likely not make it to live passed 60
Im not whining but its like come on , we see the racism too and we see the governments standing on our heads at the bottom
keeping themselves afloat while we drown .
We are aware of your plight and we feel for you all too , dont further divide us from you by calling us privileged or racist or whatever.

I was raised to see everyone equally by my parents and this was further strengthened when I found my love for hiphop and its diverse cultural roots.
Its just wrong that so many wont accept genuine compassion towards them because we have the same skin colour as those at the top crushing them under heels

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