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posted on Sep, 5 2016 @ 03:43 PM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

Ah ok! Guess they would have had amazing sex if he hadn't had to go look for the dog...

posted on Sep, 5 2016 @ 03:50 PM

originally posted by: Flyingclaydisk
I guess the really funny post script to this story is, I peeked over Yog's shoulder when the officer got the picture of the dog out and showed it to him. The picture was taken shortly after the dog had been captured the night before. What I saw is forever etched in my brain (in a good way).

It was a polaroid picture of the side of a squad car, mud on the drivers door where the dog had apparently jumped up for a pat. It didn't look so bad at first, but upon closer inspection, there was Czar, his head sticking out of a partially rolled down window in the back. His tongue was hanging about a foot out of his big block head. At first I thought the windows in the car had been tinted, but NO...the entire back seat of the car, the windows, the seats, the back window, everthing, was completely caked in black mud! It was so hilarious I had to duck away to conceal my laughter, as the officers seemed much less amused about it than I was.

Great story! But come on now, don't spoil it by trying to make us believe it was real.

posted on Sep, 5 2016 @ 04:21 PM
a reply to: ladyinwaiting

Speaking from experience, sometimes, truth is really stranger than fiction...

My "Judy" was a bisexual and certified bipolar whirlwind of fun and drama..

I would never choose to be with her again,but...
I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy our time together...

Did I mention she was half Puerto Rican half Irish?

Again, thanks FCD for making me feel all nostalgic!!


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