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Two RAAF Pilots Survive Mid Air Crash

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posted on Jan, 21 2005 @ 09:57 AM

Two aerobatics team planes collided in mid air in Australia this morning during practice. One plane was destroyed but everyone survived. One pilot even managed to land his plane after the crash. The other pilot ejected.

ABC: Two Air Force pilots survive mid air plane crash

One of the planes was destroyed after two members of the Air Force's 'Roulettes' aerobatics team collided during practice.

The RAAF is investigating, but says the aircraft have a good record, and that both pilots will be back in the air.

Flight Lieutenant Morscheck was doing what's called a re-join during a barrel role manoeuvre when the collision occurred, sending his plane into a spiral dive.

The head of the Air Force, Air Marshal Angus Houston, says he's relieved both pilots are safe and both will return to flying duties.

ANGUS HOUSTON: Well, the pilot that used great skill in recovering his aircraft. He will be in the air almost immediately. The other pilot, well it depends on the extent of his back injuries. So I can't tell you when he's likely to be back.

But all I will say is that every time we have an ejection, a pilot will spend a little bit of time on the ground to allow his back to recover. So I imagine that Arnie Morscheck will have to undergo a period on the ground.

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